Why this service may not be for you.

There's been a lot of attention recently on the upcoming launch of our new service, Motley Fool Odyssey.

And while we're pleased that people are excited about the huge potential of this portfolio… we're also a little bit sad.

Because we know some people are going to be let down.

Despite everything we're sharing about Odyssey, and what we hope to achieve with it‚Ķ In the face of all of that information‚Ķ 

We'll likely still get some of the wrong type of investors signing up.

We want to do everything we can to address that. In order to have the smallest number of disappointed Fools as possible, we're trying to make it as clear as we can: 


Depending on what you're looking for from your investment portfolio, and your personal mindset as an investor…

It's possible you SHOULD NOT join us in Motley Fool Odyssey.

If you think you're likely to be one of those investors, honestly, it might be best to sit this one out. We have plenty of other options that could be more appropriate for you!

And of course, if you don't know where you stand right now, that's okay too. We can help you figure it out.

Odyssey's Portfolio Manager, Scott Phillips, has put together a short video to help illustrate what we're talking about. Click the link above to watch (but only when you've got some time to think about it).