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Dear Fellow Sharemarket Investor,

If your in-box is like mine, you probably receive many offers to subscribe to share recommendation services. Again, if you're anything like me, most end up in the cyber trash can.

Look…I want to be totally honest.

We're not the best marketing people in the world. We don't employ designers to make our emails look flashy, and we don't use marketing people to try to convince you to buy a product you may not even need.

Instead, here at The Motley Fool, we focus our attentions on just three things…

  1. Picking winning stocks.
  2. Prompt, and superior service for our members.
  3. A value for money service.

A little further down, I'll give you a no-risk opportunity to join Motley Fool Share Advisor for the special offer of just $199 for a full year's subscription.

This is a fraction of the cost of other services, some of which sell for $800 or more. And even for that sort of money, if your customer service experience is anything like mine, you might be feeling a little 'unloved.'

We like to think we're a little different. As you'll see below, we already have a great track record of picking winning stocks, including two that are up around 50% in just 4 months.

"Well done you guys! What a fantastic tip. Bought some at 42c, more at 46c and it just hit 70c and paying a dividend. Can't recommend you too highly. Hope you get heaps of subscribers."

— Roy from Dromana

We like nothing better than serving our members, whatever the day, whatever the time. And at $199 for 12 months, I think you'll agree our share recommendation service offers superb value for money.

It's 50% OFF our retail price.

"I am very impressed with your insights and info on things. My portfolio has increased by approx 17 percent in 3 months since following your advice. Keep it up."

— Glenn from Brisbane

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The Art of Picking Winning Stocks

Stock picking is art, not science. Looking at charts, models, or any form of mechanical investing is NOT going to lead you to the very best stock picks. If investing was that easy, you wouldn't be reading this email.

We're not going to stick the boots into our competitors. We want you to be the judge. If you are already getting great, WINNING stock picks from your broker or newsletter service, you won't be needing a subscription to Motley Fool Share Advisor.

And if you can fathom your way through ALL the information you might be receiving, narrow it all down to work out EXACTLY which stocks to buy, when, and at what price, you also won't be needing a subscription to Motley Fool Share Advisor.

I have a hunch.

You are receiving too much information. Your portfolio is in a mess – a hodge-podge collection of companies, some of which you bought on a hot tip but can't remember where you saw it, some you've held for years, but are down 80% or more and you don't know why you're still holding on, and a smattering of big mining stocks and big four banks.

You might be all core and no growth. Or more speculative than core. Or even worse, all speculative.

Sound familiar? With a bit of education, like our portfolio pyramid below, some great stock-picking, and just plain sensible investing advice, we think we can help you.

Portfolio pyramid

World Sharemarkets Are On The Move

In 2012, sharemarkets are on the move again.

Here in Australia, January was the best start to a year since 1994. According to Bloomberg, Asian stocks are heading for a record 11th weekly advance. In the U.S., the S&P 500 index has just risen to its highest level since 2008.

So why might you have the feeling sharemarket investing is currently a struggle?

Maybe some of it is related to the dire state of politics in this country. Maybe the strong dollar is holding us back. And maybe our relatively high interest rates are impacting on the economy.

Charlie Aitken of Bell Potter has recently said, this is a stock- picker's market. We couldn't agree more. In fact, we'd go a step further. Because our aim is to beat the market, not just match it, we think every market is a stock-picker's market – and we think you should, too.

You've made some terrific investment calls…

"Thank you for your entertaining & potentially hugely rewarding newsletters. So far you've made some terrific investment calls. Keep the investment advice coming, please!"

— Geoff from Port Macquarie

Thank you for suggesting Maverick…

"I'd really like to see the latest on Maverick Drilling & Exploration and thank you for suggesting it."

— Warren from Western Australia

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If you're looking to profit from investing in small, overlooked stocks, Share Advisor could be the ticket for you.


I'll let you into two little secrets.

Secret #1: You are not going to get rich buying shares in the big four banks. Their best years are behind them.

