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Your time-sensitive invitation to join Motley Fool PRO has arrived –  please RSVP!

Your time-sensitive invitation to join Motley Fool PRO has arrived –  please RSVP!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


To view our pricing, and to place your order, click here now to go straight to our secure order page. Or read on to discover more below…

New members numbers are strictly capped… and seats are almost SOLD OUT. Regardless, enrolment ends at midnight TONIGHT.

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As an added bonus, please note a subscription to Motley Fool PRO is likely tax deductible.


Bruce Jackson

Bruce Jackson
General Manager, Motley Fool Australia

To accept your invitation, click here:

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Or read on for more details...

To help you make a confident (and quick) decision while spots are available today...

Here are 7 ways Motley Fool PRO has made Motley Fool members like you rich and beaten the pants off traditional “managed fund” investing:

  • PRO’s “go anywhere” mandate saw it ride Bellamy’s Australia for gains of over 422% — powering the PRO portfolio to gains of over 55% in less than 2 years.
  • PRO doesn’t churn shares — we aim to own great businesses and compound our gains year after year….
  • PRO seeks to be concentrated in fewer companies – putting the power of a compact Warren Buffett-style portfolio to work for YOU….
  • PRO doesn’t have a built-in conflict of interest (we invest our own real money behind each pick, but only AFTER our members have first had the opportunity to trade with their own money).
  • PRO's goal is to grow our portfolio, and for our members to grow their own money, to the tune of 12% per annum, on average, making PRO members really rich!.
  • PRO has clobbered the market with LESS RISK and has sailed through moments of wild volatility — helping YOU sleep soundly at night….
  • PRO is sitting on a hefty cash balance, giving it plenty of firepower, and plenty more opportunity to profit… especially if the ASX continues its correction in 2016.

In fact, in a little under two years, the PRO portfolio has made a more than 55% return, versus 6.9% from the All Ordinaries...

Now we seek to DOUBLE THOSE GAINS -- and we’d like you to join us!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dear Fellow Investor,

In early 2014, I placed the biggest single bet of my entire 25-year investing career…

I deposited $250,000 of my own family’s money into my own brokerage account… and committed the entire sum to following the Motley Fool PRO portfolio.

So unbelievable have been the returns… including watching my personal investment in the “ASX’s hottest stock” balloon by over 400%...

So incredible has been the experience of following one of the best stock pickers I know, trade for trade…

So confident am I in PRO’s focused strategy, and the emphasis it puts on minimising risk...

TODAY I’m committing ANOTHER $250,000 to following the Motley Fool PRO portfolio, doubling-down on my already huge bet.

Coupled with my original sum, plus rolling in the profits I’m already sitting on, that increases my personal Motley Fool PRO bet to well over $500,000.

To be very clear, this is my family’s own personal money. Not company funds. Not borrowed money. Real cash… seeking real, positive returns.

Now I should tell you, I'm a regular bloke just like you. Married, 3 children, living in the suburbs.

If there’s one thing I hate it’s losing money…

But if there’s one thing I loathe just as much -- it’s missing a chance to succeed on a large scale... And I believe deep down, doing things myself almost always leads to better outcomes.

Here's something else, that's bred-in-the-bone so to speak... I don't plan to run out of money in retirement. In fact, my #1 financial goal is to retire on my terms -- when I want, and, how I want.

That's why that initial $250,000 deposit was such a big deal for me, and my family. And why the ADDITIONAL $250,000 deposit is an even bigger deal -- it’s now my GREAT BIG $500,000 BET!!

After a stunning start, I’m well on track to "repay" myself the $500,000 in a few short years… And fulfil my dreams on retiring on my own terms...

Now I realise this is a tall order, even in the best of times. But once I show you my calculations – and introduce you to the man whose service was recognised by The Wall Street Journal as one of the top performing newsletters over a 5 year period (2008-2013)…(Rankings compiled by Mark Hulbert)

A man whom you may recognise from his frequent appearances on CNBC and Sky News Business — and certainly from our recent video series…

I think you’ll agree, it's opportunities like this when the foundations of personal fortunes are built...

And I'd like you to join me!

First, though, let me tackle 3 pressing questions you might have about Motley Fool PRO

1) Does Motley Fool PRO require a lot of time?

