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Fundamentals Data provided by Morningstar.

Data provided by Morningstar.
Market Cap $14.40 billion
P/E Ratio 18.45
Dividend Yield 2.53%
Shares Outstanding 2.42 billion
Earnings per share 0.322
Dividend per share 0.18
Year To Date Return 28.21%
Earnings Yield 5.42%
Franking 30
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as at 24 Feb 3:44pm

  • Insurance Australia Group Ltd (ASX: IAG)
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    IAG traditionally makes two dividend payments to shareholders yearly, payable in March and September, although the company made only one interim payment of 10 cents per share in March 2020 amid the COVID-19 market crash.

    The company’s dividend payments have been unfranked since March 2021.

    Yes, the company offers a dividend reinvestment plan (DRP) as an alternative to receiving cash dividends on ordinary shares.

    IAG listed on the ASX on 8 August 2000.

    Dividend Payment History Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Ex-Date Amount Franking Type Payable
    29 Aug 2023 $0.0900 30.00% Final 28 Sep 2023
    16 Feb 2023 $0.0600 100.00% Interim 23 Mar 2023
    18 Aug 2022 $0.0500 70.00% Final 22 Sep 2022
    16 Feb 2022 $0.0600 0.00% Interim 24 Mar 2022
    17 Aug 2021 $0.1300 0.00% Final 22 Sep 2021
    16 Feb 2021 $0.0700 0.00% Interim 30 Mar 2021
    18 Feb 2020 $0.1000 70.00% Interim 25 Mar 2020
    19 Aug 2019 $0.2000 70.00% Final 30 Sep 2019
    12 Feb 2019 $0.1200 100.00% Interim 20 Mar 2019
    31 Oct 2018 $0.0550 100.00% Special Cash 26 Nov 2018
    21 Aug 2018 $0.2000 100.00% Final 27 Sep 2018
    20 Feb 2018 $0.1400 100.00% Interim 29 Mar 2018
    06 Sep 2017 $0.0000 100.00% Final 09 Oct 2017
    28 Feb 2017 $0.1300 100.00% Interim 30 Mar 2017
    06 Sep 2016 $0.1300 100.00% Final 05 Oct 2016
    29 Feb 2016 $0.1000 100.00% Special 30 Mar 2016
    29 Feb 2016 $0.1300 100.00% Interim 30 Mar 2016
    08 Sep 2014 $0.2600 100.00% Final 08 Oct 2014
    27 Feb 2014 $0.1300 100.00% Interim 02 Apr 2014
    05 Sep 2013 $0.2500 100.00% Final 09 Oct 2013
    28 Feb 2013 $0.1100 100.00% Interim 03 Apr 2013
    30 Aug 2012 $0.1200 100.00% Final 03 Oct 2012
    01 Mar 2012 $0.0500 100.00% Interim 04 Apr 2012
    03 Mar 2011 $0.0900 100.00% Interim 11 Apr 2011
    02 Sep 2010 $0.0450 100.00% Final 06 Oct 2010
    03 Mar 2010 $0.0850 100.00% Interim 12 Apr 2010
    27 Aug 2009 $0.0600 100.00% Final 02 Oct 2009
    04 Mar 2009 $0.0400 100.00% Interim 08 Apr 2009
    28 Aug 2008 $0.0900 100.00% Final 03 Oct 2008
    05 Mar 2008 $0.1350 100.00% Interim 14 Apr 2008
    30 Aug 2007 $0.1600 100.00% Final 08 Oct 2007
    07 Mar 2007 $0.1350 100.00% Interim 16 Apr 2007
    31 Aug 2006 $0.1600 100.00% Final 09 Oct 2006
    18 May 2006 $0.1250 100.00% Special Cash 26 Jun 2006
    02 Mar 2006 $0.1350 100.00% Interim 10 Apr 2006
    08 Sep 2005 $0.1450 100.00% Final 17 Oct 2005
    11 Mar 2004 $0.0800 100.00% Interim 19 Apr 2004

    IAG ASX Announcements

    An announcement is considered as "Price Sensitive" if it is thought that it may have an impact on the price of the security.

