What are the opening hours for the ASX share market?

What are the opening hours for the ASX share market?

The opening hours for normal trading on the ASX share market are 10am to 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

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When does the ASX share market open? 

Normal trading on the ASX begins at 10am every weekday. 

In addition to the normal trading session, there are a number of other ‘phases’ that the market goes through on each trading day.







Normal trading


Pre-closing single price auction (CSPA)


Closing single price auction




Adjust ON


Purge orders


System maintenance




System unavailable



Pre-open: During the pre-open phase, brokers and other institutional investors may submit orders, which are then placed in a queue. The ASX does not actually execute any orders until the market opens.

Normal trading: During normal trading hours, the ASX automatically matches buy and sell orders with one another, resulting in trade activity. This is when the overwhelming majority of trades occur.

Closing single price auction (CSPA): At the end of each trading day, the ASX uses the CSPA to arrive at a market consensus on the closing price for each share.

Adjust and Adjust ON: During the adjust phases, brokers are able to amend or cancel unwanted orders, although new orders cannot be entered. However, brokers are able to trade with each other directly over the phone.

Purge orders: At this point in the trading day, expired orders are removed from the system. Afterwards, system administrators conduct maintenance activities, including updating or adding new securities. 

On which days does the ASX share market close for trading?

  • New Year’s Day
  • Australia Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • ANZAC Day
  • Queen’s Birthday
  • Boxing Day
  • Christmas Day.

What hours is the ASX share market open around Australia?

New South Wales: 10am–4pm

Victoria: 10am–4pm

South Australia: 9.30am–3.30pm

Northern Territory: 9.30am–3.30pm; 8.30am–2.30pm during daylight savings

Western Australia: 8am–2pm; 7am–1pm during daylight savings

Tasmania: 10am–4pm

Queensland: 10am–4pm; 9am–3pm during daylight savings.

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