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Three Toxic Aussie Stocks to Avoid at All Costs

WARNING: Right now, there are three popular Aussie stocks on the market that we think could soon deliver big losses to investors. In fact, things are looking so bad that I believe you should avoid them at ALL costs.

They’re big (and often mistakenly seen as safe) companies that you may very well have in your portfolio right now, or you might be planning to buy them. But I urge you to reconsider, because it could prove disastrous to your wealth. You see, while they seem like good buys on the surface, these stocks are likely to see a lot of trouble over the next few years.

It’s our take that the first toxic stock is a well-known company that falsely looks like a good bargain right now, the second is luring in investors with irresistible dividends (which simply gloss over a poorly performing company), and the third is slowly getting squeezed out by its main competitor.

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