Here’s something that shocks a lot of people… This might mean committing maybe 30 minutes of your time per month — TOPS.

2) Does it cost a lot to join?

I’ll break down everything you get with your PRO membership and the special terms of this brief reopening down below… Right now though, I’ll just say, I think this is an ABSOLUTE STEAL…

3) Do I need to commit, or even have, $250,000 or more in capital to follow Motley Fool PRO?

Absolutely not. You can benefit and grow nearly any amount of money with what, and who, I'm about to introduce you to.

One thing is clear, however…

The fact that I'm doubling down and putting $500,000 of my own personal money to work, and The Motley Fool has committed $1 million to the Motley Fool PRO portfolio should suggest only one thing: just how confident we are in this...

Introducing Motley Fool PRO - a real money portfolio built from the ground up and managed in full view of PRO members!

What you're about to discover may surprise you. And it will almost certainly empower you. As far as I know, outside The Motley Fool, there’s no other service of this kind in Australia.

Frankly, this could change the way you view the stock market... investing... and even life's fortunes.

It begins with one of the most talented stock pickers and investors you'll ever meet. Chiselling into a world of opportunities with $1 million dollars of The Motley Fool’s own money, right in front of your eyes...

Identifying for you the very best investments to own right now. Period.

I'm talking growth stocks, value investments, small caps, dividend payers, ETFs, special situations, tech stocks, you name it.

But there's an even deeper layer here — Motley Fool PRO‘s “secret sauce.”

You're going to see first hand how much of each investment to own. How to fit vastly different types of investments together into an optimised GROWTH portfolio...

You'll know when to acquire shares... when to add to your positions... when to trim back a holding... and when to take profits and redeploy your capital.

In short, this could become the ultimate resource for ASX investors. And it might be the most important service The Motley Fool Australia ever offers.

To accept your invitation, click here:

Click to join Motley Fool Pro now!

Or read on for more details...

As you might expect, there are a great many people waiting for this moment and this PRO invitation to arrive.

(After all, this is the FIRST time in nearly a year we’ve opened the door to new members! And it’s true that just 1,000 spots are available to new members today.)

To better understand why there are so many ASX and Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) investors eager to join Motley Fool PRO now, let's examine the first of the 3 available-nowhere-else advantages for investors like you and me:

PRO Member Advantage No. 1 - You can watch all of Motley Fool PRO's stock selections and then “front run” our $1 million real money portfolio!

You’ve probably heard the term “front running” before. But did you ever wonder where it comes from?

The term dates to the earliest days of the venerable stock exchanges in places like London and New York. When stock deals were transacted right out on the trading floor in plain sight. Clever young traders watched as representatives of the big money clients sauntered from post to post, placing their buys and sells. And it dawned on them…

If they could literally “run” in front of these guys on the floor and get their own smaller orders placed first — ahead of the big money — they would boost their odds of getting a better price.

Now, when we talk about "front-running" here's what we mean...

Motley Fool PRO members will always know exactly what stocks we’re buying … and exactly how much we’re going to buy of each… you will be alerted BEFORE WE MAKE OUR TRADES with our own money.

That way, you always have the opportunity to get in — or get out — first, even before we do (with The Motley Fool's money and my personal money). As a member of Motley Fool PRO, you will come first, ALWAYS.

And here's something else you're going to like: over the next 5, 10, even the next 15 years, I fully expect Motley Fool PRO to not only beat the market soundly, but to multiply our money many, many times over.

Why am I so confident? That’s a very fair question.

As I've said, we're already well on track. In the nearly two years since Motley Fool PRO launched, the real-money portfolio, managed in full view of members, is up 55%, thumping the All Ords index, over the same period.

The Motley Fool Pro Service

Motley Fool Pro Performance Chart

Since inception — a little under two years ago, the Motley Fool Pro portfolio has made more than 55% return, versus 6.9% from the All Ordinaries Index...

You’ll discover how we did it straight ahead. In fact, I’ll even lay bare for you one of the overlooked secrets about Motley Fool PRO. I’m talking about the catalyst behind our outsized returns…

You’ll see firsthand what a compact portfolio of truly great ASX businesses could do for you. We’re talking winning stock picks you’re unlikely to find anywhere else than at The Motley Fool, like:

Bellamy’s Australia – currently up almost 422% (only in PRO!)