You are not going to earn a decent income on BHP Billiton's somewhat paltry dividend yield…if it's dividends you're after, buy some Telstra or Woolworths. But don't expect fireworks anytime soon. Australia's biggest companies are simply not growing.

Secret #2: It's outside the top 20, 50 or even 200 companies you'll find growth companies.

These smaller unloved, overlooked and under-valued companies are where you need to look to discover what could be the next Fortescue Metals, the next Woodside Petroleum or even the next Oil Search.

"…the recommendations to date have been great additions to my portfolio…Insightful, clear, well presented analysis. And a great read too"

— Alex from Carlton

We love picking winning stocks for our Share Advisor members. In our relatively short history, we think we've done a pretty good job…

As of Friday 29th March 2012, the Share Advisor scorecard stood at 10 winners out of 10, the two biggest winners being up 50% each.

To put this into perspective, legendary investor Peter Lynch has said "In this business, if you're good, you're right six times out of 10."

"I have to say that being up approx 60% within a month is fantastic. Great job team and look forward to your next edition of Share Advisor."

— Rob from Melbourne

You may have heard of Dean Morel, the Motley Fool's Investment Analyst. He is the person that brought Maverick Drilling & Exploration Limited (ASX: MAD) to the attention of investing public.

Dean Morel…The Motley Fool's Investment Analyst.

I believe Dean's ability to identify a clear catalyst for share price growth marks him out as a top-notch investor, and the ideal person to be selecting ASX stocks for Motley Fool Share Advisor members.

Maverick shares are currently up over 300 per cent since we suggested Motley Fool Take Stock readers take another look at this fast-growing junior oil producer.

But Maverick's not his best idea for new money. That privilege goes to the company he has just recommended to Share Advisor subscribers.

Dean's about as level-headed an investor as you are likely to find. So when he says things like this about his latest buy recommendation, you know he thinks he might be onto his next huge winner….

"This company has brilliant management, experienced and motivated employees, superb assets, huge future growth prospects, and an under-valued share price."

"…investors have an excellent opportunity to profit from two of the biggest growth trends of our time; the accelerating growth of Internet data and cloud computing."

When you sign up to Share Advisor, you'll instantly find out the name of this company, plus all the other stocks we've recommended to our members. Seven of them are still rated a buy at the current share prices.

Join today… and instantly save $200, or 50%

One year of Motley Fool Share Advisor costs $399. That's a decent sized investment I know, but I think it's a remarkable deal for the quality of research, and investing recommendations that can cost institutions thousands of dollars a month.

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There's no need to say more. Whatever you decide today, I hope this makes you feel 100% secure in your decision.

Look at everything your Motley Fool Share Advisor membership includes:

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The important thing is you'll be getting fully vetted, hand-picked stocks with rare and historic profit potential.

Plus, get these valuable bonus reports FREE:

6 Danger Signs in 15 Minutes — (YOURS FREE!)

If you're concerned about any stock you own, here's a simple checklist that will help you evaluate it in 15 minutes or less. If you can say yes to any of these danger signs, it's time to get out. This is an indispensable guide for any investor looking to optimise a stock portfolio and avoid costly blowups!

How to Invest in International Sharemarkets — (YOURS FREE!)

Many of the biggest, greatest companies on earth trade on international stock exchanges. With the Aussie dollar currently riding high, now may be a wonderful time to consider investing overseas. Our own Investment Analyst Dean Morel walks you through the joys of investing internationally, where a whole other world of investing opportunities await.

Knowing When to Sell(YOURS FREE!)

Knowing when to sell is a crucial yet overlooked aspect of investing. Snagging shares at a bargain can mean absolutely nothing if you don't sell when you should.

Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner says when it comes to building a market-crushing stock portfolio, the time to get started is always RIGHT NOW.

And with many respected and widely followed analysts like Charlie Aitken and Richard Coppleson effectively saying we could be on the verge of a new bull market, it may be an EVEN BETTER TIME to add money to the sharemarket, or even start afresh.

So please if you're interested, take advantage of this Motley Fool Share Advisor special limited time offer. It may be for you. Most important, I urge you to click the "START NOW" button immediately.

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