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    About Insurance Australia Group Ltd

    Insurance Australia Group Ltd (ASX: IAG) is the largest general insurance company in Australia and New Zealand. The company had its origins in the National Roads and Motorists' Association (NRMA) insurance business in 2000. IAG provides a range of commercial and personal insurance products, primarily motor vehicle and home insurance.

    Headquartered in Sydney with operations in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, IAG’s businesses underwrite almost $12 billion of premium per annum, selling insurance under many leading brand names. IAG was listed in 2000 but despite being among the largest companies on the ASX, the IAG share price has dropped markedly since 2019.

    IAG Share Price History Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Date Close Change % Change Volume Open High Low
    08 Dec 2023 $5.94 $-0.01 -0.17% 6,347,762 $5.93 $5.95 $5.88
    07 Dec 2023 $5.95 $-0.06 -1.00% 11,769,959 $6.01 $6.03 $5.90
    06 Dec 2023 $6.01 $0.09 1.52% 9,557,290 $5.97 $6.10 $5.97
    05 Dec 2023 $5.92 $0.09 1.54% 12,377,254 $5.90 $5.97 $5.85
    04 Dec 2023 $5.83 $-0.11 -1.85% 8,630,091 $5.99 $6.03 $5.83
    01 Dec 2023 $5.94 $0.00 0.00% 2,946,136 $5.93 $5.96 $5.89
    30 Nov 2023 $5.94 $0.18 3.13% 13,703,489 $5.79 $5.94 $5.77
    29 Nov 2023 $5.76 $-0.14 -2.37% 5,885,247 $5.82 $5.87 $5.75
    28 Nov 2023 $5.90 $-0.04 -0.67% 4,933,331 $5.95 $5.99 $5.90
    27 Nov 2023 $5.94 $0.02 0.34% 2,512,494 $5.91 $5.97 $5.88
    24 Nov 2023 $5.92 $0.07 1.20% 4,981,481 $5.85 $5.94 $5.84
    23 Nov 2023 $5.85 $-0.06 -1.02% 3,419,057 $5.88 $5.91 $5.84
    22 Nov 2023 $5.91 $0.02 0.34% 6,264,115 $5.89 $5.94 $5.88
    21 Nov 2023 $5.89 $0.00 0.00% 5,492,006 $5.90 $5.93 $5.89
    20 Nov 2023 $5.89 $0.03 0.51% 3,586,319 $5.82 $5.90 $5.82
    17 Nov 2023 $5.86 $0.01 0.17% 3,999,634 $5.86 $5.91 $5.83
    16 Nov 2023 $5.85 $0.02 0.34% 4,012,548 $5.83 $5.91 $5.83
    15 Nov 2023 $5.83 $-0.14 -2.35% 10,859,486 $5.97 $6.03 $5.75
    14 Nov 2023 $5.97 $0.18 3.11% 5,040,497 $5.87 $5.97 $5.80
    13 Nov 2023 $5.79 $0.00 0.00% 6,136,477 $5.79 $5.87 $5.75
    10 Nov 2023 $5.79 $-0.01 -0.17% 2,814,947 $5.77 $5.82 $5.71

    Director Transactions Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Date Director Type Amount Value Notes
    28 Sep 2023 Thomas (Tom) Pockett Issued 1,648 $9,546
    Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP).
    04 Sep 2023 Wendy Thorpe Buy 2,500 $14,575
    On-market trade.
    28 Aug 2023 Nicholas Hawkins Buy 93,200 $537,428
    Conversion of securities. There is no transaction reported for Conversion of Deferred Award Rights
    28 Aug 2023 Scott Pickering Buy 3,607 $20,799
    Conversion of securities. There is no transaction reported for conversion of right