Burson Group – up over 70% (only in PRO!)

Altium – up almost 50% (first recommended in PRO!)

Hansen Technologies – up over 20% (only in PRO!)

How one of America's best investors helped a handful of investors double their money in less than 5 years. And how he plans to show YOU all the secrets of his success...

Now, when you work at a company like The Motley Fool where people are personally acquainted with Warren Buffett - or personally responsible for 100X stock gains, like Motley Fool Co-founder, David Gardner - throwing around a title like "America's best investor" is dangerous.

You'd better have some hard facts to back up your case:

  1. Joe Magyer's previous investment service, Motley Fool Inside Value, was among the five best-performing advisories over a five year period (2008-2013). This was tracked by industry watchdog Hulbert Financial Digest, and recognised in The Wall Street Journal.
  2. During his tenure, a full FIFTEEN of Joe’s recommendations made during that 5 year stretch, have more than DOUBLED in value
  3. Joe Magyer's official recommendations to his Motley Fool Inside Value newsletter readers were so reliably successful that the service beat the return of the Wilshire 5000 index for each of the FIVE YEARS Joe led Inside Value. I believe Joe may be the ONLY INVESTOR IN THE WORLD who can make this claim.

Joe's investing record is one reason I’m so confident we can be successful for members… with the exclusive ASX trades you’ll find inside Motley Fool PRO. The second reason may surprise you, especially given what too often passes for sound investment advice from television and online sources these days.

We are pursuing the ONLY strategy that’s PROVEN to build wealth for investors like us.

And by that I don’t mean making broad market calls, reading charts, or jumping in and out of individual stocks.

No, I mean the exact same battle-tested strategy that made fortunes for legendary investors like Warren Buffett… Peter Lynch… and scores of the world's wealthiest families.

Namely, identifying the market's best-run companies… buying them at great prices… and assembling them into an optimised, long-term investment portfolio…

Capped off by what Buffett himself insists is the single, most critical key to successful investing: having the temperament and discipline to keep your wits in good markets and bad. Of course, that’s where Joe Magyer and his team come in.

If you don’t know Joe, he is about as even-tempered an investor as you’re likely to come across. And it pays off time and time again for those who follow his investment advice...

To give you an idea of how Joe invests, let's study a few of his picks that doubled in value or more, along with his reasons for recommending them (in his own words):

Bellamy’s Australia (up almost 422% for Motley Fool PRO)

“Bellamy’s caught our eye when it blew past its prospectus forecasts with 141% sales growth. We dug in, talked to suppliers, retailers, and customers, and bought before the market realised and caught on to its surging growth."

Pro Performance Chart

Since Motley Fool Pro bought Bellamy's Australia (ASX:BAL) in March 2015, its share price increased from $2.68 to $13.61. Over the same period, the ASX All Ordinaries Index dropped over 9%.

Webjet (up over 110% for Motley Fool Hidden Gems)

“Webjet was left for dead and silly cheap when we doubled down. The shares had a 4.9% yield, no debt, and 18% of the company’s value was sitting in the bank. The shares weren’t popular then but it’s hard to go wrong buying growing businesses with numbers like that, and we haven’t looked back.” (up over 200% for Motley Fool Inside Value)

“Amazon was an unconventional value: The 800-lb. gorilla of ecommerce that the market valued like a 400-lb. gorilla. The business has fired on all cylinders, the share price has caught up, and we’re happy to let this winner run.”

Talk about stunning performance!

(In fact, I'm happy to report I took Joe's advice and loaded up on shares of both Bellamy’s and Webjet… and I couldn’t be happier with their performance!)

Like Warren Buffett, Joe believes one of the most important determinants of an investor’s success or failure is how he manages the emotions of greed and fear. And this is one of the things that makes Joe uniquely qualified to lead Motley Fool PRO...

Now imagine putting an investor like Joe to work for you. I'm talking about actually hiring him!

