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Dean Morel

Value investing wisdom with a margin of safety

Seth Klarman is one of the greatest value investors of all time. He has produced annual returns of 20% for Baupost Group since 1982;... More »

Diversification without diworsification

Chocolate, chips and cakes are all good in small doses. However, too much of a good thing can be dangerous — for your waistline... More »

Thorn Group Limited: a classic stock for a tough economy

Thorn Group Limited (ASX: TGA) reported excellent half year results. Revenues and profits are growing quickly. It could be the classic stock for a... More »

iProperty Group Ltd founders have a $12 million payday

If, like me, you were wondering who picked up the 12 million shares of iProperty Group Ltd (Public, ASX:IPP) the founders recently sold, the... More »

One ASX share to buy in today’s irrational sharemarket

We awoke to Westpac Banking Corporation’s (ASX: WBC) senior economist James Shugg’s somewhat pessimistic view of overnight events in Europe… “Look, I’m really worried. ... More »

Alchemia Ltd. screams to a halt

Trading in Alchemia Ltd. (ASX:ACL) was halted. A capital raising announcement is likely, as it is short of cash and burning through it fast.... More »

Two big reasons to sell Apple

One analyst recommends an apple a day, but believes investors should shy away from Apple stock. More »

The upside of leverage without the downside risk

Does this one stock comes with less return risk than the Australian market and a higher probable return? It sure comes close. More »

No Thorn in my side

Thorn Group is a well-managed company available at a good discount. It deserves a place on our radar. At the very least Thorn should... More »

The surest way I know to profit in the sharemarket

“In the short-run it’s a voting machine, but in the long-run it is a weighing machine”. Wise words, though for various reasons many investors... More »

They Reckon it’s a buy

Could Reckon be a buy as some analysts are speculating? The Motley Fool’s investment analyst, Dean Morel, sees a quality company with a price... More »

ASX shares on sale: Time to get excited

A recent front page feature in The Australian Financial Review said ‘Now it’s getting scary’. With the S&P/ASX 200 down 20% in six months... More »

The ultimate high yield dividend portfolio

While global financial markets have many pressing problems, those able to look beyond tomorrow’s gloomy headlines should profit. A portfolio of these five cash... More »

Buying property now will end in tears

Buying high only gives you time to cry! Real estate in Australia is overpriced. There are no ifs or buts about that. Buying an... More »