In 2016, here's why I'm betting a total of $500,000 on the Motley Fool Pro portfolio

I've bet half a million dollars of my own family's money on the Motley Fool Pro portfolio. Below, you'll find the simple reason why. AND you'll discover your own once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity!

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If you're like most investors, right now you're probably worried. Very worried.

After all, it's not often you see headlines like this…

"Wall Street set for worst yearly start since Great Depression after China market dives."

Here we go again… China. Commodities. Europe. Crash. Bang. Wallop.

And this, coming on top of a lacklustre 2015, a year in which some of the ASX's biggest and most popular blue chip shares crashed, including popular stocks like BHP Billiton and Santos.

It's a jungle out there. Woolworths crashing from a high of $35 down to as low as $22 in 2015. Woodside down over 20%. And don't even get me started on the big four banks…

If one thing seems certain in 2016 it's that we're in for another year of turbulence, volatility… and of MASSIVE opportunity.

Yes, danger lurks.

But times of great uncertainty usually create even BIGGER opportunities to profit…

I'm talking about having the confidence of buying shares at EXACTLY the time when all around are panicking and selling… like around now.

I'm talking about having the insight to avoid most of the market's worst performers… including the miners, the banks and energy companies.

I'm talking about the skill to buy one of the ASX's hottest shares of 2015 — to ride it forgains of over 400%, while also selling a portion to lock in a substantial profit.

And I'm talking about the calmness of following the exact advice — trade for trade — of one of the world's foremost stock pickers.

All within an optimised real money portfolio that'll position you to achieve your financial dreams faster than you thought possible…

Motley Fool Pro is our most exciting and ambitious project yet. And one of our most successful, its portfolio soaring over 40% higher in 2015 alone. Take a look for yourself…

Motley Fool Pro portfolio gains 41.8% in 2015






This week, for the first time in almost a year, we're briefly opening the Motley Fool Pro service to new members.

Run by Joe Magyer, our Director of Research, in full view of members, Motley Fool Pro invests $1 million of The Motley Fool's own real money into an optimised portfolio of all ASX shares.

The biggest bet of my entire investing career is about to get even bigger


When Motley Fool Pro first launched, in addition to the Motley Fool's $1 million, I publicly committed to following Motley Fool Pro with $250,000 of my family's own money.

  • Such has been the success of that investment (witness the returns above)…
  • Such is the confidence I have in the stock picking and portfolio management skills of Joe Magyer…
  • And such is my belief that RIGHT NOW, with markets wobbling and interest rates so low, is the perfect time to put more money to work in the market, investing behind some of the ASX's most exciting technology shares…

Today I can reveal I'm doubling down on my investment, increasing the total amount of money I'm committing to following the Motley Fool Pro portfolio to a whopping $500,000.

This kind of service, including The Motley Fool's real "skin in the game" commitment — one that allows you to get all the benefits of professional money management without you ever having to give up control of your money — may be completely unprecedented in the market.

We've been somewhat flattered to see notes like these from current Motley Fool Pro members…

"Joining Pro is the best financial decision I've ever made."

"Since I have joined Motley Fool Pro I have bought and sold when I have been told to and I must say that it works. Thanks Motley Fool Pro loving the ride and professionalism."

"I must tell you that I am hugely impressed with the professionalism of Motley Fool. Our family is a very happy charter member of Pro…"

"The value here is much better than going with other financial institutions."

Many people pay $10,000 and more per year, every year, to their advisors or professional money managers for what is often sub-standard service and returns.

A membership to Motley Fool Pro will cost nothing like $10,000 per year.

In fact, when viewed through the lens of a three year subscription, allowing you to substantially drive down your per year cost, and extend your full membership fee-back guarantee to 90 days, it will be a small fraction of the price.

To reward loyal Motley Fool readers like you, I'm giving you our best possible "early bird" discount for Motley Fool Pro saving at least $1,000 off our retail price.

Just under a year ago, when we last opened Motley Fool Pro to new members, such was the demand for places that our "early bird" discount was removed early, and soon after we closed our doors to new members.

To help you make an informed decision before Motley Fool Pro reaches its new member enrolment limit of 1,000, click here to access your special priority invitation.

To investing like a Pro,

Bruce Jackson

Bruce Jackson

General Manager
Motley Fool Australia

About Motley Fool Pro

Run by Joe MagyerMotley Fool Pro is our premium real-money portfolio service, designed specifically with investors like YOU in mind.

It's our most exciting and ambitious project yet… so much so that Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner has committed to putting a total of $1 million of our company's own real money behind the ASX stock picks Joe personally makes for the Motley Fool Pro portfolio.

To access your "priority invitation" to join Motley Fool Pro, including qualifying for a special "early bird" discount, please click here now.









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