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The Odyssey Portfolio

We've been investing for a long time. We've seen fads and fashions come and go. And we've seen the approaches that have successfully withstood the test of time. Our Portfolio Manager, Scott Phillips, designed Motley Fool Odyssey from the ground up, to incorporate what he's learned over 25-plus years of investing; aiming to help our members build a long-term, market-beating portfolio of ASX companies, replete with Buy and Sell guidance and recommended portfolio weightings.

We'll continually aim to do the simple things well ‚Äď to find wonderful businesses, to identify those with significant long-term growth potential, and to pay a reasonable price that will let us benefit from both.Join us as we embark on what we hope will be a multi-decade investment Odyssey of serious long-term wealth creation.

Investor News

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At Motley Fool Odyssey we don't sweat the small stuff. We're looking for great companies with market-beating potential that we intend to hold for the long term. But, that doesn't mean we won't be paying attention to what happens to the companies we own. Each month, we'll check in on announcements from, and news about our portfolio companies, and distil it into an update; so you don't have to do the work yourself.

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Whether you're happy to sit back and let us make all of the calls, or you want to be more involved in your investing, Motley Fool Odyssey has you covered. In this section, we'll follow Warren Buffett's lead and tell you what we'd want to know if our positions were reversed. What's happening out there? What impact could it have on our companies? What makes for a successful investment? How to manage your emotions? We'll cover these questions, and a whole lot more with our Motley Fool Odyssey Investing Insights.

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Do you have a question for the team regarding the portfolio, one of our companies, the service or investing in general? Please contact our Member Services team or post directly to our forums and Scott and the team will address them.

One of the best things about a journey is sharing it with others. And that does double for an, ahem, Odyssey. But in all seriousness, we want our members to feel like we're all in this together; we're in it with you, and you're in it together. We aim to be successful together, and our forums are a place where we can (virtually) gather to share questions (and answers), comments or concerns. Or, if you're like us, jokes and bad puns! Bottom line: It's our proverbial water cooler. When you join, please make sure you come and say G'day!