LAST CALL. Motley Fool Pro is closing

Motley Fool Pro is NOW open to new members. Memberships at my "early bird" price are strictly limited.

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Thousands of your fellow Motley Fool readers are at the ready to grab one of the 1,500 strictly limited number of Motley Fool Pro memberships on offer. We're expecting unprecedented demand…

I have publicly committed to investing a total of $250,000 of my own money behind the stock picks made by Joe Magyer for the Motley Fool Pro portfolio, our real money investing service.

And Motley Fool group CEO Tom Gardner has put $1 million behind the Motley Fool Pro portfolio.

This kind of service, including The Motley Fool's real "skin in the game" commitment — one that allows you to get all the benefits of professional money management without you ever having to give up control of your money — may be completely unprecedented in the market.

The response to date has been overwhelming…

"Your reply was just what I needed (and I assume probably thousands of other people just like me). The percentage allocation is critical to me as I do not have the knowledge you guys have on their risk profile. Thanks again, and you have made my decision easy."

"I will be 65 years old in mid April and I am currently transferring the bulk of my assets into my SMSF. I am setting aside a portion of the resulting cash to follow Joe's recommendations."

"OK, sign me up."

Your trust and enthusiasm mean a great deal to us, and I've truly been humbled by the response we've received — if for no other reason than because Motley Fool Pro was designed with investors like you in mind!

Many of you, of course, have written in with frank questions, like how is the Motley Fool Pro portfolio performing so far? (It's up 17.7% in the first 11 months, soundly trouncing the All Ords.)

And no wonder. As far as we can tell, there's nothing like Motley Fool Pro available in Australia.

A real money $47,914.75 gain in just one month…

I've just opened up the Motley Fool Pro real money brokerage statement for February 2015, and got the (very pleasant) shock of my life…

In the month of February, the Motley Fool Pro real money equity portfolio jumped an astonishing $47,914.75. This number was taken directly from our Motley Fool Australia Pty Ltd corporate Interactive Brokers account statement.

Now obviously February was a strong month for the share market. But it was MUCH stronger for the Motley Fool Pro portfolio, as results from our portfolio companies, including the previously highlighted Altium, blew away expectations.

So when you think about the price of a Motley Fool Pro membership, think more about the value a growing, diversified portfolio could bring to you in the months and years ahead.

The contrast with the mainstream alternatives couldn't be more stark.

No conflicts. No catches. No hidden fees.

We've all read about the CBA and NAB financial planning scandals, where customers have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars through conflicted, expensive and downright incompetent advice.

Many financial advisors charge you on an "assets under management" model, plus skimming commissions off funds that routinely charge you 2% per year, or more.

On a $250,000 portfolio — the amount of money I'm personally putting behind the Motley Fool Pro portfolio — such a charging model could easily cost me over $7,500 per year, or 3% of my assets under management.

For people with more than $250,000 — and there are likely many people reading this with investable assets of well over $1 million — the fees will likely be $10,000 or more, per year, every single year.

Ripping thousands of dollars out of your savings…

Over time, such fees are total wealth-killers, ripping tens of thousands out of your savings, turning the miracle of compounding returns into the tyranny of compounding costs.

A membership to Motley Fool Pro will cost nothing like $7,500 per year. In fact, when viewed through the lens of a five-year subscription, it will be a small fraction of the price.

Motley Fool Pro's five-year subscription to Motley Fool readers like you, makes a subscription to Motley Fool Pro a very affordable, and potentially very profitable alternative to your traditional professional money manager.

Plus, as an added bonus, a subscription to Motley Fool Pro is likely tax deductible.

Backed by a real $1 million

When you join Motley Fool Pro, you'll get the chance to grow your money in some of the very best ASX stocks – handpicked for a diversified portfolio by one of the world's best investors – from the comfort of your own brokerage account.

And every trade Joe Magyer makes will be backed up with real, Motley Fool money. A whole $1 million of it!

And here's something else that really sets Motley Fool Pro apart…

Motley Fool Pro members will always know exactly what stocks we're buying, and exactly how much we're going to buy, before we make our trades.

That way, you always have the opportunity to get in — or get out — first, even before we do (with The Motley Fool's money and my personal money).

As a member of Motley Fool Pro, you will come first, ALWAYS.

As well as the outstanding investing returns the Motley Fool Pro portfolio has achieved to date (up 17.7%, soundly out-performing the All Ords), as judged by these selected comments, Motley Fool Pro subscribers are enjoying and profiting from their membership…

"A big congratulations to Joe and Matt for such a great service. Your professionalism, knowledge and in-depth reports are second to none. Well done!"

"I have learnt so much in the past year from all of you. Thanks Joe and Matt. My portfolio is consistently doing better than ever before."

It's YOUR money — here's how Motley Fool Pro works…

Many people have been asking whether Motley Fool Pro is a money management service, where we manage your money for you.

It's not. The concept behind Motley Fool Pro is unique, yet very simple. In a nutshell, here's how it works…

Step 1: Decide how much of your money you are going dedicate to following the Motley Fool Pro portfolio. For me, that's $250,000. For the Motley Fool it's $1 million. For you, it might be $50,000 or $5 million.

Step 2: You receive a trade alert from the Motley Fool Pro team. It tells you exactly which ASX stock to buy, at what price, and crucially, how much of your portfolio (the "secret sauce") you should allocate to that position.

Step 3: You buy the shares yourself, using your own brokerage account. You are mimicking the Motley Fool Pro portfolio with your own money in your own portfolio.

Step 4: Sit back, enjoy the ride, and wait for the next trade alert.
Some ride it has been too — as mentioned above, in its first 11 months, the Motley Fool Pro portfolio is up 17.7%, soundly out-performing the All Ords, both with dividends included.

Motley Fool Pro is NOW OPEN to new members.

It's the first ever time we've re-opened Motley Fool Pro to new members, and it might be the last time we do so this year.

New members numbers are strictly capped at 1,500… which based on our previous experience, will likely be snapped up in a matter of days.

As I said above, a membership to Motley Fool Pro costs nothing like $10,000 or $7,500 per year.

In fact, when viewed through the lens of a five-year subscription, allowing you to substantially drive down your per year cost, and extend your full money-back guarantee to 90 days, it will be a small fraction of the price.

To reward Motley Fool readers like you, I'm offering you a special "early bird" discount for Motley Fool Pro.

As judged by some of the hundreds of emails we've already received, we're anticipating unprecedented demand…

"How do I guarantee a place for Pro, as I see there are only 1,500 available?"

"I write only to ensure I have not missed the invitation to join Pro… certainly hope not."

To help you make an informed decision before Motley Fool Pro reaches its new member enrolment limit of 1,500, click here to access your special priority invitation.

Here's to you, joining me, investing like a Pro

Bruce Jackson

Bruce Jackson

General Manager
Motley Fool Australia

P.S. The fact I've put $250,000 of my own family's money behind Motley Fool Pro – and The Motley Fool has put $1 million, suggests only one thing: Just how confident we are in the service. Motley Fool Pro is NOW OPEN.

Of the companies mentioned above, Bruce Jackson and The Motley Fool own shares in Altium. Please remember that investments can go up and down. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Performance figures are not intended to be a forecast and The Motley Fool does not guarantee the performance of, or returns on any investment. All figures are accurate as at February 27th 2015.

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