    Directors & Management Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Name Title Start Date Profile
    Dr Helen Marion Nugent Non-Executive Director Dec 2016
    Dr Nugent has financial services experience, having been Chair of Funds SA and Veda Group and a Non-Executive Director of Macquarie Group and the State Bank of New South Wales. She also served on Westpac Banking Corporation's executive team as Director of Strategy, and prior to that specialized in the financial services sector as a Partner at McKinsey and Company. Helen's experience as a Non-Executive Director extends to the energy sector and telecommunications. Currently, she is Chair of Ausgrid, and previously was a Non-Executive Director of Origin Energy. She is also the Senior Independent Director at TPG Telecom.
    Mr Jonathan (Jon) B Nicholson Non-Executive Director Sep 2015
    Mr Nicholson previously spent eight years with Westpac Banking Corporation, first as Chief Strategy Officer and later as Enterprise Executive. He retired from Westpac in 2014. Jon's executive career includes senior roles with a variety of financial and corporate institutions, including the Boston Consulting Group. He has also held various roles with the Australian Government, including Senior Private Secretary to the Prime Minister of Australia (Bob Hawke) and senior positions in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. He has been Chair of the Risk Committee.
    Mr George Savvides Non-Executive Director Jun 2019
    Mr Savvides has been a Non-executive Director of BuildXACT Software Limited since July 2021. He was Non-Executive Chair of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed biotech company Next Science (2018-2021) and Nonexecutive Director of New Zealand's Exchange (NZX) listed entity, Ryman Healthcare (2013-2023). George has been Chair of the Special Broadcasting Service Corporation (SBS) since July 2020 and Independent Non-Executive Director and Chair of the I-MED Radiology Network since September 2022. He is also a member of the Risk Committee.
    Mr Thomas (Tom) William Pockett Non-Executive DirectorNon-Executive Chairman Jan 2015
    Mr Pockett was previously Chief Financial Officer and then Finance Director with Woolworths Limited and retired from Woolworths Limited in July 2014. Tom has also held senior finance roles at the Commonwealth Bank, Lendlease Corporation and Deloitte. Tom is Chairman and Non-Executive Director of Stockland Group and a Non-Executive Director of O'Connell Street Associates.
    Mr Simon Christopher Allen Non-Executive Director Nov 2019
    Mr Allen has over 35 years of commercial experience in the New Zealand and Australian capital markets and was Chief Executive of the investment bank BZW/ABN AMRO in New Zealand for 21 years. Simon was the inaugural Chair of NZX Limited, Financial Markets Authority and Crown Infrastructure Partners Limited (previously known as Crown Fibre Holdings Limited) and was Chair of Channel Infrastructure NZ Limited (previously known as The New Zealand Refining Company Limited). He is a Non-Executive Director of Ampol Limited and Z Energy Limited and a Trustee of the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust.
    Mr Nicholas B Hawkins Chief Executive OfficerManaging Director Apr 2020
    Mr Hawkins previously held the role of Deputy Chief Executive Officer, accountable for the management and performance of IAG's day-to-day operations. He previously spent 12 years as IAG's Chief Financial Officer, responsible for the financial affairs of the Group. Prior to this, Nick was Chief Executive Officer of IAG New Zealand and has also held several roles within finance and asset management since joining the Group in 2001. Nick was appointed to the position of President of the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) in December 2021 and commenced as President on 1 January 2022.
    Ms Wendy Thorpe Non-Executive Director Jul 2023
    Ms Thorpe executive career has been in financial services, including key leadership roles in technology and operations at AXA, ANZ and AMP. In terms of directorships, Ms Thorpe is currently the Chair of Epworth Healthcare and Online Education Services, and a Non-Executive Director of Heritage & Peoples Choice, auDA and Data Action. Ms Thorpe was also previously a Non-Executive Director of Tower Limited, Ausgrid, and AMP Bank.
    Ms Michelle Kim Tredenick Non-Executive Director Mar 2018
    Ms Tredenick has held several senior executive roles in Australian companies, including National Australia Bank, MLC, and Suncorp. She has over 30 years of experience in financial services with roles spanning Chief Information Officer, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development and senior leadership roles managing corporate superannuation, insurance, and wealth management businesses. She is also a member of the Risk Committee.
    Mr David Hugh Armstrong Non-Executive Director Sep 2021
    Mr Armstrong is a former Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers, with more than 40 years of experience in professional services. He has knowledge and understanding of banking and capital markets, real estate, and infrastructure, and is well versed in reporting, regulatory and risk challenges faced by the industry. He was the President of the Australian Museum Trust and the Trustee of Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation. David is a Non-Executive Director of the National Australia Bank, where he chairs the Audit Committee, and is a member of its Risk and Compliance Committee. He is also Chair of The George Institute for Global Health and the Director of the Opera Australia Capital Fund Limited. He is also a member of the Risk Committee.
    Mr Scott Pickering Non-Executive Director Nov 2021
    Mr Pickering has been a Chief Executive and is a senior leader in the global insurance industry with over 30 years of experience in the sector. He is a Non-Executive Director in state owned Kiwibank and a former Non-Executive Director for Chubb Insurance in Australia and New Zealand. Scott was formerly regional Chief Executive Officer for one of the insurance brokers, Willis Towers Watson, for Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Prior to Willis Towers Watson, Scott worked for Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance as Regional Chief Executive Officer for Asia and the Middle East. He has also held senior regional leadership and Chief Executive roles at ACE Insurance and CIGNA in the Asia Pacific region and South Africa.
    Mr George David Sartorel Non-Executive Director Sep 2021
    Mr Sartorel is an insurance Chief Executive Officer, with operational, business and technology experience spanning property, casualty, health, life insurance and asset management. In a career at Allianz, George has worked across a variety of roles and countries and has led countries and regions of scale and formed strategic alliances. George began his career as the Chief General Manager of Allianz Australia. Before becoming the Asia Pacific Chief Executive Officer of Allianz, George was the Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Italy and Allianz Turkey. He is the former Chair of Allianz Asia Advisory Council and member of the Allianz Australia Group. He is also a member of the Risk Committee.
    Ms Jane Margaret Bowd Additional Company Secretary Jun 2020
    Mr Andrew Collings Additional Company Secretary. Nov 2023
    Jane Margaret Bowd Additional Company Secretary
    Andrew Collings Additional Company Secretary.
    Amanda Whiting Chief Executive IAG New Zealand
    Michelle McPherson Chief Financial Officer
    Neil Morgan Chief Operating Officer
    Peter Taylor Group Chief Risk Officer
    Jarrod Hill Group Executive Intermediated Insurance Australia
    Christine Stasi Group Executive People Performance and Reputation
    Julie Batch Group Executive Direct Insurance Australia

