Aussie Mum Builds $700 Million Company—and Investors Are Getting Rich

By Adam Surplice

It's a story almost too good to be true.

A dozen years ago, one Australian mum started a business at her kitchen table. She had a new baby to care for, but she couldn't find what she needed in any store.

So she started her own company to produce and market a certain precious commodity that, it turns out, millions of other families—both in Australia and around the world—need too.

Flash forward to today, and her "kitchen table" startup is worth $700 million.

It's arguably one of the most promising ASX companies in the entire country, and certainly one of the sheer fastest-growing. With a brand-new product line flying off shelves and a new partnership with one of China's biggest and best-known distributors, this startup is nearly breaking records.

The "kitchen table" startup recently reported Australian sales grew 412%, while sales in China grew a staggering 901%.

And in March of 2019, this company recorded more sales in a single month than the company used to see in an entire year.

Why? Because this company now virtually controls the entire market for its in-demand products. It's the 'top dog' and 'first mover' in its industry.

The smart money is already on the move

Investors who bought in at the time of this company's 2017 float are sitting pretty, having already made more than 8 times their money.

Now some of the world's top venture capitalists are buying stakes, and placing their bets that this 'lightning in a bottle' company will keep growing by triple digits. Month after month, year after year.

These expert growth investors know that opportunities like this one may come along just once or twice in a lifetime.

But they're not the only ones following the story.

Just ask Anirban "Doc" Mahanti, lead advisor of Motley Fool Extreme Opportunities.

For the second time this year, he's recommending these shares as his #1 buy for investors… going on record to say that the sheer biggest profits may still lie ahead.

As he puts it, "Five years from now, you'll probably wish you'd bought these shares."

It's a powerful statement, coming from one of Australia's foremost growth investors.

After all, Doc's whole job is to comb the ASX for the most promising small cap companies.

Whether it's a 'next big thing' software company or a biotech company that's developed a potentially world-changing drug…  he's on the lookout.

He's on a mission to help individual investors like you find the shares that can earn you truly life-changing returns – perhaps as much as 10 times your money

And the proof is in the pudding. Just a few years into his Extreme Opportunities investing venture, he's built a track record that's the envy of professional money managers.

For example, here are actual returns for stocks Doc has picked…

  • In July of 2017, he tipped Volpara. Now the shares are up 239.6% since Doc first tipped the shares to Extreme Opportunities members in July of 2017…
  • In September of 2017, he tapped Elmo Software as a top buy. Investors who followed his advice are now up 155.2%.
  • And in October of 2017, Doc recommended Bravura Solutions, which has shot up 266.5%.
  • Now he's recommending shares of this 'kitchen table' startup. In fact, he's recommended these shares 2 separate times (and investors who followed Doc's initial tip have already seen 95.2% gains)!

But he's convinced the next few months and years could bring even bigger and better returns.

Which means there's still plenty of time for you to get in

Because of the pure upside potential Doc sees in this little-known ASX company, Doc has put together a painstakingly researched report that shows you how this one stock could potentially mint its own investing millionaires.

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