You WON’T have to read another balance sheet. You WON’T have to ask the hard questions of senior management. You WON’T have to evaluate a company’s competitive advantages, either. Or the sustainability of its market. Or travel to China, New Zealand, or the USA to get the REAL stories.

(Of course, if you enjoy such things you won’t find a better group to learn from and swap ideas with than your management team and fellow Motley Fool PRO members.)

Best of all, you WON’T need to decide when to buy a stock… how much of each stock to buy… or even when to lock in your profits.

That’s all taken care of. When you’re a member of Motley Fool PRO, you have a dedicated analyst and a world-class portfolio manager to do that for you. They work for you, in other words!

So, what will you have to do?

First, you’ll need to respond to this special invitation as soon as possible. Because there's a numbers crunch... Only 1,000 new member spots are available at this time.

To accept your invitation, click here:

Click to join Motley Fool Pro now!

Or read on for more details...

Of course, I would prefer that everybody could join. But remember, you'll be "front-running” our real money portfolio. In other words, you're privy to our trade alerts BEFORE we buy...

This is the only way you can have the opportunity to get in — and get out — before we do. As important, it’s only by carefully managing the size of the service that I can personally ensure you the personal attention, access, and the interaction with Joe and his team you deserve.

PRO Member Advantage No. 2 - You get peace of mind knowing our wealth building interests will always be aligned...

Have you ever wondered if your financial advisor is investing his own money in the stocks he's pushing across the table at you? And if he's not, why do you suppose he's reluctant to "eat his own cooking?”

It's an important question. Because too often financial services are rife with conflicts that stack the deck against individual investors like you and me. But don't just take my word for it, open up just about any paper or financial magazine:

“The financial fat cats live to rip us off another day.”

–The Sydney Morning Herald

“The sorry history of financial advice in this country - spectacularly revealed over recent years via client losses and unnecessary risk-taking - is that far too many advisers were primarily driven by commission payments rather than looking after the financial interests of their clients.”

— The Australian Financial Review

“Since 2006 there have been more than $6 billion of financial advice collapses, affecting more than 120,000 Australians."

— The Sydney Morning Herald

This is really the impetus for Motley Fool PRO. You see, we're going to be invested right alongside you...

With SKIN IN THE GAME — $1 million in Motley Fool company money and more than $500,000 of my personal funds - so you know we’re serious! And you can rest assured you’re getting our absolute best money making recommendations. After all, we're partners in a unified cause — building our wealth together.

A special note from Joe Magyer - including how you can protect AND grow your wealth now

Dear prospective Motley Fool PRO member,

One year ago, we embarked on an incredibly valuable “boots on the ground” research trip to China.

We still don’t miss the horrible Beijing pollution, but we treasure the insights we picked up meeting with 15 companies in 3 cities.

For all the warning signs coming out of the trip -- leading us to steer clear of some of 2015's big losers, including the banks, BHP and fellow iron ore miners -- we also saw with our own eyes the sheer vastness of the Chinese middle-class, and their trust and affection for Western brands.

This “boots on the ground research trip” led us to recommending Motley Fool PRO members buy what turned out to be one of the ASX’s hottest stocks for 2015, infant milk formula juggernaut, Bellamy’s Australia.

The PRO portfolio is sitting on gains of over 422%, and we’ve heard from some PRO members who are sitting on gains of almost 500%.

What we learned from that research trip has only strengthened the convictions we have in positions held in the Motley Fool PRO real-money portfolio today...

Make no mistake — there are still danger signs ahead for the Australian economy, signs that most investors are totally missing.

Not us at Motley Fool PRO. With interest rates so low, we believe you have no choice but to be invested in the share market in order to gain capital on your investments.

That’s the easy part. What we think makes Motley Fool PRO totally unique in the Australian advisory service space is its dual goal of protecting and growing your wealth, all within an all-ASX fully diversified portfolio...
But let me summarise my key themes of 2016...

Avoid the Iron Ore Trap: After a warm summer, the iron ore market is facing a harsh winter. Miners are swimming against a multi-year tide of oversupply, while many mining services companies are drowning. That’s why we’ve avoided iron ore plays even though they look cheap today. Remember, a cheap stock isn’t always a good value.

