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Instant access to our core ETF portfolio of low cost, broad based, index funds. All centrally and securely contained in our members only website where members will see our ongoing updates and recommendations. Each ETF recommendation has been carefully picked and aims to maximise diversification and growth over the long haul.

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Ongoing portfolio management guidance. Just because we're passive ETF investors doesn't mean we don't follow our investments. On top of regular updates, every six months members will get our latest portfolio guidance and allocation reviews. Aimed at helping you know which funds we recommend adding to, trimming (or even selling).

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Ramp up investing knowledge and get round-the-clock monitoring on the ETF universe – Every month get Scott Phillips' views on ETFs and the broader market. Scott aims to strip away the confusion, with video and article updates, all explained in plain language and geared to put everything into perspective.

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Bonus Reports - Get instant access to a swag of must read ETF reports. We're distilling our important research into these "no fluff" publications. Great as a primer for anyone new to investing in this space and old hands alike. These reports will help investors really understand how we're approaching this booming part of the market, to help members put our recommendations to work.

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