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Bear markets are a fact of our investing lives, but they’re still shocking each time they occur. We’ve created this page for all investors seeking advice on what they should be doing in this turbulent period. 

And we do believe this will all end up behind us because we view investing as a long-term endeavour. Borrowing from Warren Buffett: “We have no idea — and never have had — whether the market is going to go up, down, or sideways in the near- or intermediate-term future.” However, we firmly believe investors will be rewarded over the long term.

We suggest bookmarking this page as we will update our Editors’ Picks in periodically — the Recent Articles section is a live feed of our latest thinking.

Finally, we understand that many people are seeking epidemiological information on COVID-19. For that, we strictly suggest visiting the information pages set up by the Department of Health and WHO.

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