Financial Services Guide

Financial Services Guide

The Motley Fool Australia Pty Limited ACN 146 988 052
AFSL No. 400691

Date:  24 March 2015

What is a Financial Services Guide?

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is an important document.  You should read it carefully and make sure you understand it.

This FSG is designed to help you decide whether to use any of the services provided by us and is issued by The Motley Fool Australia Pty Limited ACN 146 988 052 (referred to as Motley Fool Australia, we, us or our).

This FSG includes information about:

  • Motley Fool Australia and how we can be contacted;
  • the financial services we are authorised under our Australian financial services licence to provide;
  • how we are paid;
  • any relevant relationships or associations;
  • how we deal with complaints that you may have about our services;
  • information about internal and external dispute resolution systems and how you can access them; and
  • the compensation arrangements that we have in place.

Who is Motley Fool Australia?

Motley Fool Australia provides investing information and commentary focusing on financial markets and solutions for an Australian audience. Our aim is to provide financial solutions for investors of every kind in the hopes of helping people taking control of their financial lives. Investment information and commentary is provided in a number of ways, including:

  • articles and videos on the Motley Fool Australia website;
  • subscription-based services;
  • online discussion forums;
  • occasional special reports;
  • private email communications; and
  • periodic online chats hosted by Motley Fool Australia

Motley Fool Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Motley Fool, LLC, which has since 1994 provided similar services to US based investors.

The financial services we are authorised to provide

Motley Fool Australia is authorised under its Australian financial services licence (AFSL No. 400691) to provide general financial product advice to retail and wholesale clients in relation to the following financial products:

  • derivatives;
  • debentures, stocks or bonds issued or proposed to be issued by a government;
  • interest in a managed investment schemes including investor directed portfolio services;
  • securities; and
  • superannuation.

General advice only – investment warning

All of our commentary, statements of opinion and recommendations in relation to financial products, whether in our publications or otherwise, contain only general advice.  That is, those statements of opinion and recommendations have been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs.  You should always consider the appropriateness of any general advice in our publications, having regard to your circumstances before you act on the general advice.

You should also consider any product disclosure statement (PDS), prospectus or other disclosure document relevant to any financial product referred to in any Motley Fool Australia content before making any decision about whether to acquire any such product.  To obtain such documents you would need to contact the issuer of the relevant financial product or a distributor of the product.

Except for this FSG, you will not receive any other documents from Motley Fool Australia.  Motley Fool Australia will not provide Statements of Advice, as it does not give personal financial product advice.

How are any fees, commissions or other benefits calculated?


The prices listed below are subject to change.

On-line publications

Our articles and videos are available free of charge on our website.  They may also be available on the websites of third parties that have licensed our content.

Take Stock

Our regular e-letter, Take Stock, is available free of charge for those investors who have provided us with a valid email address.

Motley Fool Share Advisor

Motley Fool Share Advisor is a subscription-based service.  The subscription provides members with monthly share recommendations and weekly updates delivered via email and access to a subscriber only website.  The service also produces occasional special reports on various investing and financial topics.  A subscription fee is payable at the time of subscribing to the newsletter. The standard cost of a one-year subscription is $399. The subscription fee may change from time to time as a result of promotional offers.

Motley Fool Hidden Gems

Motley Fool Hidden Gems is a subscription-based service that provides subscribers with buy or sell trade alerts via email and text messaging.  The subscription also provides members with access to a subscriber-only website and weekly updates.  The standard cost of a one-year subscription is $999, payable at the time of subscribing.  The subscription fee may change from time to time as a result of promotional offers.

Motley Fool Pro

Motley Fool Pro (the “Service”) is a subscription-based service that allow subscribers to follow the trades and actions of a real-money portfolio owned by Motley Fool Australia.  Subscribers will receive email alerts, informing them of the Service’s intentions before Motley Fool Pro makes a trade.  The Service will also have a subscriber-only website that will include discussion boards.  The standard cost of a one-year subscription is $2,499, payable at the time of subscribing.  The subscription fee may change from time to time as a result of promotional efforts.

Motley Fool Dividend Investor

Motley Fool Dividend Investor is an online subscription based service that focuses on dividend paying shares.  The subscription provides members with monthly share recommendations and weekly updates delivered via email as well as access to a subscriber-only website.  The subscriber-only website include features such as discussion forums and special reports.  A subscription fee is payable at the time of subscribing to the newsletter. The standard cost of a one-year subscription is $199. The subscription fee may change from time to time as a result of promotional offers.

Special Free Reports

On occasion, we may offer special free reports to individuals who click on one of our adverts and provide us with a valid email address.

Employee Remuneration

Motley Fool Australia does not receive any other fees, commissions or benefits for the services it provides.

