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Bruce Jackson

My 2017 Melbourne Cup Trifecta

As in previous years, today I'm going to attempt to pick an unlikely trifecta of winners. More »

Hidden beneath the flat ASX stock market is a whole other world of opportunity

And I'm looking to add more money to the market. Now results season is over, and we've had a chance to review and digest... More »

If you think BHP and Qantas will help propel the ASX higher, I’ve got bad news

It's not for the faint-hearted. This is one of the most shorted stocks on the ASX....... More »

Slumping stock market unleashes its own version of fire and fury

My advice is to use these periodic stock market wobbles as an opportunity to buy shares on the cheap. More »

It’s simply stunning what just a 10% per annum return can do for your SMSF

There's a whole world of growing stocks outside the traditional blue chips.  More »

Here’s where you find the ASX’s big winners of tomorrow…

When it comes to stock market investing, nothing's ever guaranteed, especially over the short-term. More »

I hate to say it, but the ASX is likely to go NOWHERE for the rest of 2017

The key is to let your winners run. Even better, add more to your winners along the way. More »

Here’s what you should do BEFORE the next stock market crash

Great wealth takes time, and patience. It takes regularly adding to your winners, including reinvesting your dividends. More »