About The Motley Fool Australia

At The Motley Fool, we take our purpose seriously, but that doesn’t mean we take ourselves too seriously.

The Motley Fool’s purpose is to make the world smarter, happier, and richer.  While other companies may make you smarter, happier, or richer, we aim to do all three by providing outstanding business and investing advice — with a decidedly Foolish bent.

Our name is in homage to the one character in Shakespearean literature — the court jester — who could speak the truth to the king and queen without having his or her head lopped off. The Fools of yore entertained the court with humor that instructed as it amused. More importantly, the Fool was never afraid to question conventional wisdom.

We believe in treating every dollar as an investment in the future you want to create. We believe that investing in great businesses, for the long term, is the most effective path to wealth. We believe in the power of a community to learn and grow together. We believe in keeping score and being transparent in our investment performance.  We strive to fulfill our purpose by truly serving every Fool, from our employees to our members to our community.

The Motley Fool was founded in the US in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, and since then has grown to serve millions of hardworking investors – like you – in Australia and around the globe in countries as far-flung as Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan. The Motley Fool Australia, headquartered in Queensland, was launched in Australia in 2011.

Meet The Team

You may have already “met” our Chief Investment Officer, Scott Phillips, through his frequent television appearances and articles in The Sydney Morning Herald, Money Magazine, Weekend Sunrise, Channel 9, and elsewhere. Click here to say g'day to The Motley Fool team.

Our Philosophy

We stand on the shoulders of giants, we believe in diversification, and we know that temperament is perhaps the most important part of investing. Click here for more on our philosophy.

Contact Us

You can contact our member services team with questions and enquiries at 
[email protected]

If "snail mail" is more your thing, then click here to find out more contact options.

What Our Members Say

What I am so very grateful to The Motley Fool for is the education and the different views, the scepticism of some of the mainstream views and the great sense of adventure alongside of introducing new ideas, and great analysis: the research that you share very freely; the encouragement to hang in there when sometimes things seem rather scary to an otherwise feisty little old lady .

~ Marti, NSW

This is great and very good value for money, too. Subscribing to the Motley Fool Share Advisor was the best investment decision I have ever made!

~ Steve, VIC

I wish to thank you fools for helping me keep my hat on my head and not following the sheep in a panic market, loving the dividends coming in.

~ Sharon, VIC

We have a podcast, too!

Did you know The Motley Fool has a business, finance and podcast, called Motley Fool Money, produced in partnership with Triple M?

Here’s how to listen:

  • If you’re an Apple iTunes user, click here to subscribe
  • If you’re on Android, search ‘Motley Fool Money’ in your favourite podcast app (make sure you select the one with the Motley Fool and Triple M logos). If you don’t currently have a podcast app, try PocketCasts, available in the Google Play store

Premium research and stock recommendations

The Motley Fool offers seven membership-based investment services:

Motley Fool Share Advisor is our flagship service, and has been been beating the market since 2011. It offers members one ‘best of the best’ ASX investment recommendation each month, as well as one U.S. stock idea. Since inception in December 2011, our Motley Fool Share Advisor picks have soundly outperformed the All Ords index. Interested in joining? You can sign up with a risk-free membership, including our 30-day full money-back guarantee.

Motley Fool Dividend Investor is a collection of investment ideas that specialises in ASX dividend-paying stocks. Launched in October 2014, our Motley Fool Dividend Investor service focuses on selecting great businesses with regular, reliable, and rising dividend payments.

Motley Fool Extreme Opportunities focuses on the higher-risk, higher-reward end of the ASX, seeking out the ten-baggers of tomorrow, but accepting that some recommendations could well go to zero. It’s venture-capital style investing, but on the ASX.

Motley Fool Million Dollar Portfolio is designed to integrate with the three services listed above. It’s a real-money diversified portfolio comprised solely of ASX-only shares from Motley Fool Share Advisor, income stocks from Motley Fool Dividend Investor and growth stocks from Motley Fool Extreme Opportunities.

Motley Fool Hidden Gems is our ASX-only, small cap investment service. If you’re looking for small-cap value and growth – and don’t mind a little volatility – Motley Fool Hidden Gems could be right for you. This service is only periodically open to new members, and we maintain a strict membership cap. (Announcements are made as and when the service opens to new members.)

Motley Fool Pro is our ASX-only, real money portfolio. This service teaches you how to construct and build a diverse portfolio, from the very start. The Motley Fool has put $1 million of its own money to work — letting members invest first, of course. We don’t manage your money, you simply follow our guidance trade for trade, with funds in your own trading account.

Motley Fool Everlasting Income is designed to do exactly what it says on the tin: provide you with an income stream in or near retirement, without having to sell shares to fund your lifestyle. With clear portfolio and withdrawal advice, we show you how to construct a tax-effective, quality portfolio of Australian shares, and how you can use it to provide yourself with a regular income.