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Fundamentals Data provided by Morningstar.

Data provided by Morningstar.
Market Cap $84.51 billion
P/E Ratio 12.54
Dividend Yield 6.14%
Shares Outstanding 3.00 billion
Earnings per share 2.272
Dividend per share 1.88
Year To Date Return 9.95%
Earnings Yield 7.97%
Franking 56
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as at 24 Feb 3:44pm

  • ANZ Group Holdings Ltd (ASX: ANZ)
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, ANZ traditionally makes two fully-franked dividend payments to shareholders yearly, payable in July and December.

    ANZ offers both a dividend reinvestment plan (DRP) and a bonus option plan (BOP) as alternatives to receiving cash dividends on ANZ ordinary shares.

    Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd listed on the ASX on 30 September 1969.

    Dividend Payment History Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Ex-Date Amount Franking Type Payable
    16 Nov 2023 $0.9400 56.00% Final 22 Dec 2023
    15 May 2023 $0.8100 100.00% Interim 03 Jul 2023
    07 Nov 2022 $0.7400 100.00% Final 15 Dec 2022
    09 May 2022 $0.7200 100.00% Interim 01 Jul 2022
    08 Nov 2021 $0.7200 100.00% Final 16 Dec 2021
    10 May 2021 $0.7000 100.00% Interim 01 Jul 2021
    09 Nov 2020 $0.3500 100.00% Final 16 Dec 2020
    11 Nov 2019 $0.8000 70.00% Final 18 Dec 2019
    13 May 2019 $0.8000 100.00% Interim 01 Jul 2019
    12 Nov 2018 $0.8000 100.00% Final 18 Dec 2018
    14 May 2018 $0.8000 100.00% Interim 02 Jul 2018
    13 Nov 2017 $0.8000 100.00% Final 18 Dec 2017
    08 May 2017 $0.8000 100.00% Interim 03 Jul 2017
    14 Nov 2016 $0.8000 100.00% Final 16 Dec 2016
    09 May 2016 $0.8000 100.00% Interim 01 Jul 2016
    06 Nov 2015 $0.9500 100.00% Final 16 Dec 2015
    08 May 2015 $0.8600 100.00% Interim 01 Jul 2015
    07 Nov 2014 $0.9500 100.00% Final 16 Dec 2014
    09 May 2014 $0.8300 100.00% Interim 01 Jul 2014
    07 Nov 2013 $0.9100 100.00% Final 16 Dec 2013
    09 May 2013 $0.7300 100.00% Interim 01 Jul 2013
    08 Nov 2012 $0.7900 100.00% Final 19 Dec 2012
    10 May 2012 $0.6600 100.00% Interim 02 Jul 2012
    10 Nov 2011 $0.7600 100.00% Final 16 Dec 2011
    12 May 2011 $0.6400 100.00% Interim 01 Jul 2011
    04 Nov 2010 $0.7400 100.00% Final 17 Dec 2010
    06 May 2010 $0.5200 100.00% Interim 01 Jul 2010
    05 Nov 2009 $0.5600 100.00% Final 18 Dec 2009
    07 May 2009 $0.4600 100.00% Interim 01 Jul 2009
    06 Nov 2008 $0.7400 100.00% Final 18 Dec 2008
    08 May 2008 $0.6200 100.00% Interim 01 Jul 2008
    08 Nov 2007 $0.7400 100.00% Final 21 Dec 2007
    14 May 2007 $0.6200 100.00% Interim 02 Jul 2007
    09 Nov 2006 $0.6900 100.00% Final 15 Dec 2006
    15 May 2006 $0.5600 100.00% Interim 03 Jul 2006
    08 Nov 2005 $0.5900 100.00% Final 16 Dec 2005
    16 May 2005 $0.5100 100.00% Interim 01 Jul 2005
    08 Nov 2004 $0.5400 100.00% Final 17 Dec 2004
    21 May 2004 $0.4700 100.00% Interim 01 Jul 2004
    07 Nov 2003 $0.5100 100.00% Interim 19 Dec 2003

    ANZ ASX Announcements

    An announcement is considered as "Price Sensitive" if it is thought that it may have an impact on the price of the security.

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    About ANZ Group Holdings Ltd

    Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ASX: ANZ) is one of Australia’s 'big four' banks in terms of market capitalisation, earnings, and customers. ANZ listed on the ASX in 1969 and is now one of the largest companies on the ASX.

