Two 'can't lose' stocks…Your urgent attention is required

Don't miss out on this opportunity…

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Dear Fellow Share Market Investor,

We're sorry to interrupt your weekend, but this is a time-sensitive idea that we just couldn't wait to share with you – and which needs your urgent attention.

By now you know that The Motley Fool has been in Australia for a little over a year, and that we tend to be long term, business-focussed, buy-to-hold investors.

It's a reputation – and investing philosophy – that we hold dear.

Sometimes, however, you've just got to admit it's time for a change.

Long-term investing is sometimes enough to even put us to sleep.

When we stumbled across an investment strategy that promises to be far, far more profitable than anything we've recommended so far to even our Motley Fool Share Advisor subscribers, we figured we could make an exception to our investing rule.

In short…this is an opportunity of a lifetime.

We almost didn't notice it. In fact, mining specialist Ludwig Llewellyn called the strategy "A particularly rare investment lark" and "found out of luck".

We're glad you found it, Ludwig, thanks.

Before we get to the detail though, we have a simple question for you…

Would you like to be rich?

Of course you would.

That's why we're sharing a simple strategy with our readers – a plan that can help you avoid all of the hard work, analysis and patience that is usually part of successful investing.

Stop trying so hard… take the easy road

Did we say investing? For our purposes, that's a dirty word.

This is a trading strategy.

A week is a long time in politics, and an even longer time in investing.

We have a strategy to make money – lots of money – in a matter of days.

Have we got your attention yet? We hope so. You see this little known trading plan is almost unknown among Australians – and that's why we can be successful.

You won't read about it in the 'sensible' financial press – they simply don't get it…yet!

But the beauty of what we've uncovered is that it's a true win-win. This isn't one we're keeping under a bushel…it's a plan that can make lots of money for lots of people.

Start now, make a fortune – and help your friends do the same

Of course, if you get in early, you can make sure you ride this one all the way to the very top of the pyramid.

Portfolio pyramid

Don't get us wrong; even those who join late can make money.

That's why this is a true win-win – but the early bird will get more of the worm – and why we want you to join us TODAY.

We hope we've grabbed your attention.

We hope you're at least thinking of the house, car or holiday you can buy with the profits.

But we also know some of you want more information.

There's a dusty old book somewhere with the lessons that previous generations learned, but which have been lost to us. We've rediscovered one such opportunity.

Known as the Private Order Non-Zoned Investment scheme, this is a time-tested money making plan.

Email us now!

Don't care how it works? I don't blame you – stop here and email us now at [email protected] if you're ready to commit to this can't lose money-making plan.

But remember, you must act quickly. At this stage, you don't need to part with a single cent. In fact, this scheme is absolutely free to join.

If you're still reading, you probably want a little more information, like how does it work?

Let us paint you a picture:

From little things, big things grow

We all know there are countless little mining companies out there on the ASX.

Speculative explorers with interesting names, big plans and stars in their eyes. They're usually smart guys (and girls), who often fail simply due to lack of access to capital to fund their exploration.

What if you could help these little guys achieve their dreams, and make money yourself?

The solution is simple, yet revolutionary…

It's a true win-win situation.

Let's work together

Now this is a Private Order Non-Zoned Investment scheme for a reason. It's exclusively for Motley Fool readers.

But we need to work together. If we scatter our investment funds across the thousands of companies on the ASX, we can't have much of an impact.

But…if we join forces, we can really make a difference to one or two companies – and the momentum we create can make us all rich.

We've already carefully picked two companies. Don't worry if you haven't heard of them. The names and their financial situations are totally irrelevant.

Anyway, these companies are so obscure that we couldn't find them on most broker sites.

That's to our advantage. Just imagine the splash, and the cash, we can make when the share prices of these companies start to move!

Two 'can't lose' companies

Our two selections are South Sea Ferrous Company (ASX: IOU), and Tulip Iron (ASX: BULB).

Before you rush off to place your BUY order, remember this only works properly if we act together.

WE only make money when other people see the opportunity and they rush to buy the shares – and they only make money when other investors do the same. It's a virtuous circle.

And it's so simple – the perfect trade.

You don't have to worry about the usual fundamentals of company earnings, management quality or growth potential. Balance sheets are for accountants.

All that matters is the share price! It really couldn't be easier.

EVERYONE is a BIG winner

A rising share price is good for current shareholders – WIN

When the share price keeps rising, new shareholders also make money –WIN

Using this newly-higher share price, this little company can raise more capital – WIN

With more shares on issue, the market will get more excited – WIN

This excitement can only push the price even higher – WIN WIN WIN!

We hope you're starting to get the point. If we play this well, we can keep the price rising – and helping more and more investors make their fortunes.

The Time to act is NOW!

We hope by now we've convinced you. We'd really like to be drinking good French Champagne in Majorca or Argentina soon – and we think you probably feel the same.

If you want in – and we hope you do – you need to email us TODAY! The beauty of sending you this email on a Sunday is that we can be set when the markets open tomorrow morning.

We can only take the first 1,412 expressions of interest – and you know this offer will fill quickly (remember, this is a free service…we're going to make money with you too)

All you need to do is email us NOW at [email protected] letting us know you'll make a commitment:

  1. That you want in; and
  2. That you will ask 20 of your friends to buy shares once we start; and
  3. That you will ask them to do the same for 20 of their friends

As a very first step, and to show your commitment to this exciting and lucrative scheme, please immediately forward this to 20 of your closest friends.

And if you're like us and have more than 20 friends (we have 1,092 Facebook friends), what the heck, send it to ALL your friends.

There really is nothing in the market today that can compare to this rediscovered Private Order Non-Zoned Investment scheme – and riches await.

Foolish Best,

The Motley Fool Australia "Hot Stock Shot" Trading Team

P.S. Remember, we can only take 1,412 people – email us NOW

P.P.S. Tell your friends – the more the merrier (especially once we go public). Remember, we can all win!

P.P.P.S. Seriously… you need to play your part… please forward this email to as many people as you can – the more the merrily richer!

P.P.P.P.S If you think any friends might benefit from receiving hot tips like these in the future, have them sign up to receive Take Stock themselves. Simply have them click here to join the action.

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