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Investing tips: What is capital expenditure (Capex)?

It is important to calculate how much a firm will spend on capital expenditure as this will impact its free cash flow. More »

How to calculate depreciation as an Investor?

There are three methods which firms can use to calculate depreciation. More »

What types of Bonds exist?

There exists a very large number of bonds on the market, these are some of the most commonly traded bonds. More »

What is the difference between FIFO & LIFO accounting?

Learn the different types of accounting standards used globally and how they will impact your company valuation. More »

Bitcoin: The definitive guide

Bitcoin has been the subject of almost no serious analysis despite its popularity in recent years. More »

What is the Cost of Capital?

A firm’s cost of capital is extremely important as it will impact profitability levels. Additionally, businesses which have a low cost of capital usually... More »

What is return on invested capital?

A business with high returns on invested capital will usually be able to grow profitability over time, while businesses that have low returns on... More »

What is operating cash flow?

A company’s operating cash flow is the amount of cash which has been generated from its regular business operations. More »

What is the interest coverage ratio?

A firm’s interest coverage ratio reflects how easily the firm can service its interest expenses on its outstanding debt. More »

Why are inventory levels important?

Managing inventory levels is extremely important for businesses for to maximise efficiency levels. Having either too much or too little inventory can compromise the... More »

Should you consider NetEase on its recent price decline?

NetEase is fortunate enough to operate in an extremely favourable sector in one of the world’s most video-game crazed markets More »

Why do firm’s issue debt?

Here are some of the primary reasons for issuing debt. More »

What is return on equity?

What is return on equity and why is it important? More »

What is a firm’s book value?

What is a firm's book value, how can it be calculated and what purpose does it serve investors? More »