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Fundamentals Data provided by Morningstar.

Data provided by Morningstar.
Market Cap $45.81 billion
P/E Ratio 13.15
Dividend Yield 4.70%
Shares Outstanding 1.62 billion
Earnings per share 5.270
Dividend per share 7.86
Year To Date Return -7.95%
Earnings Yield 7.60%
Franking 100%
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as at 24 Feb 3:44pm

  • Rio Tinto Ltd (ASX: RIO)
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Rio Tinto traditionally makes two fully franked dividend payments to shareholders every year, in April and September, with an additional special cash payment each year since 2019.


    Yes, Rio Tinto offers a dividend reinvestment plan (DRP) as an alternative to receiving cash dividends on Rio Tinto ordinary shares.

    Rio Tinto Ltd listed on the ASX on 19 September 1962.

    Rio Tinto is dual-listed, represented on both the ASX and the London Stock Exchange where it is part of the FTSE 100 Index. Its British offshoot also has American depository shares that trade on the New York Stock Exchange. 

    Dividend Payment History Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Ex-Date Amount Franking Type Payable
    10 Aug 2023 $2.6089 100.00% Interim 21 Sep 2023
    09 Mar 2023 $3.2649 100.00% Final 20 Apr 2023
    11 Aug 2022 $3.8370 100.00% Interim 22 Sep 2022
    10 Mar 2022 $0.8580 100.00% Special Cash 21 Apr 2022
    10 Mar 2022 $5.7704 100.00% Final 21 Apr 2022
    12 Aug 2021 $2.5064 100.00% Special Cash 23 Sep 2021
    12 Aug 2021 $5.0942 100.00% Interim 23 Sep 2021
    04 Mar 2021 $1.1963 100.00% Special Cash 15 Apr 2021
    04 Mar 2021 $3.9748 100.00% Final 15 Apr 2021
    06 Aug 2020 $2.1647 100.00% Interim 17 Sep 2020
    05 Mar 2020 $3.4974 100.00% Final 16 Apr 2020
    08 Aug 2019 $0.8850 100.00% Special Cash 19 Sep 2019
    08 Aug 2019 $2.1908 100.00% Interim 19 Sep 2019
    07 Mar 2019 $3.3870 100.00% Special Cash 18 Apr 2019
    07 Mar 2019 $2.5089 100.00% Final 18 Apr 2019
    09 Aug 2018 $1.7084 100.00% Interim 20 Sep 2018
    01 Mar 2018 $2.2853 100.00% Final 12 Apr 2018
    10 Aug 2017 $1.3772 100.00% Interim 21 Sep 2017
    23 Feb 2017 $1.6370 100.00% Final 06 Apr 2017
    11 Aug 2016 $0.5913 100.00% Interim 22 Sep 2016
    24 Feb 2016 $1.5189 100.00% Final 07 Apr 2016
    12 Aug 2015 $1.4491 100.00% Interim 10 Sep 2015
    04 Mar 2015 $1.5298 100.00% Final 09 Apr 2015
    13 Aug 2014 $1.0309 100.00% Interim 11 Sep 2014
    05 Mar 2014 $1.2014 100.00% Final 10 Apr 2014
    14 Aug 2013 $0.9300 100.00% Interim 12 Sep 2013
    06 Mar 2013 $0.9167 100.00% Final 11 Apr 2013
    15 Aug 2012 $0.6851 100.00% Interim 13 Sep 2012
    29 Feb 2012 $0.8420 100.00% Final 12 Apr 2012
    10 Aug 2011 $0.4981 100.00% Interim 08 Sep 2011
    02 Mar 2011 $0.6194 100.00% Final 31 Mar 2011
    11 Aug 2010 $0.4927 100.00% Interim 09 Sep 2010
    24 Feb 2010 $0.5156 100.00% Final 01 Apr 2010
    18 Feb 2009 $1.0148 100.00% Final 08 Apr 2009
    03 Sep 2008 $0.7735 100.00% Interim 02 Oct 2008
    09 Aug 2006 $0.5248 100.00% Interim 07 Sep 2006
    22 Feb 2006 $1.4542 100.00% Special Cash 06 Apr 2006
    22 Feb 2006 $0.5486 100.00% Final 06 Apr 2006
    10 Aug 2005 $0.5056 100.00% Interim 08 Sep 2005
    23 Feb 2005 $0.5829 100.00% Final 08 Apr 2005
    11 Aug 2004 $0.4553 100.00% Interim 10 Sep 2004

    RIO ASX Announcements

    An announcement is considered as "Price Sensitive" if it is thought that it may have an impact on the price of the security.

