Your 13 Steps To Financial Freedom


You may not realise it yet, but this may be your ticket to financial freedom. We’re talking about the kind of freedom where you’re truly in control of your finances, both free to enjoy your money and free from worrying about it. It’s about being money-confident: knowing how money works and getting yours to work for you.

Our 13 Steps To Financial Freedom takes you on a life-changing journey. Whether you are deep in debt, interested in the share market but don’t know where to start, or already dabbling in shares and want to learn more, you’ve come to the right place.

Enjoy your journey to financial freedom!

Step 1

The Miracle of Compound Returns

This one simple concept could change your life. Forever. Albert Einstein called the deceptively simple concept the “greatest mathematical discovery of all time.” We call it your ticket to financial independence. More…>>

Step 2

Trade Wisdom For Foolishness

Who would deign to call themselves a “Fool”? Certainly not anyone from the mainstream financial services industry. But we’re different. The Fool tells the truth. More…>>

Step 3

Get Control Of Your Money

It might sound incredibly basic, but getting control of your money is about spending less than you earn. It sounds boring, but saving, and not just spending, can be a whole lotta FUN. More…>>

Step 4

Dump Your Debts

Your debts could be killing you. Before you do anything else, please ensure you pay off any credit card debt, and once done, pay off the outstanding balance every single month. You’ll feel a lot better for it, and you’ll be able to start some serious investing. More…>>

Step 5

Prepare For Investing Take-Off

Now you’re debt free, find out where to park your short-term cash. Once you’ve got that safely sorted, you can open yourself an online brokerage account. You’re all set for take-off. More…>>

Step 6

Share Market Investing! Seriously, It’s Simple

Meet the share market, the place where fortunes have been made. Don’t let the scare and horror stories put you off. Over the long-term, the share market has consistently out-performed just about every other form of investment. You’d be mad not to give it a try.  More…>>

Step 7

The Dirty Little Secret Of Managed Funds

Many of those highly paid so-called wizards of finance fail to beat the returns of a simple computer-run investing product, charging you a small fortune in the process. Say no to them, and yes to the humble index tracker. More…>>

Step 8

The Great Dividend Tax Advantage

Receiving dividends is one of the most joyous events known to mankind. Although the tax man will want his fair share, unlike many other countries, Australians get a wonderful tax break. It can turn an already joyous event into pure heaven. More…>>

Step 9

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation basically comes down to how much you should have in cash and how much in shares. The Fool’s three rules for asset allocation will help you slice up your portfolio into these important pieces. More…>>

Step 10

Avoid the Biggest Mistake Investors Make

The secret to avoiding a $10 billion investing mistake is not more money, a higher IQ, or superb market timing. It’s mind control. Control your investing emotions and you’ll have a much better chance of not selling out at precisely the wrong moment. More…>>

Step 11

Buy Your First Shares

You’re ready for action. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. These two investments not only get you started, but will teach you more about life as an investor than we could ever hope to teach you here. More…>>

Step 12

Five Reasons To Sell

Buying shares is easy. But selling? Many people say it’s the hardest investing decision. These 5 reasons turn the difficult into the easy. More…>>

Step 13

Tell Your Friends & Colleagues

If you think we’ve helped you along the road to financial freedom, how about helping us? Don’t be shy. Tell the world how enlightening it is to take control of your own financial future. We’ll be your friend for life, and they will be too. More…>>

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