Employees of Motley Fool Australia who prepare research and provide other advice are remunerated by salary. They may also be entitled to a bonus based on the financial performance of The Motley Fool group. Motley Fool Australia accepts submissions from freelance contributors who are paid a flat fee per article, some with additional incentive for certain readership results. Those incentives are paid by The Motley Fool, and no remuneration is received from third parties for those results.

You may request particulars of the remuneration or other benefits received by Motley Fool Australia, any other member of The Motley Fool group, or their respective directors, employee or associates in relation to the provision of a financial service by Motley Fool Australia to you. Such a request must be made within a reasonable time after you have received a copy of this FSG and before any financial services identified in this FSG have been provided to you.

What relationships or associations do we have that might influence our advice?

Motley Fool Australia and its associated entities, and their respective directors, associates, connected parties and/or employees may from time to time deal in or otherwise have a financial interest in equities and other financial products referred to in its publications or other general financial advice it provides.   Any individual who provides advice on behalf of Motley Fool Australia must disclose if they have a financial interest or position in any share mentioned or discussed.  Similarly, it will be disclosed to you if Motley Fool Australia’s parent or United Kingdom affiliate has a beneficial interest or position in any share mentioned or discussed.  You should review any disclosures made in particular publications as to interests Motley Fool Australia, its representatives and affiliates may have in the financial products referred to in the publication.

All employees of Motley Fool Australia including those who prepare research and other advice are subject to a code of conduct and rules for their personal trading activities.   Our major trading rules are:

  • Employees cannot trade based on advance knowledge of information that will be published or broadcast by any member of The Motley Fool group;
  • Employees must hold any shares that they own for at least 10 full market days;
  • Employees cannot write about a company in the period of 2 full market business days before to 2 market business days after trading in the company’s shares; and
  • Employees must report their trades to our compliance department within 24 hours of executing a transaction.

Freelance contributors must agree to similar disclosure and trading rules.

Neither Motley Fool Australia, nor any other member of The Motley Fool group, has otherwise any associations or relationships with the issuers of any products that might reasonably be expected to be capable of influencing Motley Fool Australia in the advice it gives.

How we handle complaints

Motley Fool Australia is committed to fair and transparent dealings with its clients.  We have established complaints handling procedures to ensure that all enquiries and complaints are properly considered and dealt with.

Internal complaints resolution process

In order to investigate a complaint effectively you should provide to us your contact details and any relevant documents and other information that may support your complaint and its resolution.

Written complaints should be sent to:

The Motley Fool Australia Pty, Ltd

PO Box 4635

Ashmore, Qld 4214

Alternatively, you can email your complaint to   If you would like to talk with us, please contact us on 07 3102 3600.

After we receive your complaint, we will acknowledge the receipt of your complaint by way of post, email or telephone and address your complaint promptly in accordance with our internal procedures.  If we determine that your complaint is justified, we will then decide what action should be taken in response.  Possible steps include rectifying any mistake, providing you with additional information or documentation to enable you to understand what happened and how we have dealt with it or amending our policies, procedures or systems if a systemic or recurring problem has been identified.

The length of time we will take to resolve your complaint will depend on the nature and complexity of the issue you have raised, and the extent of the enquiries required to enable those issues to be addressed. We will endeavour to resolve the majority of complaints within 10 business days of receiving a complaint.  For complaints that require further investigation or additional information from you or for any reason there is a delay in resolving the complaint, we will notify you within 10 business days of the date we receive the complaint and give you an indication of when we will resolve the complaint.

External complaints resolution process

Motley Fool Australia is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).  FOS is an independent company that has been established to provide free advice and assistance to consumers to help in resolving complaints relating to the financial services industry.

If you feel that your complaint was not dealt with to your satisfaction, you can contact FOS at 1300 78 08 08 for the cost of a local call.  FOS can also be contacted by fax on (03) 9613 6399.

Alternatively, you can lodge a dispute at,   or submit your complaint to:

GPO Box 3

Melbourne Vic 3001


The Australian Securities and Investments Commission also has a freecall infoline on 1300 300 630 which you may use to obtain information about your rights.

Our compensation arrangements

We hold a professional indemnity insurance policy which provides insurance coverage, subject to its terms and conditions, for certain liabilities in connection with the professional services provided by our employees and contractors.

Your privacy

Motley Fool Australia is committed to protecting your personal information.  For details on how we use and disclose your personal information, and how you can access and update it, please refer to our Privacy Policy, which is available on our website,    You may also obtain a copy of our Privacy Policy by contacting us at or at the address set forth below.

How can we be contacted

You can contact us by:

  • telephone on  0731023600;
  • writing to us at:

PO Box 4635

Ashmore Qld 4214


For further information

If you would like to clarification of any of the matters discussed in this FSG, you can contact us using the contact details set out above.

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