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    About Rio Tinto Ltd

    Rio Tinto Limited (ASX: RIO) is an Australian multinational company and one of the world's largest metals and mining corporations. Rio is engaged in minerals and metals exploration, development, production and processing, with a portfolio of assets condensed into four product groups: aluminium, copper and diamonds, energy and minerals, and iron ore.

    Founded in 1873, the company has grown through a long series of mergers and acquisitions. The company listed on the ASX almost 90 years later, in 1962. Since listing, the Rio Tinto share price has skyrocketed, making Rio Tinto one of the largest companies on the ASX today.

    RIO Share Price History Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Date Close Change % Change Volume Open High Low
    04 Mar 2024 $123.41 $-1.46 -1.17% 1,440,914 $124.85 $125.35 $122.76
    01 Mar 2024 $124.87 $1.09 0.88% 1,565,891 $124.61 $125.50 $124.43
    29 Feb 2024 $123.78 $0.40 0.32% 2,141,851 $122.35 $124.47 $122.18
    28 Feb 2024 $123.38 $0.25 0.20% 1,212,823 $123.62 $124.86 $123.00
    27 Feb 2024 $123.13 $0.55 0.45% 1,462,621 $120.61 $123.28 $120.42
    26 Feb 2024 $122.58 $-1.82 -1.46% 1,816,904 $123.78 $124.77 $122.11
    23 Feb 2024 $124.40 $0.04 0.03% 1,111,586 $124.50 $125.16 $123.93
    22 Feb 2024 $124.36 $-1.44 -1.14% 1,477,509 $123.60 $125.33 $123.08
    21 Feb 2024 $125.80 $-2.24 -1.75% 1,770,339 $124.92 $126.44 $123.51
    20 Feb 2024 $128.04 $-2.92 -2.23% 1,133,423 $130.32 $130.32 $127.07
    19 Feb 2024 $130.96 $2.00 1.55% 762,606 $130.99 $131.98 $130.58
    16 Feb 2024 $128.96 $1.57 1.23% 1,576,974 $128.30 $129.24 $125.68
    15 Feb 2024 $127.39 $-0.87 -0.68% 1,415,174 $128.60 $129.18 $126.38
    14 Feb 2024 $128.26 $-0.74 -0.57% 1,163,584 $127.45 $128.58 $126.89
    13 Feb 2024 $129.00 $0.07 0.05% 703,123 $129.01 $129.94 $128.77
    12 Feb 2024 $128.93 $-0.94 -0.72% 539,917 $128.80 $129.30 $128.57
    09 Feb 2024 $129.87 $0.59 0.46% 1,230,600 $129.63 $130.46 $129.30
    08 Feb 2024 $129.28 $-0.33 -0.25% 974,649 $130.07 $130.61 $129.14
    07 Feb 2024 $129.61 $1.20 0.93% 939,737 $129.60 $130.83 $129.36
    06 Feb 2024 $128.41 $-0.71 -0.55% 1,172,147 $127.75 $129.05 $127.41
    05 Feb 2024 $129.12 $-2.88 -2.18% 1,165,644 $129.66 $130.37 $128.57

    Director Transactions Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Date Director Type Amount Value Notes
    17 Aug 2023 Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz Buy 486 $49,902
    On-market trade.
    17 Aug 2023 Benjamin (Ben) Wyatt Buy 100 $10,325
    On-market trade.
    11 Aug 2023 Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz Buy 458 $49,917
    On-market trade.
    03 Aug 2023 Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz Buy 436 $49,930
    On-market trade.