Profit by Going Global: The struggles of Australia’s key commodities will keep downward pressure on interest rates and the Aussie dollar. Australian investors should get global exposure in order to profit from the falling Aussie dollar by investing in 1) ASX-listed companies that get the bulk of their profits from overseas and by 2) Tapping foreign-focused exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Play Offense by Playing Defence: The Australian economy is going through a rough patch. Wages are weak, so is confidence, and capital expenditures are plunging as the mining boom turns to bust. We think investors should protect their downsides by investing in companies with strong balance sheets, growing dividend yields, and recurring revenue. Those kinds of companies can play offense while others play defence, and they come out bigger and stronger after tough times.

Motley Fool PRO’s Move: Our portfolio companies have earned 57% of their profits from overseas, so we’re already profiting from the fall of the Aussie dollar, and with sales growth of 38.9% over the past year, we’re hoping for significant capital appreciation. Dividend yields have padded our gains and we believe the consistent theme of clean balance sheets protects our downside. What's more, we have plenty of cash on the sidelines ready to pounce on opportunities as we see them!

All in all, we’ve never felt better about The Motley Fool’s $1,000,000 real money investment in the Motley Fool PRO portfolio. Speaking of real money, Motley Fool General Manager Bruce Jackson started with $250,000 of his own family’s money behind the Motley Fool PRO portfolio, and has now chosen to double down! He’s committed $500,000 to following the Motley Fool PRO portfolio.

It's just one more way you can trust that, in this venture, our interests are FULLY aligned with yours.

–Joe Magyer

Director of Research, Motley Fool Australia & Lead Advisor, Motley Fool PRO

Honestly, can you imagine an easier, more efficient way for you to invest The Motley Fool way?

If you're ready to take this next step and join Motley Fool PRO, here's something else you'll notice right away... you'll quickly become a more confident investor. Never again struggling to decide when to buy a stock… when to add to an existing position… or even when to take a little off the table to lock in your profits.

Here's the best part: you can simply follow along with your own portfolio in just minutes each month!

And when we periodically reallocate and rebalance our holdings to maximise our profits and take steps with the goal of lowering our risk as current market conditions dictate, you'll know ahead of time… so that you can easily do likewise.

Finally, because we’re investing in a constantly evolving investment landscape IN REAL TIME, you can expect timely communication from Joe and the Motley Fool PRO team.

So a few minutes ago, I mentioned how I’m on track to "repay" myself the $500,000 after I've turned it into a nest egg worth well more than $2 million dollars!

Again, I know it’s a tall order — and it’s one I don’t take lightly. I remember the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), after all. The thought of living through another period like that sometimes keeps me awake at night.

However, you and I both know we're not going to get to where we want to go in life without taking some intelligent risks, right?

After all what are the alternatives? Interest rates are at historic lows and the income I used to get from term deposits keeps diminishing. Relying on the government or a pension isn't on the cards for me either...

So here's what I'm doing: I’m following Joe Magyer and his Motley Fool PRO team step-by-step as they construct a diversified portfolio from the ground up.

We're talking core, growth and even some more speculative stocks... like the surprising small-cap play on the booming SMSF market that Joe has just recommended Motley Fool PRO members buy, hot off the presses.

And here's the feature I love. Motley Fool PRO isn't focused on any one particular theme. Joe and his team are free to ferret out everything from the next great software success story... to underfollowed small caps that pay handsome, fully franked dividends... and everything in between!

You see, with Motley Fool PRO, we're not confined by a publication schedule. Meaning Joe will be able to react on a dime to changing market conditions…

He'll have the freedom to sidestep landmines, and chase opportunity when it presents itself...

In other words, unlike a fund that tries to match the allocation of an index, in Motley Fool PRO, Joe can underweight a sector if he sees trouble ahead. Or overweight a sector where there's genuine opportunity...

That's why Motley Fool PRO will squeeze profits from, and build fortresses of wealth with dividend stocks, growth stocks, small-cap stocks, value stocks, speculative stocks, tech stocks, ETFs, and more…

All with the goal of earning at least 12% per annum on average over the long term. After all, if you can earn 12% every year:

  • You can turn a $50,000 portfolio into $273,678 in 15 years…
  • A $567,427 portfolio grows to $1 million in 5 years…
  • And a $250,000 portfolio, earning 12% annually, pulls in $30,000 profit a year...