    Top Shareholders Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Name Shares Capital
    HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited 698,814,026 28.63%
    J P Morgan Nominees Australia Pty Limited 312,763,678 12.82%
    Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited 230,555,126 9.45%
    National Indemnity Company 97,513,199 4.00%
    National Nominees Limited 87,470,936 3.58%
    BNP Paribas Noms Pty Ltd <Drp> 64,303,858 2.63%
    BNP Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd <Agency Lending DRP A/C> 48,302,438 1.98%
    HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited <Nt Comnwlth Super Corp A/C> 16,758,464 0.69%
    Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited <Colonial First State Inv A/C> 10,545,597 0.43%
    Australian Foundation Investment Company Limited 7,559,676 0.31%
    BNP Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd Hub24 Custodial Serv Ltd <Drp A/C> 4,406,728 0.18%
    HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited i 4,297,484 0.18%
    Hsbc Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited A/C 2 4,086,447 0.17%
    Netwealth Investments Limited <Wrap Services A/C> 3,744,509 0.15%
    Iag Share Plan Nominee Pty Limited <Iag Dap Unallocated Account> 3,085,984 0.13%
    BNP Paribas Noms (Nz) Ltd <Drp> 2,297,700 0.09%
    Buttonwood Nominees Pty Ltd 2,290,912 0.09%
    Argo Investments Limited 2,000,000 0.08%
    Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited <Citibank Ny Adr Dep A/C> 1,959,622 0.08%
    Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited <143212 Nmmt Ltd A/C> 1,957,369 0.08%