4 Pullback Stocks That Are On Sale Now


By: Greg Maxwell

So… You want to buy the share market pullback?

I don't blame you.

After all, there are some big names trading at significant discounts to their recent highs right now. As much as 20, 30 even 40 percent or more.

Now could be a great time to buy up companies you've had your eye on (or already own). 

And for those investors looking at falling share prices and worrying…

Ask yourself this…

Would you rather have bought Amazon shares for US$4.70 in December 1999, or for US$0.36 in September 2001?

Both purchases would have seen tremendous growth — a $1,000 investment in December 1999 would be worth US$19,932 today.

And a $1,000 purchase when Amazon pulled back in September 2001 would be worth $260,222.

Showing that sometimes it can pay to wait for a pullback.

Here's the thing with the stock market: That same year Amazon cratered?

Other stocks did too.

And many didn't survive.

Think Pets.com, Flooz.com, and countless others we've long since forgotten.

Pullbacks are when poor companies get shaken out of the market.

When we finally get to see which companies have the best management, the most innovative and desired solution… compared to those who don't.

Warren Buffett summed it up best when he said, "Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked."

So how do investors know the difference between buying low for a bargain and catching a knife when it's falling?

Stocks that soared as a result of the pandemic have seemingly crashed down to earth. Many sold off due to poor results as pre-pandemic life began to resume…

While others got caught up in the tide of fear while their underlying performance continued to actually improve.

It's only natural. Bad companies will drag good ones down in a panic.

Like one company that despite seeing as much as a big pullback from its recent all time high, sits in the one tech sector that continues to grow. It's an industry leader providing the key infrastructure powering the 17 trillion dollar Artificial Intelligence boom.

Or a world class entertainment company that's seen a big pullback in price — And despite the dip, with multiple revenue streams, the company's long-term bull thesis remains strong.

The difference between solid business fundamentals and the share price couldn't be more stark.

Which is where the biggest market opportunities could be lurking right now.

If you can pick the winning stocks from the ones whose share price ran up on pure hype – well it's in times like these that could have such a profound impact on your financial future.

The analysts at Motley Fool Share Advisor have a long-standing record of picking winning stocks.

In fact, we recommended Amazon in February 2012, when shares were just US$8.94

And Netflix in July 2012, when shares were just US$8.42.

Don't forget Apple in December 2011, when shares were US$12.32.

Granted, I'll be the first to admit that not all of our picks have been — or will be — such big winners…

As you may know in the world of investing – there are never any guarantees… and no one has a crystal ball.

Even so, we couldn't be more proud of the fact that we've potentially helped some independent Aussie investors ride the wave of some of the biggest investing trends over the years.

And better yet, our team certainly isn't resting on their laurels…

In fact, they've just compiled research on four stocks whose prices tanked due to recent market sentiment — yet have strong underlying fundamentals and growth catalysts, potentially setting them up for future success.

I mentioned two of them above, but I need to mention a third stock. Where it's seen a slight pullback compared to the others. Last time it dropped that much was during the covid crash of 2020 – where it fell 29% – Astonishingly after that pullback, it rallied to an all time high up 178%…

And right now in the current pullback, the same company is buying up its own shares. Which may potentially indicate insiders may think the share price is dirt cheap.

Either way, given its previous recovery and rock solid position in the market… Now might be the time to buy.

To help pullback investors, we're revealing all three of these stocks, along with one more, in our new "Pullback Stocks 2023 – 4 World Class Stocks That Could Transform Your Wealth" report available for FREE to Share Advisor members.

Warren Buffett says, "Be greedy when others are fearful".

And given some great companies are – in our opinion – being unfairly treated by the market – right now could be that time.

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