The Motley Fool Pro

What is Motley Fool Pro?

Motley Fool Pro gives you all the benefits of professional portfolio allocation without you having to give up control of your own capital!

Here’s how Motley Fool Pro works…

You follow along, with your own money, using your own brokerage account, trade for trade, as Matt Joass and his team invest $1 million of The Motley Fool’s own money into a fully diversified all-ASX portfolio.

As a Motley Fool Pro member, you’ll receive a special “Trade Alert” email detailing the name of the stock we intend buying, the code and full investment case, and most importantly, the portfolio allocation. You’ll have every piece of information you need to make a confident, informed decision.

You can rest assured we’re confident of the money making potential of the picks, because we’ll be putting our own SKIN IN THE GAME.

Not only will the Motley Fool be investing $1 million of its own money behind the entire Motley Fool Pro portfolio, but Motley Fool General Manager Bruce Jackson has doubled down, and has personally committed to investing a total of $500,000 of his own family’s money behind the Motley Fool Pro portfolio.

With Motley Fool Pro, you’ll have the unique opportunity of trading AHEAD of The Motley Fool and ahead of Bruce Jackson as well!

You see, we’ll pre-announce our trades just for you — always sending Motley Fool Pro members a “Trade Alert” email before we make a move.

It all boils down to this: YOU come first. In every trade, you and your fellow Motley Fool Pro members will get the very first go.

For example…

Buy: Big Gum Trees (ASX: ZZZ)

Allocation3%. For Pro, that will be $30,000 or 12,000 shares

Recent share price: $2.50

Why we’re buying: Gum trees are big, and we’re climbing on board at this attractive price

If you’re investing less than us, simply use the Match my Portfolio tool as a guide, to determine your final amount to invest. Matt Joass will place the trade for the Motley Fool Pro portfolio a full 2 days after you’ve received your trade alert and had time to make your investment!

Is Motley Fool Pro a money management service?

No. The benefit of Motley Fool Pro is that you don’t have to give up control of your cash AND you won’t ever be asked to pay any percentage of your gains to a manager. You can follow the Motley Fool Pro portfolio using your preferred broker, just as you do your current share portfolio. Nothing could be easier!

How many stocks will be in the Motley Fool Pro portfolio?

Foolish investors like you and I must diversify for safety — but we still want to stay focused in our very best ideas to be sure to grow our money. That’s why it’s likely that the Motley Fool Pro portfolio will build up to around 20 core positions – Matt Joass’ very favourite ASX stocks, from high tech picks to solid income plays that pay out steady, fully franked dividends.

Do I need $1 million to follow Motley Fool Pro?

No. The Motley Fool is investing $1 million, and General Manager Bruce Jackson has doubled down, following the portfolio with $500,000. You can follow the portfolio with much less, or, much more! Inside the service we’ve built a special Match My Portfolio calculator, so you can personalise the allocation to your own individual circumstances. If you’re a wage earner and still regularly adding to your savings, the Match My Portfolio tool can include these details in its calculations too. We suggest starting with a minimum of $50,000 to follow the portfolio.

When can I sign up for Motley Fool Pro?

Unfortunately, Motley Fool Pro is currently closed to new members (and has been so for almost a full year now).

However, the good news is that at the conclusion of our Pro FY18 Investor Summit on Tuesday, July 25th, we will finally be re-opening the doors to Pro for the first — and only — time this year.

So please be sure to keep an eye on your inbox that day for further details on how you can start putting Pro to work for you in FY18 and beyond!

Is a subscription to Motley Fool Pro tax deductible?

Please check with your accountant, but the way we read it, if you invest in the stock market, and generate dividends or capital gains, that is assessable income in your tax return. If you incur expenses directly related to the generation of that income (like a Motley Fool Pro subscription, for example), those expenses are likely allowable deductions.

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All returns cited are hypothetical and based on the percentage change between the stock price at the time of recommendation and the current or sell price (if the position has been closed) at the time of publication. Brokerage, taxes and any other associated costs are not taken into account. Please remember that investments can go up and down. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Performance figures are not intended to be a forecast and The Motley Fool does not guarantee the performance of, or returns on any investment. Motley Fool Pro launched March 25, 2014. As at June 30, 2017, Pro’s returns are 90.2% versus 20.59% (ASX All Ords.)

Any and all advice contained in the above content is general advice that has not taken into account your personal circumstances. Before you act on the general advice we provide, please consider whether it is appropriate for your personal or individual circumstances. Please refer to our Financial Services Guide for more information. Any money back guarantee is strictly limited to the subscription price paid for the product.