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Unlock Your Financial Future:
February 26 - March 1

Ready to transform your relationship with money? Join The Motley Fool's Financial Literacy Week and start your journey to a smarter, happier, and richer life. 

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About The Motley Fool's Financial Literacy Week

The Motley Fool's purpose, as a business, is to make the world Smarter, Happier and Richer. Generally, we aim to accomplish this purpose through through our invesment services.

We've realised, however, that many Australians are simply not comfortable enough with their finances to even consider investing. We want to help change that. We want to help Australians understand and deal with their finances in a way that sets them up for success in the future... hopefully enabling them to join us in the wonderful world of investing. 

It was from this idea that Motley Fool's Financial Literacy Week was borne. 

Join us for this free, week-long event, where knowledge becomes your greatest asset. 

No jargon, no barriers, just simple, actionable insights. Our free webinars are designed for every Australian, from financial novices to savvy savers, ready to take the next step.

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The Agenda

Join The Motley Fool Australia's Chief Investment Officer, Scott Phillips, for a week-long series of LIVE webinars... including opportunity for Q&As!

Webinar Schedule

26 February - 12.30 AEDT

The Psychology of Financial Growth:
Creating a Desire for Financial Freedom

27 February - 12.30 AEDT

Eat your broccoli:
Budgeting, Living Below Your Means, Making Tough Decisions

28 February - 12.30 AEDT

Putting It Into Practice:
Budget, Dump Your Debts, Rainy Day Fund, Start Saving

29 February - 12.30 AEDT

Plan For a Glorious Future:
The Power of Compounding, Investing, Superannuation… & Financial Freedom.

1 March - 12.30 AEDT

Event Recap and Live Q&A

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Don't forget - this event is free, and will be live-streamed from the 26th February to the 1st March. Don't miss out! RSVP below to secure your spot, and we'll email you a reminder each day before the webinar begins. And, by leaving your email address, we'll also be able to send you a post-event summary, additional resources... and a special gift.