Take Control of Your Retirement Savings Using Australia's Most Tax-Effective Investment Structure

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"one of the best government policies of the last 40 years" …

That's what Scott Phillps confessed to me in a recent interview.

That's what Scott Phillps confessed to me in a recent interview.

He was referring to an investment structure often used by some of the most financially successful people in the country.

What I also discovered is the rich and well connected aren't the only ones able to take advantage of it.

Especially when you consider a breakthrough technology that's making it easier for everyday investors like you and me to get direct access.

Because this information is so powerful and could dramatically improve your financial future, I sat down with Scott Phillips to cover what makes this investment structure so powerful.

And more importantly…

How technology is now removing the barriers that previously prevented investors from taking full control of this tax effective investment structure.

Now, this series originally aired in March 2024 to a small group of Motley Fool members.

However, given the overwhelming response to the 'members only' material covered I'm making this exclusive "Investment Mastery" video series available to our wider Foolish readership totally FREE.

In this series you'll discover:

The overlooked investment strategy Scott Phillips thinks is "one of the best government policies of the last 40 years"
Two big MYTHS that are probably preventing you from taking full advantage of this government backed investment structure…
Why this structure was dubbed a "tax haven" by Kerry Packer's former accountant.

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The Secret Behind Multi-Million Dollar Accounts: Discover why the ultra rich and financially well connected use these investment strategies leading to accounts worth over $100 million.
An Untapped Goldmine: Scott Phillips reveals why this structure might be the single most important investment you can focus on right now.
The Account Boost Blueprint: Specific steps you can take today to start enhancing your growth immediately.
Reveal the investment choices within these structures that financial advisors often keep under wraps—choices that could significantly impact your retirement lifestyle.

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Uncover how a slight adjustment in your management strategy could potentially add hundreds of thousands to your retirement fund.
Find out why even a 1% difference in your performance could mean the difference between an average retirement and living your golden years in style.
Peek behind the curtain to see how Australia's wealthiest individuals are quietly using these structures to amass and protect their fortunes. One worth over 544 million!
Unlock the potential within your portfolio to not just save for retirement, but to build a significant legacy, just like Australia's wealthiest families.

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Uncover why the most affluent Australians are not just leaving their portfolios to fund managers. Discover the active steps they take to boost their returns and how you can do the same.
Avoid Common Pitfalls: Scott Phillips exposes the most critical mistakes Australians make with these accounts and how to sidestep them.
Not Just for the Wealthy: Discover how a breakthrough technology is allowing the system to work in favour of every Australian, regardless of wealth status.
Maximise Your Portfolio, Minimise Your Taxes: Find out how to legally minimise taxes while maximising your growth.

Please remember: The insights featured in this series have the potential to significantly benefit every Australian investor…

So don't let this slip you by.

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To your wealth,

Adam Surplice,
General Manager
Motley Fool Australia

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