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Fundamentals Data provided by Morningstar.

Data provided by Morningstar.
Market Cap $65.07 billion
P/E Ratio 300.63
Dividend Yield 0.89%
Shares Outstanding 1.90 billion
Earnings per share 0.112
Dividend per share 0.30
Year To Date Return 33.08%
Earnings Yield 0.33%
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as at 24 Feb 3:44pm

  • Goodman Group (ASX: GMG)
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Because Goodman Group is a real estate investment trust (REIT), its payments are generally called distributions rather than dividends. The company traditionally pays an interim distribution in February and a final one in August or September each year. 

    The REIT began paying distributions in 2007, two years after listing on the ASX. All the company’s payments to date, with the exception of one, have been unfranked. The group’s policy is to distribute around 50% of operating earnings and taxable income for the full year.

    Goodman Group has operated a distribution reinvestment plan in the past. However, the plan has been suspended since late 2016.

    Goodman Group listed on the ASX on 2 February 2005.

    Dividend Payment History Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Ex-Date Amount Franking Type Payable
    28 Dec 2023 $0.1500 0.00% Interim 23 Feb 2024
    29 Jun 2023 $0.1500 0.00% Final 25 Aug 2023
    29 Dec 2022 $0.1500 0.00% Interim 24 Feb 2023
    29 Jun 2022 $0.1500 0.00% Final 25 Aug 2022
    30 Dec 2021 $0.1500 0.00% Interim 24 Feb 2022
    29 Jun 2021 $0.1500 0.00% Final 26 Aug 2021
    30 Dec 2020 $0.1500 0.00% Interim 25 Feb 2021
    29 Jun 2020 $0.1500 0.00% Final 28 Aug 2020
    30 Dec 2019 $0.1500 0.00% Interim 25 Feb 2020
    27 Jun 2019 $0.1500 0.00% Final 09 Sep 2019
    28 Dec 2018 $0.1500 0.00% Interim 26 Feb 2019
    28 Jun 2018 $0.1425 0.00% Final 29 Aug 2018
    28 Dec 2017 $0.1375 0.00% Interim 26 Feb 2018
    29 Jun 2017 $0.0000 0.00% Final 28 Aug 2017
    29 Dec 2016 $0.1270 0.00% Interim 24 Feb 2017
    29 Jun 2016 $0.1210 0.00% Final 26 Aug 2016
    29 Dec 2015 $0.1190 0.00% Interim 22 Feb 2016
    26 Jun 2015 $0.1110 0.00% Final 26 Aug 2015

    GMG ASX Announcements

    An announcement is considered as "Price Sensitive" if it is thought that it may have an impact on the price of the security.

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    About Goodman Group

    Goodman Group (ASX: GMG) is an integrated property group with operations in 14 countries. It specialises in industrial and commercial properties, owning, developing, and managing a global portfolio worth around $80 billion.

    The group was formed following the merger of Macquarie Goodman Industrial Trust and Macquarie Goodman Management in 2005. GMG operates four divisions, including property investment, fund management, property services, and property development.

    Today, it is the largest real estate investment trust (REIT) in Australia, which makes GMG shares a favourite of listed property enthusiasts. Its operations take in North America, Europe, the UK, China, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. 

