Stocks to Buy Your Kids

If you're looking for ways to invest in your child's future, we think a great place to start is by investing in the share market. 

That's because the sheer wealth building power of the share market is incredible…

And we think there's no better way to get kids interested in their financial future than buying them stocks.

Whether it's for the holidays, a birthday, or just because, if you want to give something with real impact — something that has the potential to set them up for a life of independence — then in our humble opinion, stocks are hard to beat.

For one thing, they teach kids about financial literacy… things like compounding, the value of a dollar, what companies actually do, how to handle market volatility — Best of all, these lessons will set your kids up for success long past their childhood.

And they can also create financial security and freedom, something every parent wishes for their child.

Just consider this…

If you gave $500 worth of shares every year from ages 7 to 18 and get an average annual return of 8%, your child could have $9,489 by the time they turn 18.

Or if they waited until they're say 34, they'd have $32,509, assuming you didn't give them a single cent after their 18th birthday.

And if you started even earlier, say on their first birthday, with the same investment, assuming the same return, it'd be worth $20,723 by 18 and an incredible $70,996 by 34.

Imagine, what kind of life they could have with this kind of head start?

Think of the opportunities and advantages this potentially sets up for your kids in the future.

Now imagine if you could increase that return so the money you invest now will be worth even more down the road….

That's exactly what we try to do at the Motley Fool. Help everyday investors find the best possible stocks for their portfolios, so they have every chance of making those financial dreams a reality.

And to help, we've compiled exclusive research on three shares you could potentially buy for your kids now to help set them up for success later in life.

Each of these companies have been hand picked by our team at Motley Fool Share Advisor, to provide what we think could be the best long term prospects for years to come.

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Call it a 'thank you' gift for giving Share Advisor a fair try.

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