Of course, I can’t guarantee you 12% profits every single year. If you've been around The Motley Fool for a while, you know I don’t make promises like that — and when discussing our performance, I will never be less than 100% up front with you.

This is where we put our flag in the ground, fellow Fools!

The bottom line in all this: Motley Fool PRO is an honest resource in an increasingly hostile environment for individual investors like you and me.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Take it from these current PRO members:

"This is why I joined MF Pro, for outstanding research that is very difficult for me to do, working full time and all."


"Joining Pro is the best financial decision I've ever made. I have a lot of confidence in Joe and Matt, and this great one-of-a-kind service."


“The value here is much better than going with other financial institutions.”


“I’ve been doing better with Motley Fool than I was doing alone. As a newbie to shares, I think this service is exactly right for you. I wish it had been around when I started. Would have saved myself a lot of worry, not to mention money.”


"When I signed up for Pro, I expected to receive emails recommending a course of action and the Pro Fools thoughts behind the recommendations. I didn’t expect the high level of communication with the Fools at Pro. I am very impressed that we are able to post a question (which sometimes may seem silly to us) on the forums and Matt or Joe respond so quickly and succinctly, not in jargon but in a language we can all understand. I also enjoy the camaraderie between members on the forum, everyone is so eager to provide information and assistance to others."

I want to make sure you have every opportunity to join us, too. And to make it as easy as possible for you...

PRO Member Advantage No. 3 - You’re entitled to a special discount including $500 OFF the regular one-year rate! (Plus even deeper discounts and a longer full membership fee-back guarantee period if you select a multi-year subscription. Details are straight ahead!)

As I’ve said, Motley Fool PRO is unlike anything The Motley Fool has offered here in Australia. It's a revolutionary wealth building resource...

And to my knowledge, a real money, ASX-focused portfolio service like this has NEVER been offered before anywhere. Because quite frankly, it requires more in terms of resources and staging. So it has a higher price tag than some of our other newsletter services.

So is it worth the extra cost you might be asking? Well, let me ask you this, what's it worth to get...

  • Full insight into the construction and management of a $1 million REAL MONEY portfolio
  • Advance alerts pre-announcing all actions, when buys and sells are made, and news alerts
  • 24/7 access to Motley Fool PRO Advisor, Joe Magyer and his team via members-only message boards
  • Portfolio reviews, access to exclusive on-the-ground research AND detailed management commentary, including weekly investment updates

And remember, I’m doubling down, putting $500,000 of my own money to work following these recommendations — partly to show you how confident we are in all of this, and partly for selfish reasons…

You see, I believe now is the time to invest in the best companies the ASX has to offer — and I fully expect that I will turn my $500,000 into two million dollars, and more, over the next 10 years or so...

So you know we’re not messing around here! When you’re a member of Motley Fool PRO the entire family at The Motley Fool really is investing right along with you.

Meaning, you not only get the up-to-the-minute best investments, but also when to buy them… how large a part of your portfolio to allocate to them… and when to sell.

More important — especially in times like these — you get the flexibility to take advantage of the opportunities the market hands us. Even if that means loading up on lots of names one week, or sitting back and waiting another.

Now there’s the simple question of cost...

Motley Fool PRO provides you a goal oriented wealth building plan and expert portfolio management… for a fraction of the cost!

Just consider this: the estimated annual cost of a $500,000 account with a full service broker is $9,000... or even more. Again, don't just take my word for it:

“Most of us have little idea how much these people appropriate from our life savings each year to reward themselves..."

–The Sydney Morning Herald

So how much is it worth to put Joe Magyer and his team to work for you?

How much is it worth to employ a world-class investor to tell you what to buy and when... when to sell and why... and to work tirelessly on your behalf to help you and your family achieve a comfortable lining of wealth?

How do you put a price on that?

Well... because The Motley Fool's mission is to level the playing field for individual investors like you, and make it as easy as possible to achieve your financial dreams, here's what I did...

I started with a third of what it would cost for a full service broker. And of course, you'd be paying a third as much for better performing, un-conflicted, and always thoroughly researched investment advice...

Which is incredible value for a groundbreaking service like Motley Fool PRO.