    Directors & Management Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Name Title Start Date Profile
    Ms Ngaire Tui Woods Non-Executive Director Sep 2020
    Ms Woods is the founding Dean of the Blavatnik School of Government, Professor of Global Economic Governance and the Founder of the Global Economic Governance Programme at Oxford University. She has served as an adviser to the African Development Bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Center for Global Development, the International Monetary Fund and the European Union. She is Board member of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, the Van Leer Foundation and the Schwarzman Education Foundation. She is Member of Sustainability Committee.
    Mr Sam Laidlaw Non-Executive Director Feb 2017
    Mr Laidlaw has more than 30 years' experience of long-cycle, capital-intensive industries in which safety, the low-carbon transition and stakeholder management are critical. Previous roles include: president and chief operating officer, Amerada Hess Corporation; CEO, Enterprise Oil plc; executive vice president, Chevron Corporation; CEO, Centrica plc; and membership of the UK Prime Minister's Business Advisory Group. He is Chairman of Neptune Energy Group Holdings Ltd. Chairman, National Centre of Universities & Business; Board member, Oxford Said Business School; Advisory Board member, The Smith School of Enterprise and Environment. He is Member of Sustainability Committee.
    Mr Simon Vincent McKeon Non-Executive DirectorSenior Independent Director Jan 2019
    Mr McKeon brings insights into sectors including financial services, the law, government and charities. He practised as a solicitor before serving at Macquarie Group for 30 years, including as executive chairman of its business in Victoria, Australia. Simon served as chairman of AMP Limited, MYOB Limited and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, (CSIRO). He was the first president of the Australian Takeovers Panel. He is Chancellor of Monash University. He is Chairman of the Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative Steering Group and Non-executive director of National Australia Bank Limited since February 2020. He is a member of Risk Committee.
    Mr Jakob Stausholm Executive DirectorChief Executive Officer Sep 2018
    Mr Stausholm brings strategic and commercial experience and focus on sustainability. He is committed to rebuilding trust with communities, Traditional Owners and stakeholders globally. As Chief Financial Officer, Jakob focused on maximising cash flow and allocating capital with discipline. He balanced investment in sustaining and growth, to maintain balance sheet and deliver shareholder returns in the short, medium and long term. Jakob has over 20 years' experience in senior finance roles in Europe, Latin America and Asia, including in capital-intensive, long-cycle businesses, as well as in innovative technology and supply chain optimisation. Jakob spent six years with the Maersk Group, where his roles included group Chief Financial Officer and executive director of the Group's integrated transport and logistics business. He was previously with Royal Dutch Shell plc, holding a range of finance positions, including chief internal auditor.
    Mr Simon Henry Non-Executive Director Apr 2017
    Mr Henry has experience in global finance, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, international relations, and strategy. He draws on over 30 years' experience at Royal Dutch Shell plc, where his roles included Chief Financial Officer from 2009 to 2017. He is Independent director of PetroChina Company Limited since June 2017, Member of the UK Defence Board. He was nominated as Senior Independent Director of Harbour Energy plc from Spring 2021. Mr Henry is Member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for European Reform and the Advisory Panel of CIMA. He is chair of Risk Committee and a member of the Sustainability Committee.
    Ms Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz Non-Executive Director Jun 2023
    Ms Lloyd-Hurwitz brings leadership experience in Australias built environment sector, having been Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Mirvac Group for over a decade. Ms Lloyd-Hurwitz currently serves as Chair of the Australian National Housing Supply & Affordability Council, President of Chief Executive Women, and is a Global Board member at leading international Business School INSEAD.
    Ms Jennifer Anne Nason Non-Executive Director Mar 2020
    Ms Nason has over 30 years' experience in corporate finance and capital markets. For the past 17 years, she has led the Technology, Media and Telecommunications global client practice at JP Morgan, based in the USA. During her time at JP Morgan, she has also worked in the metals and mining sector team in Australia. She is Board member of the American Australian Association. She is Member of Sustainability Committee.
    Mr Benjamin (Ben) Sana Wyatt Non-Executive Director Sep 2021
    Mr Wyatt has experience in public policy, regulatory and international trade gained during working as Treasurer and Aboriginal Affairs Minister in the Western Australian Government. Before entering the State Parliament in 2006, Mr Wyatt has career in law, initially as a barrister and solicitor with a national Australian law firm before joining the WA Director of Public Prosecutions. During his 15-year political career in the Western Australian Parliament, he held the ministerial portfolios of Treasury, Finance, Energy and Aboriginal Affairs. He is a non-executive director of Woodside Petroleum Ltd. He is a member of the sustainability committee.
    Mr Peter Lloyd Cunningham Chief Financial OfficerExecutive Director Jan 2021
    Mr Cunningham was previously Group Controller and has held a number of senior financial and non-financial leadership positions across Rio Tinto in Australia and the UK. In a career spanning 28 years with Rio Tinto, he has held roles including Global Head of Health, Safety, Environment & Communities; Head of Energy and Climate Strategy; and Head of Investor Relations.
    Mr Dominic Barton Non-Executive DirectorNon-Executive Chairman Apr 2022
    Mr Barton has spent over 30 years at McKinsey & Company, including nine as the Global Managing Partner and six as Asia Chairman. Most recently, he has been Canada's Ambassador to China since 2019. He brings global business experince having advised clients in a range of industries, including banking, consumer goods, high tech and industrials, as well as a deep insight of geopolitics, corporate sustainability and governance. His previous corporate governance work includes being Chair of Teck Resources, a non-executive director at Singtel Group and a non-executive director at Investor AB. He has held various public sector leadership positions, including Chair of Canada's Advisory Council for Economic Growth and Chair of the International Advisory Committee to the President of South Korea on National Future and Vision. He is a member of the Sustainability Committee.
    Ms Kaisa Hietala Non-Executive Director Mar 2023
    Ms Hietala is an experienced executive. She began her career in upstream oil and gas exploration and, as Executive Vice President of Renewable Products at Neste, a petroleum refining and marketing company. An experienced non-executive director, Ms Hietala serves on the Boards of Exxon Mobil and Smurfit Kappa Group, a global packaging company, and is Chair of the Board at Tracegrow, a private Finnish sustainable fertilisers company. She is a member of the Supervisory Board of Oulu University and was formerly a Board member of Kemira Oy, a Finnish specialty chemicals company.
    Mr Dean Dalla Valle Non-Executive Director Jun 2023
    Mr Dalla Valle brings four decades of operational and project management experience in the resources and infrastructure sectors, having previously been Chief Commercial Officer at BHP and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific National. He has held numerous leadership roles, working across all major mining commodities and brings an experience in engaging with a broad range of stakeholders globally, including governments, investors and communities. Mr Dalla Valle is also an experienced non-executive and currently serves as Chair of hydrogen electrolyser technology company Hysata.
    Mr James(Joc) O Rourke Non-Executive Director Oct 2023
    Mr O Rourke has more than 25 years experience across the mining and minerals industry. He has been the chief executive officer of The Mosaic Company, the leading integrated producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash, since 2015. He also served as President of Mosaic until recently and previously held roles including Executive Vice President of Operations and Chief Operating Officer. Before joining Mosaic, Mr O Rourke was President of Australia Pacific for Barrick Gold Corporation, where he led ten gold and copper mines in Australia and Papua New Guinea. He currently serves as an Independent Non-Executive Director of The Toro Company (NYSE) and the Weyerhauser Company (NYSE).
    Ms Martina Merz Non-Executive Director Feb 2024
    Ms Merz brings leadership and operational experience, most recently as CEO of industrial engineering and steel production conglomerate ThyssenKrupp. She has held numerous leadership roles, including at Robert Bosch GMBH and at Chassis Brakes International. Martina also has listed company experience, currently serving on the Board of AB Volvo and the Supervisory Board of Siemens AG. She is a former Board member at Imerys SA, SAF Holland SE, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Thyssenkrupp AG and Bekaert SA.
    Mr Timothy (Tim) Paine Joint Company Secretary Jan 2013
    Mr Stephen (Steve) Allen Company Secretary Jan 2017
    Alf Barrios Chief Commercial Officer
    Ivan Vella Chief Executive Aluminium
    Kellie Parker Chief Executive Australia
    Bold Baatar Chief Executive Copper
    Simon Trott Chief Executive Iron Ore
    Sinead Kaufman Chief Executive Minerals
    Peter Cunningham Chief Financial Officer
    Isabelle Deschamps Chief Legal Officer Governance & Corporate Affairs
    Arnaud Soirat Chief Operating Officer
    James Martin Chief People Officer
    Mark Davies Chief Technical Officer
    Stephen (Steve) Allen Company Secretary
    Timothy (Tim) Paine Joint Company Secretary