    GMG Share Price History Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Date Close Change % Change Volume Open High Low
    27 May 2024 $34.45 $0.78 2.32% 1,925,523 $34.08 $34.50 $34.05
    24 May 2024 $33.67 $-0.50 -1.46% 1,394,901 $33.69 $34.07 $33.59
    23 May 2024 $34.17 $0.24 0.71% 2,337,642 $33.59 $34.25 $33.26
    22 May 2024 $33.93 $0.17 0.50% 3,143,089 $33.61 $34.18 $33.61
    21 May 2024 $33.76 $-0.23 -0.68% 3,064,578 $33.84 $34.40 $33.71
    20 May 2024 $33.99 $-0.36 -1.05% 1,874,862 $34.35 $34.40 $33.85
    17 May 2024 $34.35 $-0.38 -1.09% 3,020,381 $34.50 $34.80 $34.09
    16 May 2024 $34.73 $1.36 4.08% 5,086,781 $33.89 $35.09 $33.84
    15 May 2024 $33.37 $-0.10 -0.30% 3,376,614 $33.71 $33.73 $33.16
    14 May 2024 $33.47 $-0.28 -0.83% 1,988,975 $33.50 $33.63 $33.32
    13 May 2024 $33.75 $0.10 0.30% 2,815,924 $33.52 $33.75 $33.42
    10 May 2024 $33.65 $-0.11 -0.33% 2,064,492 $33.90 $33.93 $33.56
    09 May 2024 $33.76 $-0.53 -1.55% 3,375,589 $33.94 $34.19 $33.47
    08 May 2024 $34.29 $-0.09 -0.26% 4,468,485 $34.46 $34.90 $33.89
    07 May 2024 $34.38 $0.40 1.18% 5,605,829 $34.33 $34.54 $34.07
    06 May 2024 $33.98 $1.35 4.14% 4,324,033 $33.34 $34.00 $33.16
    03 May 2024 $32.63 $0.86 2.71% 4,162,007 $32.05 $33.01 $32.01
    02 May 2024 $31.77 $0.26 0.83% 4,378,662 $31.66 $31.94 $31.35
    01 May 2024 $31.51 $-0.18 -0.57% 2,620,927 $30.99 $31.60 $30.92
    30 Apr 2024 $31.69 $0.50 1.60% 3,197,567 $31.14 $31.69 $31.14

    Director Transactions Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Date Director Type Amount Value Notes
    15 May 2024 Gregory (Greg) Goodman Sell 1,000,000 $33,336,000
    On-market trade.
    14 Dec 2023 Anthony Rozic Sell 450,000 $11,015,118
    On-market trade.
    16 Nov 2023 Anthony Rozic Sell 138,935 $3,274,415
    On-market trade. As per announcement on 22-11-2023
    14 Nov 2023 Anthony Rozic Issued 500,000 $11,385,000
    Issue of securities. 2,096,268 GMG Performance Rights
    14 Nov 2023 Danny Peeters Issued 455,000 $10,360,350
    Issue of securities. 1,914,934 GMG Performance Rights
    14 Nov 2023 Gregory (Greg) Goodman Issued 900,000 $20,493,000
    Issue of securities. 4,305,334 GMG Performance Rights
    29 Sep 2023 Belinda Robson Buy 4,593 $99,982
    On-market trade.
    18 Sep 2023 Gregory (Greg) Goodman Transfer 600,001 $13,428,022
    Off-market transfer.
    18 Sep 2023 Gregory (Greg) Goodman Transfer 600,001 $13,428,022
    Off-market transfer.
    15 Sep 2023 Gregory (Greg) Goodman Sell 338,993 $7,745,990
    On-market trade.
    15 Sep 2023 Gregory (Greg) Goodman Sell 500,000 $11,425,000
    On-market trade.
    01 Sep 2023 Gregory (Greg) Goodman Buy 1,100,001 $25,333,023
    Conversion of securities.
    01 Sep 2023 Gregory (Greg) Goodman Exercise 1,100,001 $25,333,023
    Conversion of securities. 3,405,334 GMG Performance Rights
    01 Sep 2023 Danny Peeters Buy 406,802 $9,368,650
    Conversion of securities.
    01 Sep 2023 Danny Peeters Exercise 406,802 $9,368,650
    Conversion of securities. 14,59,934 Rights
    01 Sep 2023 Anthony Rozic Exercise 438,935 $10,108,673
    Conversion of securities. 1,596,268 GMG Performance Rights
    01 Sep 2023 Anthony Rozic Buy 438,935 $10,108,673
    Conversion of securities.
    24 Aug 2023 Anthony Rozic Sell 57,125 $1,287,709
    On-market trade.
    24 Aug 2023 Anthony Rozic Expiry 47,998 $1,077,555
    As advised by the company. Lapsing of GMG Performance Rights, 2,035,203 GMG Performance Right
    24 Aug 2023 Anthony Rozic Sell 476,093 $10,732,073
    On-market trade.
    24 Aug 2023 Anthony Rozic Transfer 521,601 $11,709,942
    Off-market transfer. Assuming off-market transfer of shares
    24 Aug 2023 Anthony Rozic Transfer 521,601 $11,709,942
    Off-market transfer. Assuming off-market transfer of shares
    17 Aug 2023 Danny Peeters Expiry 45,599 $952,107
    As advised by the company. 1,866,736 GMG Performance Right, Lapsing of GMG Performance Rights
    17 Aug 2023 Gregory (Greg) Goodman Expiry 113,999 $2,380,299
    As advised by the company. Lapsing of GMG Performance Righs, 45,05,335 Rights
    30 May 2023 Belinda Robson Buy 4,990 $100,010
    On-market trade.

