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Andrew Page

Andrew was an analyst and advisor at The Motley Fool

A Man And His Dog

It’s the 64 million dollar question when it comes to buying shares -- and one that we all ask. More »

Profit from pay-day lending

It’s a necessary service, but can it be market-beating? More »

Beyond The Banks

With interest rates at record lows — and likely to drop lower — high yielding, dividend paying shares have never been more attractive. More »

Smart, But Not Infallible

Don’t let yourself be distracted by the seemingly compelling patterns seen on markets More »

Why Did You Buy Those Shares..?

What do you know about your shares? More »

Please Don’t Invest, If…

There will always be news that makes it seem like now isn’t the right time to invest. More »

An Investing Survival Guide

At The Motley Fool we don’t get caught up in sharemarket scaremongering. We invest in a manner that prepares us for all possibilities. More »

Profit Is Just The Beginning

If you prefer to avoid excessive risk, and if you like the idea of receiving regular dividends, focusing on established and profitable businesses is... More »

The Magic Money Box

For the true investor, the value of a company comes from its ability, or potential, to deliver you cold hard cash. More »

Godfreys: Value trap or dirt cheap

The iconic vacuum store should be on your watchlist More »

The Mystery Of Share Prices

We have to endure some volatility in the short term, and that can sometimes be a little uncomfortable, but it’s a small price to... More »

Yield Is Just The Beginning

Investors are right to consider dividend yields when deciding what companies to invest in, but there is much more to the story. More »

Less Taxing Taxes

With term deposits pitifully low, and rental yields dropping, shares have never been more attractive for those seeking a reliable and tax effective income. More »

How To Avoid The Cash Crash

Shares may be volatile, but for the long term investor, they are certainly far lower risk than cash, and offer far better returns! More »