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Tony Yoo

Tony Yoo is a senior journalist at The Motley Fool Australia. He formerly wrote for Yahoo Finance, Business Insider and Guardian Australia. Please send story tips to tony.yoo(at)

New $259 million ASX tech player listing Thursday

After 9 years as a startup, is floating this week, making the new ASX tech's founder and early investor very wealthy. More »

How the US election and COVID-19 vaccine will hit ASX shares

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How this fund manager is 60% UP in the year of COVID-19

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‘Vomit buying’: How fundie spent $110m during COVID-19 crash

Buy low, right? This is the sort of courage it takes to actually do that as people are fleeing a burning building. More »

Angry staff at ASX company take industrial action

Union claims insurance giant AIG has gone back on pay and conditions agreed to before COVID-19 struck. More »

ASX company busted hiding info on $345m sell-offs

Resources company announced massive deals but failed to mention a few important details. More »

ASX website crash reminds everyone it has a monopoly

A new platform leaves brokers, investors and analysts unimpressed and questioning whether ASX Ltd should be the only game in town. More »

Revealed: ASX Christmas winners and losers

How will the retail industry fare this festive season with most Australians enjoying their holidays at home? More »

This ASX share is recession-proof

Past consumer habits in times of financial stress is a great indicator for this business, which this fund manager has been monitoring for a... More »

Why Woolworths is too expensive right now

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Ignore EBITDA and P/E ratios? This fund manager does

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Investors push for 40% women in ASX 200 exec roles

Shareholders holding billions of dollars in ASX 200 companies want change for the betterment of company performance and social equality. More »