    ANZ provides a range of banking and financial products and services to more than 8.5 million retail, small business, corporate. and institutional customers. It also operatres in 33 markets, including Australia, New Zealand, the Asia Pacific region, United Kingdom, and the United States.

    ANZ Share Price History Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Date Close Change % Change Volume Open High Low
    21 Feb 2024 $28.10 $0.22 0.79% 8,582,817 $27.84 $28.32 $27.82
    20 Feb 2024 $27.88 $-0.62 -2.18% 9,574,098 $28.11 $28.16 $27.39
    19 Feb 2024 $28.50 $0.08 0.28% 3,114,656 $28.31 $28.52 $28.12
    16 Feb 2024 $28.42 $0.20 0.71% 6,150,419 $28.40 $28.47 $28.25
    15 Feb 2024 $28.22 $0.41 1.47% 5,012,057 $27.70 $28.22 $27.70
    14 Feb 2024 $27.81 $-0.40 -1.42% 4,239,458 $27.83 $27.92 $27.51
    13 Feb 2024 $28.21 $0.17 0.61% 4,174,610 $28.16 $28.45 $28.14
    12 Feb 2024 $28.04 $0.36 1.30% 5,218,838 $27.65 $28.12 $27.63
    09 Feb 2024 $27.68 $0.03 0.11% 5,366,300 $27.58 $27.81 $27.57
    08 Feb 2024 $27.65 $0.23 0.84% 3,541,698 $27.62 $27.67 $27.42
    07 Feb 2024 $27.42 $-0.01 -0.04% 4,487,975 $27.50 $27.63 $27.37
    06 Feb 2024 $27.43 $0.22 0.81% 7,564,926 $27.10 $27.43 $26.99
    05 Feb 2024 $27.21 $-0.05 -0.18% 3,574,592 $27.12 $27.22 $26.90
    02 Feb 2024 $27.26 $0.34 1.26% 5,939,361 $27.09 $27.26 $26.92
    01 Feb 2024 $26.92 $-0.28 -1.03% 4,355,192 $27.09 $27.13 $26.88
    31 Jan 2024 $27.20 $0.41 1.53% 7,491,526 $26.78 $27.22 $26.70
    30 Jan 2024 $26.79 $-0.06 -0.22% 3,661,988 $26.86 $26.99 $26.71
    29 Jan 2024 $26.85 $0.18 0.67% 3,789,593 $26.75 $26.90 $26.68
    25 Jan 2024 $26.67 $0.08 0.30% 4,904,986 $26.78 $26.78 $26.47
    24 Jan 2024 $26.59 $-0.03 -0.11% 3,636,167 $26.67 $26.69 $26.47
    23 Jan 2024 $26.62 $0.12 0.45% 5,436,503 $26.59 $26.75 $26.52

    Director Transactions Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Date Director Type Amount Value Notes
    22 Dec 2023 Shayne Elliott Issued 2,823 $68,711
    Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP).
    15 Dec 2023 Shayne Elliott Transfer 6,348 $162,127
    Off-market transfer. Assuming off market transfer of shares
    15 Dec 2023 Shayne Elliott Buy 48,953 $1,250,259
    On-market trade.
    15 Dec 2023 Shayne Elliott Expiry 168,066 $4,292,405
    Options expired.
    15 Dec 2023 Shayne Elliott Transfer 6,348 $162,127
    Off-market transfer. Assuming off market transfer of shares
    03 Jul 2023 Shayne Elliott Issued 2,514 $59,204
    Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP).

