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This Wednesday, 9 June at 9:00 a.m. AEST sharp, Motley Fool Director of Research, Kevin Gandiya, will reveal:

  1. The key factors he believes are driving a potentially historic U.S. economic boom that could be as much as 17X bigger than our recovery here in Australia on a pure dollar-for-dollar basis…
  2. Three wildly popular and much-hyped U.S. sectors many investors are betting will see a big post-pandemic "pop" — but Kevin and his team believe are best avoided altogether
  3. Why a "post-pandemic trifecta" could leave a select few companies better off than ever before from a business and investment standpoint coming out of the pandemic…
  4. Which U.S. sectors and industries Kevin and his team see benefiting most from a possibly unprecedented surge in consumer spending coming out of the COVID-19 crisis — and why they believe a select group of well-positioned companies have the potential to ride this historic tailwind all the way to 6X gains over the coming decade…
  5. Kevin's #1 U.S. stock to buy ahead of what could potentially be a US$2.2 TRILLION "sky's-the-limit situation" (as one prominent US financial commentator is calling it) — which is mostly likely a company you've never even heard of, let alone thought about buying shares of…

This presentation will cost you absolutely nothing to attend, aside from around an hour of your time.

So please don't miss out on your opportunity to discover how to get invested right alongside Kevin Gandiya and his team in what they believe to be some of the most exciting — and potentially profitable — opportunities of the year ahead!

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