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These Two Letters Could Be Amazon Founder's Golden Parachute

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos blew minds when he confessed "Amazon will go bankrupt"… 

Did you ever think you'd hear him, of all people, admit that? Neither did we. However, the world has experienced a lot of firsts in recent years… 

And in another first, the billionaire founder has taken it further by stepping down as CEO. 

Which may leave investors wondering, what would see him walk away from running one of the most successful companies the world has ever seen? 

A company he built from the ground up. 

Fortunately, Bezos has a Plan B.

And he's revealed what he believes to be the next-generation market disruptor. He's gone on record to say this woefully under-publicised sector "is in an 'amazing renaissance.'"

So, what technology could possibly impress the king of market disruption himself this much?

Perhaps one with game-changing implications across nearly every major industry, including:

  • Consumer products
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Pharma/Life sciences
  • Transportation & logistics
  • Automotive
  • Power & utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance

And that's naming just a few.

In recent years, heavy hitters like Tesla, Ford, and GM have been throwing billions of dollars and massive resources at this tech in an arms race to master it and command market share before the competition does.


Because a number of analysts from PwC are calling it a… 

"Est. US$15.7 trillion game changer" …

And forecasting the potential contribution of Artificial Intelligence to the global economy could be as much US$15.7 trillion by 2030.

That's right…

Artificial intelligence… A.I.

One famous Shark Tank investor even dropped over US$500,000 of his own coin into a children's education app that teaches kids how to code AI.

These business visionaries see the AI market not only as a potentially massive winner in the near term but also as a game changer for generations to come.

AI and its applications will play a critical role in the future of technology and the world at large.

But how do you separate the cream of the crop of AI plays from the great pretenders? That's where The Motley Fool Australia comes in. 

For over 10 years, we've been beating the market and picking winners. Like when we spotted:

  • Netflix, which has returned 44% a year since we recommended it in July 2012. 
  • Corporate Travel Management, returning 19% a year since we recommended it in August 2012.
  • Amazon, which has returned 28% a year since we recommended it in February 2012.

Naturally, these are some of our top performers. They're not intended to be representative, and you should know not all our picks have been so successful. Some have actually fallen in value.

However, if you're looking for our next potential winner, then you might want to pay attention to the disruption that's happening in the AI space.

And to an exclusive report, where our experts break down the juicy details of three recommendations we believe are at the coveted forefront of this AI revolution.

These picks are all industry leaders, well-established, and have – in our opinion – strong reasons to be buying them right now:

  • One Nasdaq listed stock has been recommended four times and despite the market sell off is still showing positive growth.
  • And another ASX listed pick is the same… where its exposure to some of the biggest global tech stories means we've also recommended it an incredible four times.

And even with these massive returns after our initial recommendations, because of current market conditions, these companies are essentially on sale.

That's why, here at Share Advisor, we don't tear our hair out over what the market is doing today… or even tomorrow.

We crush market fear by buying great companies and holding them for years.

The Motley Fool's mantra has always been "to make the world smarter, richer, and happier."

Because investors who aren't afraid of the market are happier investors.

And we will continue that mission today, tomorrow, and into the future, no matter what the market looks like right now.

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