But to reward new members like YOU... I'm going even further with a discounted price!

When you respond to this priority invitation — I'll give you an additional $500 discount! It's my gift to you for being a dedicated individual investor with the goal of building real wealth for the long term.

Please note: You have only a few days to secure this special price, or until our 1,000 new member seats are SOLD OUT, whatever comes first…

Meaning instead of paying $9,000 or more to a full service broker, or even the regular rate of $2,999 to join Motley Fool PRO for one year (a great value in itself) you can knock a further $500 right off the top...

And pay just $2,499 for the full year! That’s a full 16% discount. If you decide to join for more than one year, you can extend your full membership fee back guarantee and save thousands…

Take a look: if you join for 3 years, you can drive down the per year cost to just $1,500 per year - and extend your full membership fee back guarantee period to 3 months!

What could be easier, right?

After all, you know The Motley Fool invests for the long term. We’re looking for those great investments that can compound our profits for years and years. I call these fortune-maker stocks... companies like Corporate Travel Management, Bellamy’s Australia, Australian Pharmaceutical Industries and Sirtex Medical that have, over a number of years, multiplied the gains for early investors many times over...

And I’d like nothing better than for you to put yourself in the best possible position to take advantage of such gains... something the 3-year discounted membership to Motley Fool PRO does...

There's only one catch: we need to hear from you RIGHT AWAY. These memberships are available for a strictly limited time, after which they WILL be removed!

Of course, you won’t risk a cent of your membership fee by accepting this invitation...

I have a confession to make: there are few things in life I enjoy less than talking about limited spots and opportunities that could expire any minute.

But it’s important that you understand that Motley Fool PRO is a little different than other Motley Fool products and that you’re aware of the logistics of the situation.

At the same time, I don’t want you to feel rushed. I’d hate for you to jump into something you might think differently about later. Well, here’s why that’s not going to happen to you…

Simply say yes to this invitation right now. If later tonight, or next week you have second thoughts, we’ll just fix it. You simply tell me to send your money back, and I’ll give you a FULL REFUND of your membership fee — NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

In fact, you can take a whole month to decide. And if for any reason you want to quit at any point even after the first month, I’ll gladly send you the full dollar value of the remainder of your membership term.

Which brings me to one final question: what if investing and seeking out wealth like "a PRO" was easy… with zero guesswork… it took just minutes per month... and most important, your interests and ours were always perfectly aligned - because we're in this together...

Is that an invitation you'd accept? If you're anything like me, the answer is an easy one.

So don’t risk missing out! Motley Fool PRO promises to be a rich and rewarding experience. And one that could make a big difference to you and your family for generations. Click here now or the button below to start your PRO membership!

To accept your invitation, click here:

Click to join Motley Fool Pro now!

Or read on for more details...

Sincere regards,

Bruce Jackson

Bruce Jackson
General Manager, Motley Fool Australia

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The Motley Fool’s disclosure policy is accountable. Of the companies mentioned above, Bruce Jackson owns shares of Altium, Bellamy’s Australia, Burson, Hansen Technologies, Webjet, Corporate Travel Management, Australian Pharmaceutical Industries. Joe Magyer owns shares of Matt Joass owns shares of Bellamy's Australia, Burson, and Hansen Technologies. Anirban Mahanti owns shares of The Motley Fool owns shares of Altium,, Bellamy's Australia, Burson, and Hansen Technologies. All returns cited are hypothetical and based on the percentage change between the stock price at the time of recommendation and the current or sell price (if the position has been closed) at the time of publication. Brokerage costs for account at Interactive Brokers are included in this performance, taxes and any other associated costs are not taken into account. Please remember that investments can go up and down. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Performance figures are not intended to be a forecast and The Motley Fool does not guarantee the performance of, or returns on any investment. All figures are accurate as of 30 December 2015 unless otherwise noted. *Find out more information about The Wall Street Journal’s August 2013 coverage of Motley Fool Inside Value by clicking here.

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1. Rankings compiled by Mark Hulbert. “Look Who’s on Top Now” appeared in The Wall Street Journal which reference Hulbert’s rankings of the best performing newsletters over a 5 year period from 2008-2013.

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