    Directors & Management Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Name Title Start Date Profile
    Ms Christine Elizabeth O'Reilly Non-Executive Director Nov 2021
    Ms O'Reilly is one of Australia's leading non-executive directors. Christine has held executive roles in the infrastructure and financial services industries. This includes being CEO of GasNet Australia and Co-Head of Unlisted Infrastructure Investments at Colonial First State Global Asset Management and follows an early career including investment banking and audit experience at Price Waterhouse. Relevant other directorships Director at Stockland and BHP Group Limited. Relevant former directorships held in last three years include Former Director at Medibank Private Limited, CSL Limited, Transurban Group and The Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute. Christine is a member of the Risk Committee, Human Resources Committee and Board Operations Committee.
    Ms Holly Suzanna Kramer Non-Executive Director Aug 2023
    Ms Kramer is a Non-Executive Director, having served on a range of listed and unlisted boards in Australia and New Zealand, including her current roles as a director at Woolworths Group, Fonterra Co-op Limited, and Endeavour Group. Previously, Ms Kramer has held roles as Chair of Lendi Group, Deputy Chair of Australia Post and Director of AMP Limited and Nine Group. In her executive career, Ms Kramer was Chief Executive Officer of retailer Best and Less and served in a range of senior customer facing roles at Telstra, Ford and Pacific Brands.
    Mr Shayne Cary Elliott Chief Executive OfficerExecutive Director Jan 2016
    Mr Elliott has over 30 years' experience in banking in Australia and overseas, in all aspects of the industry. Shayne joined the Group as CEO Institutional in June 2009, and was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2012. Prior to joining the Group, Shayne held senior executive roles at EFG Hermes, the largest investment bank in the Middle East, which included Chief Operating Officer. He started his career with Citibank New Zealand and worked with Citibank/ Citigroup for 20 years, holding various senior positions across the UK, USA, Egypt, Australia and Hong Kong. Shayne is a Director of the Financial Markets Foundation for Children and a member of the Australian Banking Association, the Business Council of Australia and the Australian Customs Advisory Board. Other directorships include Director at ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited and the Financial Markets Foundation for Children. Member at Business Council of Australia, the Australian Banking Association and the Australian Customs Advisory Board.
    Mr Paul Dominic O'Sullivan Non-Executive DirectorNon-Executive Chairman Nov 2019
    Mr O'Sullivan has experience in the telecommunications and oil and gas sectors, both in Australia and overseas. He has held senior executive roles with Singapore Telecommunications and was previously the CEO of Optus. He has also held management roles with the Colonial Group and the Royal Dutch Shell Group in Canada, the Middle East, Australia and United Kingdom. Other directorships include Chairman of Singtel Optus Pty Limited and Western Sydney Airport Corporation. Director at St Vincent's Health Australia. Former Director at Telkomsel Indonesia, National Disability Insurance Agency, Coca-Cola Amatil and Indara Digital Infrastructure. Paul is an ex-officio member of all Board Committees and Chair of the Ethics, Environment, Social and Governance Committee and Board Operations Committee.
    Ms Sarah Jane Halton Non-Executive Director Oct 2016
    Ms Halton has 33-year career in the public service includes the positions of Secretary of the Australian Department of Finance, Secretary of the Australian Department of Health, Secretary for the Department of Health and Ageing, and Executive Co-ordinator of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. She brings to the Board experience in finance, insurance, risk management, information technology, human resources, health and ageing and public policy. She also has significant international experience. Jane has contributed extensively to community health through local and international organisations including the World Health Organisation and as co-chair of the COVAX coordination mechanism. Relevant other directorships include Chairman Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations and Council on the Ageing Australia. Director at Clayton Utz. Member at Executive Board of the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. Honorary Professor at Australian National University Research School of Psychology. Adjunct Professor: University of Sydney and University of Canberra. Council Member: Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Relevant former directorships held in last three years include Former Chairman at Vault Systems. Former Director at Crown Resorts Limited and Naval Group Australia Pty Ltd. Former Member at National COVID-19 Commission Advisory Board. Jane is Chair of the Digital Business and
    Technology Committee and is a member of the Human Resources Committee, Ethics, Environment, Social and Governance Committee and Board Operations Committee.
    Sir John Phillip Key Non-Executive Director Feb 2018
    Sir Key was Prime Minister of New Zealand from 2008 to 2016, having commenced his political career in 2002. Sir John had a long career in international finance, primarily for Bankers Trust in New Zealand and Merrill Lynch in Singapore, London and Sydney. He was previously a member of the Foreign Exchange Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Sir John was made a Knight Grand Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the 2017 Queen's Birthday Honours. In 2017 Sir John became a Companion of the Order of Australia for advancing the Australia-New Zealand bilateral relationship. Relevant other directorships include Chairman at ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited and Oritain Global Limited. Director at Palo Alto Networks. Strategic Advisor at BHP Group Limited. Relevant former directorships held in last three years include Former Director at Air New Zealand Limited. Sir John is a member of the Ethics, Environment, Social and Governance Committee, Risk Committee, Digital Business and Technology Committee and Board Operations Committee.
    Mr Jeffrey Paul Smith Non-Executive Director Aug 2022
    Mr Smith is an experienced global business and technology executive, with over 30 years corporate experience which includes senior executive roles in a number of companies including Telstra, Honeywell and Toyota. Jeff was previously Chief Information Officer at IBM Corporation where he was globally responsible for IT strategy, resources, systems and infrastructure and also led the company's Agile transformation. Jeff was also CEO of Suncorp Business Services and Suncorp Chief Information Officer, and Chief Operating Officer of World Fuel Services Corporation. Jeff also served on the Australian Fulbright Commission awarding Australian post-graduate scholarships to US universities. He was previously a member of ANZ's International Technology and Digital Business Advisory Panel until 2019. Relevant other directorships Director at ANZ Group Services Pty Ltd, Sonrai Security Inc and Pexa Australia Limited. Advisor at Zoom Video Communications, Inc, Box, Inc. and World Fuel Services. Jeff is a member of the Digital Business and Technology Committee, Risk Committee, Human Resources Committee and Board Operations Committee.
    Mr Richard Boyce Massey Gibb Non-Executive Director Feb 2024
    Mr Gibb has been Chief Executive of Credit Suisse Australia since 2019. Mr Gibb has career in the banking industry globally, including holding senior roles at Deutsche Bank from 2010 - 2019 (including as Co-Head of Corporate Finance, Asia Pacific in Hong Kong, Global Co-Head Financial Institutions Group in New York and Co-Chief Operating Officer, Global Corporate & Institutional Bank in London) and at Merrill Lynch & Co from 1997- 2009 (including as Head of Financial Institutions and Financial Sponsors Groups, Asia Pacific in Hong Kong).
    Mr Simon Pordage Company Secretary May 2016
    Mr Ken Adams General CounselCompany Secretary Aug 2019
    R Howell Acting Group Executive Talent & Culture
    F Faruqui Chief Financial Officer
    K Corbally Chief Risk Officer
    Simon Pordage Company Secretary
    Ken Adams General CounselCompany Secretary
    A Watson Group Executive and CEO New Zealand
    C Morgan Group Executive Australia Commercial
    M Carnegie Group Executive Australia Retail
    M Whelan Group Executive Institutional
    A Strong Group Executive Strategy & Transformation
    K van der Merwe Group Executive Talent & Culture and Service Centres
    G Florian Group Executive Technology & Group Services