    Top Shareholders Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Name Shares Capital
    Hsbc Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited 118,666,233 31.97%
    J. P. Morgan Nominees Australia Pty Limited 52,829,508 14.23%
    Citicorp Nominees Pty Ltd 35,930,120 9.68%
    BNP Paribas Noms Pty Ltd (DRP) 10,828,691 2.92%
    BNP Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd (Agency Lending DRP A/C) 8,829,598 2.38%
    National Nominees Limited 8,336,869 2.25%
    Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited (Colonial First State Inv A/C) 2,661,397 0.72%
    Buttonwood Nominees Pty Ltd 2,600,000 0.70%
    Argo Investments Limited 2,197,139 0.59%
    HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited (NT Comnwlth Super Corp A/C) 2,076,027 0.56%
    Australian Foundation Investment Company Limited 1,915,141 0.52%
    BNP Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd (ACF Clearstream) 1,686,057 0.45%
    Custodial Services Limited 1,276,659 0.34%
    Netwealth Investments Limited (WRAP Services A/C) 1,240,590 0.33%
    BNP Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd (Hub24 Custodial Serv Ltd DRP A/C) 1,048,240 0.28%
    CGU Insurance 697,569 0.19%
    Washington H Soul Pattinson And Company Limited 669,120 0.18%
    BNP Paribas Noms (NZ) Ltd (DRP) 540,613 0.15%
    Diversified United Investment Ltd 465,126 0.13%
    Mutual Trust Pty Ltd 452,980 0.12%