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Did you know The Motley Fool has a business, finance and investing podcast, called Motley Fool Money?

Well now you do.

In fact, as of 11 May 2020, Motley Fool's Motley Fool Money podcast was the #1 ranked podcast in the Australia iTunes Business category. Not bad, if we do say so ourselves!

The Motley Fool came to life as a result of our founders' desire to help the world invest better.

And learning how to invest is a long and never ending pursuit. The Motley Fool has been in Australia now for seven years, and we're excited to bring you our Australian business podcast (or finance podcast, or investing podcast, depending on who you ask and how your podcast app categorises us!).

Why a business podcast? Because we know you're busy. We know that commuting, or shopping or mowing the lawn is a great time to listen to a podcast — we do that, too. Though not to our ourselves… that'd just be weird.

Anyway, whether you're just starting out, or a seasoned expert, we can always learn more. And an audio podcast is a great way to do it.

Whether you want to learn about money, personal finance, credit cards, mortgages, property, superannuation (including your SMSF) or investing in ASX shares or US shares, this podcast is for you.

Your hosts are Scott Phillips and Andrew Page. Scott is our Chief Investment Officer and runs our Share Advisor and Everlasting Income services. Andrew is one of our Motley Fool alumni, and a friend of The Fool (and a good bloke). Between them, they have decades of investing experience, and their investing services are beating the market.

And now they're lending their talents to Motley Fool Money , our business podcast that's being produced in partnership with Triple M.

Here's how to listen:

  • If you're an Apple iTunes user, click here to subscribe
  • If you're on Android, search 'Motley Fool Money' in your favourite podcast app (make sure you select the one with the Motley Fool and Triple M logos). If you don't currently have a podcast app, try PocketCasts, available in the Google Play store
  • We're now producing Motley Fool Money in partnership with podcast app LiSTNR (part of Southern Cross Austereo). Why not download the LiSTNR app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and subscribe that way?

And don't forget to share them with your friends.

Thanks Fools!

Fool on!