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Danny Vena

Facebook to acquire Kustomer in $1 billion deal

The social media platform is incorporating more ways for businesses to communicate with their customers. More »

Tesla stock could surge 104% to $1,000, according to this analyst

Is he right? More »

Tesla Stock Jumps on News It Will Join the S&P 500

Investors have been anticipating its inclusion for months. More »

Cloud computing and gaming boost Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) earnings results

Azure continues to benefit from work-from-home tailwinds, while the company's diverse business continues to pay dividends. More »

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Azure partners with SpaceX to offer cloud computing in space

The space race for cloud dominance is heating up. More »

Analyst: Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) will surge 21% to $670 due to a ‘dramatically changing world’

One analyst sees consumer behavior forever changed by the pandemic. More »

Netflix will surge 28% to $650, according to this analyst

Is he right? More »

Overwhelming demand made Warren Buffett-backed Snowflake the biggest software IPO ever

The data-warehouse software stock more than doubled on its first day of trading. More »

Amazon’s Luxury Stores just dealt another blow to department stores

The e-commerce giant is making its first push into high-end fashion. More »

Can Netflix more than double subscribers by 2030?

One analyst is making the case for 159% growth over the coming decade. More »

Netflix stock hits all-time highs as subscribers plan to stay post-pandemic

Most viewers who joined in recent months will stick around, according to a survey. More »

Is Apple’s market cap headed to $3 trillion? One analyst thinks so

The upgrade cycle to 5G iPhones has him believing the best is yet to come. More »

Apple to hit US$3 trillion by 2023, analyst predicts

On the heels of the tech giant's latest milestone, an analyst sees the next one just over the horizon. More »

New rule threatens free Google search and YouTube in Australia

A landmark proposal could force big changes to the company's free services in Australia More »