    Directors & Management Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Name Title Start Date Profile
    Mr Stephen Paul Johns Non-Executive DirectorNon-Executive Chairman Jan 2017
    Mr Johns is a former executive of Westfield Group where he had a executive career during which he held a number of senior positions including that of Finance Director from 1985 to 2002. He was a non-executive director of Westfield Group from 2003 to 2013. Stephen has previously been Chairman of Brambles Limited, Leighton Holdings Limited and Spark Infrastructure Group.He is Member of the Risk Committee,Compliance Committee,Sustainability and Innovation Committee.
    Mr Gregory (Greg) Leith Goodman Chief Executive OfficerExecutive Director Aug 1998
    Mr Goodman is responsible for Goodman's operations and the implementation of its strategic plan. He has over 30 years of experience in the property industry with expertise in industrial property. Greg is the founder of Goodman, playing an integral role in establishing its global position in the property market through various corporate transactions, including takeovers, mergers and acquisitions.
    Mrs Belinda Robson Non-Executive Director Mar 2023
    Ms Robson has over 30 years' experience in the property industry, with expertise in retail and commercial property funds management in the Asia Pacific. Prior to becoming a non-executive director, Belinda was an executive at Lend Lease Investment Management and the fund manager for Australian Prime Property Fund Retail where she was responsible for developing and implementing the fund strategy.She is member of Risk and Compliance Committee.
    Mr Danny Peeters Executive Director Jan 2013
    Mr Peeters was formerly CEO of Goodman's European business and has oversight and is currently the Acting CEO of Goodman's Brazilian operations. Danny has been with Goodman since 2006 and has over 20 years of experience in the property and logistics sectors. During his career, Danny has built up experience in the design, implementation and outsourcing of pan- European supply chain and real estate strategies for various multinationals. Danny was Chief Executive Officer of Eurinpro, a developer of tailor made logistic property solutions in Europe acquired by Goodman in May 2006.
    Mr Anthony Rozic Deputy Chief Executive OfficerExecutive Director Jan 2013
    Mr Rozic is an Executive Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer (since August 2010). He was appointed Chief Executive Officer, North America in September 2016, and in that role is responsible for setting and managing the strategy, business performance and corporate transactions for the Group's North American business. Mr Rozic joined Goodman in 2004 as Group Chief Financial Officer and was appointed Group Chief Operating Officer in February 2009 before taking on his current positions.
    Mr Mark Graham Johnson Non-Executive Director Jun 2020
    Mr Johnson is a trained accountant and spent 30 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) where he was CEO from 2008 to 2012 as well as holding positions as Asian Deputy-Chairman and as a member of PwC's global strategy council. Mark also has experience as a Director of charities, educational bodies and mutual organisations and he is currently a director of the Smith Family, a Councillor at UNSW Sydney and the Chairman of the Hospitals Contribution Fund of Australia. He was until recently Chairman and a director of G8 Education Limited and was formerly an independent director of Coca-Cola Amatil Limited and Westfield Corporation Limited.
    Mr George El Zoghbi Non-Executive Director Apr 2023
    Mr Zoghbi is Currently the Chief Executive Officer of The Arnott's Group following its acquisition by private equity group KKR in 2020, George has international consumer packaged goods and supply chain experience. He is also a Director of Brambles Limited and a Strategic Advisor to Altimetrik a US-based digital and IT solutions company. Previously, George was Chief Operating Officer US Businesses at Kraft Heinz and prior to that Chief Operating Officer at Kraft Foods Group. He has also held senior roles with Fonterra Cooperative and Associated British Foods.He is Member of the Sustainability and Innovation
    Mr Christopher Green Non-Executive Director Apr 2019
    Mr Green spent 16 years at Macquarie Group and was the Global Head of Macquarie Capital's real estate business leading its global expansion through to 2018. Chris is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GreenPoint Partners, a New York headquartered firm investing in real estate innovation, technology and private equity.He is Chairman of the Sustainability and Innovation Committee.
    Ms Vanessa Liu Non-Executive Director Jun 2022
    Ms Liu is an experienced technology business leader and currently Co-Founder and CEO of SaaS technology company Sugarwork, She has more than twenty years of experience in the technology sector having started her career at McKinsey in the Telecom, Media & Technology Practice. She was recently Vice President of SAP.iO North America, SAP's early-stage venture arm, where she recruited and accelerated 87 enterprise software startups. Prior to SAP, Vanessa was Chief Operating Officer at Trigger Media Group, a digital media venture studio, and co-founded Trigger's portfolio companies: digital media company InsideHook and SaaS technology company Fevo (where she remains a Board Observer).. She was a Fulbright Scholar at Universiteit Utrecht in the Netherlands. She serves as a member of Harvard University's Board of Overseers and is a past President of the Harvard Alumni Association. She is member of Sustainability and Innovation Committee
    Ms Hilary Spann Non-Executive Director Apr 2022
    Ms Spann has an background in public and private equity markets and is currently a senior executive at NYSE-listed Boston Properties, Inc. (NYSE: BXP), based in New York. There, she is responsible for all aspects of the office developer, owner, and manager's portfolio in the New York region. She was previously the Head of Real Estate for the Americas at CPP Investments and prior to that she held a number of senior real estate roles at JPMorgan in the United States. She is Member of the Sustainability and Innovation Committee.
    Mr Carl Bicego Company Secretary Oct 2006
    Carl Bicego Company Secretary

