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Matt Joass, CFA®

Matt is the Lead Advisor for Motley Fool Pro. Matt regularly appears as an expert guest on CNBC Asia and Sky Business and contributes to the Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian Financial Review.

Matt’s ideal investment is a company that is just tipping past what he calls a ‘fundamental inflection point’. It might be a new product or service that is growing rapidly, or a new market that is gaining traction, or just an old-fashioned turnaround. Whatever the cause, he loves to find those spots where the company’s future is likely to be very different from its past. The markets are typically slow to adjust, allowing savvy investors to profit.

Originally from New Zealand, Matt first joined the Motley Fool Australia team from chilly Copenhagen, where he had been working as a financial analyst in the headquarters of an international shipping giant. Matt is a big supporter of investor education and during his time in Denmark he co-founded the Copenhagen Investment Club, a fortnightly meeting of like-minded value investors. He believes that the best asset of an individual investor is a long-term focus and he is always keen to take part in an open-minded investing discussion.

Matt has also worked for a fast-growing telecommunications company in New Zealand and has trained in New York and India. He is a holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst designation as well as an Honours degree in International Business from the University of Auckland. When not working or studying, Matt loves to get outdoors and is an avid sailor.

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