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Bitcoin (BTC) was crushed last week

Investors in bitcoin are taking more heavy losses as the price of bitcoin plunged to below $7,000 this week. More »

What is the Price to Earnings (PE) ratio?

What is the Price to Earnings (PE) ratio and how can it be used to help investors analyse what they should pay for a... More »

Can you beat the stock market?

Recently, there has been a trend in stock investment which recommends passive investing. But is this really the best strategy for you as an... More »

Why do firms pay dividends?

Dividends (cash payments by the firm to their shareholders) are paid out for a number of key reasons. These include... More »

What happens when a firm goes Bankrupt and is liquidated?

What happens when a firm goes Bankrupt and is liquidated? More »

What gives a business a competitive advantage?

There are many ways for a business to develop a competitive advantage that will enable it to outgrow and outlast its competitors. More »

How to detect Accounting Fraud?

A combination of extensive accounting analysis and gaining a feel ‘insight’ into the company can be very useful to picking up any signs of... More »

What is a leveraged buyout (LBO)?

It pays to look out for firms which are candidates for leveraged buyouts. More »

How does Warren Buffett Interpret financial statements.

The next time you try and analyse a business keep in mind some of the metrics that Warren Buffett looks for when analysing financial... More »

How to value a Business?

Here are some starting points which can help you work out what a business is really worth.        More »

Why the Australian dollar has held its value

The Australian economy has shown itself to be very resilient and economic growth has been stable. More »

What is margin trading?

Margin trading involves borrowing money from your broker to purchase securities. Margin trading involves using leverage. More »

Profiting from a business spin-off

On your quest for profits, be sure to check out some upcoming spin-offs in the Australian Market More »

Why you should hold off on buying this blue chip stock

For the growth investor, NAB also appears to be a poor bet as the company’s total loans outstanding have not increased and its interest-earning... More »