    Top Shareholders Data provided by Morningstar.

    Data provided by Morningstar.
    Name Shares Capital
    HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited 798,576,580 26.57%
    J P Morgan Nominees Australia Pty Limited 432,370,446 14.39%
    Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited 290,364,697 9.66%
    National Nominees Limited 81,135,070 2.70%
    Bnp Paribas Noms Pty Ltd <Drp> 54,561,903 1.82%
    Hsbc Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited <Nt Comnwlth Super Corp A/C> 20,459,733 0.68%
    Bnp Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd <Agency Lending Drp A/C> 19,843,502 0.66%
    Netwealth Investments Limited <Wrap Services A/C> 15,264,116 0.51%
    Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited <Colonial First State Inv A/C> 12,960,143 0.43%
    Bnp Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd Hub24 Custodial Serv Ltd <Drp A/C> 11,288,313 0.38%
    Argo Investments Limited 8,265,275 0.28%
    Australian Foundation Investment Company Limited 8,097,710 0.27%
    Bnp Paribas Noms (Nz) Ltd <Drp> 5,505,832 0.18%
    Custodial Services Limited <Beneficiaries Holding A/C> 5,215,490 0.17%
    Ioof Investment Services Limited <Ips Superfund A/C> 3,637,000 0.12%
    Netwealth Investments Limited <Super Services A/C> 3,408,452 0.11%
    Nulis Nominees (Australia) Limited <Navigator Mast Plan Sett A/C> 3,321,861 0.11%
    New Zealand Central Securities Depository Limited 3,107,190 0.10%
    Navigator Australia Ltd <Mlc Investment Sett A/C> 3,059,608 0.10%
    Hsbc Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited A/C 2 2,907,991 0.10%