    Top Shareholders Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Name Shares Capital
    HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited 655,360,269 34.79%
    J P Morgan Nominees Australia Pty Limited 569,711,599 30.24%
    Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited 210,728,952 11.19%
    National Nominees Limited 73,365,406 3.89%
    Bnp Paribas Noms Pty Ltd <Drp> 59,196,171 3.14%
    Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited <Colonial First State Inv A/C> 35,911,799 1.91%
    Bnp Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd <Agency Lending Drp A/C> 35,176,862 1.87%
    Trison Investments Pty Ltd 16,302,796 0.87%
    Beeside Pty Ltd Atf The Beeside Trust 13,192,040 0.70%
    HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited <Nt Comnwlth Super Corp A/C> 11,571,038 0.61%
    Australian Foundation Investment Company Limited 10,155,000 0.54%
    BNP Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd Hub24 Custodial Serv Ltd 4,835,073 0.26%
    Custodial Services Limited <Beneficiaries Holding A/C> 4,772,037 0.25%
    Netwealth Investments Limited <Wrap Services A/C> 4,276,459 0.23%
    UBS Nominees Pty Ltd 4,036,197 0.21%
    Bnp Paribas Noms (Nz) Ltd <Drp> 3,517,260 0.19%
    HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited ii 3,507,826 0.19%
    HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited A/C 2 3,209,743 0.17%
    Washington H Soul Pattinson And Company Limited 3,029,494 0.16%
    Bnp Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd Barclays <Drp A/C> 2,511,535 0.13%