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Every year, we host a Motley Fool Pro Annual Meeting where we invite all Pro members to come join us for an afternoon. To date, this event has been held in Sydney, with members travelling interstate, and, even internationally, to attend.

We deliver an in depth presentation on the performance of the portfolio and include key thoughts on broad macro-economic themes we’re seeing in the market. In previous years, we’ve had the pleasure of a portfolio company CEO joining us too, for a one-hour fireside chat about their business.

The videos below were filmed from the 2015 Annual Meeting. The comments throughout have been submitted at various other times.

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“Joining Pro is the best financial decision I’ve ever made.

The value here is much better than going with other financial institutions.”

“I love been a Fool and I have learnt a lot while making money.

“This is why I joined MF Pro, for outstanding research that is very difficult for me to do, working full time and all.”

“I must tell you that I am hugely impressed with the professionalism of Motley Fool. Our family is a very happy charter member of PRO and I will be back in the future!”

“I’ve been doing better with Motley Fool than I was doing alone. As a newbie to shares, I think this service is exactly right for you. I wish it had been around when I started. Would have saved myself a lot of worry, not to mention money.”

Since I have joined MOTLEY FOOL PRO I have bought and sold when I have been told to and I must say that it works. BELLAMY works for me and I am going to hold as long as the recommendation holds firm. Thanks MOTLEY FOOL PRO loving the ride and professionalism.


“Just hit the pay key so I’m on board from today 11/3.  It wasn’t without some angst I might add from my wife.  You see we have been in a scheme before promising higher returns etc that didn’t eventuate.  To say my wife (and I to a lesser extent) is gun shy is an understatement. What really tipped the scales for me  1. skin in the game.  2. notification when to get in, when to add and most importantly when to get out and 3. the percentage to invest for without that how can it be a diversified portfolio.

“When I signed up for Pro, I expected to receive emails recommending a course of action and the Pro Fools thoughts behind the recommendations. I didn’t expect the high level of communication with the Fools at Pro. I am very impressed that we are able to post a question (which sometimes may seem silly to us) on the forums and Matt or Joe respond so quickly and succinctly, not in jargon but in a language we can all understand. I also enjoy the camaraderie between members on the forum, everyone is so eager to provide information and assistance to others.