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5G technology is about to sweep the world
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5G will start to live up to its hype in 2021…

5G … promises to transform our lives and add trillions of dollars to the global economy every year

This Thursday, January 28, The Motley Fool Australia will peel back the curtain on what we've identified as the No. 1 tech investment of this year.

Like the internet in the 1990s… eCommerce in the 2000s… and the smartphone over the past decade, we believe that this "foundational technology" will ultimately come to define the tech innovations of the future… meaning that investors who get in this year could position themselves to capture a piece of this life-changing wealth.

Not only is the overall industry projected to see 160X growth over the coming five years, but experts upped the anticipation by claiming this technology could unlock an estimated US$17 TRILLION in global economic impact by 2035!

If this prediction holds true, that would mean early, in-the-know investors like you can set themselves up for the potential of truly staggering returns from this era-defining tech investment…

…and on Thursday, we'll show exactly how we think you can do that.

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