The Motley Fool's Guide to Investing - Part 4

Further Reading

In this video, Scott covered what he thinks are the most important points of choosing a brokerage. However, like any topic, there's a lot more you could get into if you want to take the time to research.

If you find yourself asking more complex questions about the different types of broker, how they function in a super fund, or what the tax considerations are, we might have some answers for you (although we can't offer personalized financial advice).

We've looked at what shares are, why we invest, how to get yourself in order financially, and how to choose a broker. We've effectively covered the basics of share investing. Now we're getting into the analytics.

Our next sets of videos (spoiler alert!) will start to look a little more deeply at different investing styles, and how to compare shares. So if you'd like to go over the basics one more time first, we've built a step-by-step guide that can help show you how it all links together.

Oh! And if you'd like a bit more of an explanation on shares, and the rights they grant to shareholders, we've got a link for that, too.

To your wealth, wisdom and happiness,

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*Video recorded November 2021 and accurate as of that date; facts and figures may have changed since.