Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) Share Price and News

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA)
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Earnings Results

Tesla share price powers up on 42% revenue jump

We take a look at what the electric vehicle company reported today.

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Resources Shares

Why is the Core Lithium share price surging 7%?

Tesla's chair has warned of a potential lithium supply crunch.

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International Stock News

Why Tesla stock popped today

Positive sentiment in the broader market and some analysts' comments boosted these electric vehicle stocks.

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a group of people stand examining a large glowing cystral ball held in the hands of one of the group members while the others regard it with various expressions of wonder, curiousity and scepticism.

What’s in store for the BetaShares NASDAQ 100 ETF in the next 12 months?

Can this tech-heavy fund improve on its FY 2022 performance? We take a look.

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International Stock News

GameStop finally announced its stock split. The MOASS still isn’t coming

The upcoming stock split isn't the catalyst meme stock traders are looking for.

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International Stock News

What Tesla’s production slowdown could mean for its stock

Short-term production headwinds might spell a long-term opportunity for investors.

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International Stock News

Is it time to load up on beaten-down growth stocks (like Tesla)?

Here's a look at some issues facing both the markets and one electric-vehicle maker in 2022.

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International Stock News

3 reasons Tesla could soar after its stock split

The electric vehicle manufacturer is firing on all cylinders (not literally, of course).

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