The Amazon shocker no one is talking about yet

By: Greg Maxwell
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Key Points

  • There is a major shift underway that experts predict will create a global US$7.385 trillion market by 2025
  • Australia will follow this trend potentially creating once in a lifetime investing opportunities
  • Experts are predicting that by 2040, 95% of all transactions will occur through one medium

There's a major shift taking place…

A shift where whole new companies — new industries — are being created at a freakish pace.

And it's where one market exploded in a tidal wave of demand – That's seeing shrewd investors lining up to make a small fortune.

Thanks to the pandemic we have seen a convoy of delivery vans to our houses over the last two years. As more and more businesses have switched to selling online.

In fact, JB Hi-Fi has quadrupled sales in that time. 

Hardware superstore Bunnings has seen online sales more than double.

And Myer is breaking ground on a massive new distribution centre just to handle demand.

Even supermarkets Рconsidered the last bastion of physical retail Рare seeing a surge in online sales. Woolworths is up a whopping 75% in 2021 alone while Coles has seen their online sales more than double in just two years…

Which may explain why you may have seen red trucks parked on your street much more these days!

Companies are working at lightning speed to adapt to a world of home delivered retail – and investors who can take advantage will reap the rewards for years to come.

Scott Phillips, Chief Investment Officer at The Motley Fool says,

… the shift is on. It's unstoppable. Retailers will probably live or die on their ability to adjust

And it's in times of great disruption like this – that could turn into one of the greatest investing opportunities in our lifetime.

Because we think this isn't just a passing fad.

Forbes says it's "arguably the most permanent industry shift resulting from the pandemic".

Where experts predict global e-commerce to hit a whopping US$7.385 trillion by 2025.

While the last couple of years has seen many companies frantically shifting and adapting like Myer, Bunnings and Woolworths¬† ‚Äď others were already in pole position ‚Äď like global ecommerce powerhouse Amazon.

Since landing in Australia, Amazon has taken advantage of the incredible surge in demand for home delivered retail. Starting from zero in 2017 to posting over one billion in revenue. A feat they achieved in just over three years.

So when it's forecast that by 2040, 95% of all retail purchases are likely to be made online, traditional retail may become almost non-existent…

With so much at stake, it's easy to see why Amazon has gone all in down under.

Yet despite Amazon's head turning success in Australia, and the permanent shift in consumer behaviour – one alarming fact jumps out that I find staggering.

While Amazon is posting a cool one billion in revenue…

Online sales in Australia are predicted to follow the global trend hitting an eye popping $91.5 billion dollars by 2025.

So, despite Amazon's sheer size, reach and billions at their disposal, at one billion in revenue…

It seems like a drop in the ocean when compared to the total market… a market that could be almost 100 times bigger!

Making Amazon just the tip of the iceberg…

And here's the best part for investors…

While we think Amazon is a great company…

(A company we recommended to our Motley Fool Share Advisor subscribers back in February 2012 at just US$178.89 a share)

… for investors looking to make a fortune… how much more can be squeezed from that behemoth?

Probably, not nearly as much wealth as investors could have seen ten or twenty years ago.

So, if you missed out on getting a piece of those Amazon returns back in 2012… I have some good news for you.

Because right now could be the time to take advantage of this monumental shift¬† –¬† where our experts think there's massive opportunities and disruption for investors to potentially cash in‚Ķ

Right now we are seeing smaller companies creating tremendous value for savvy investors who know where to look…

Best of all, they aren't nearly as big… just yet.

Which means it could be a very successful investment… for the early investors who get in on the right stocks, right now.

Just like one small yet disruptive company we've uncovered.

One ASX stock that we think could be poised to profit… that's 2,500 times smaller than Amazon! 

And since many Australians may not fully appreciate the sheer size and scope of what's coming down the line… I'd hate for investors like you to miss this opportunity….

… which is why our investment team at Share Advisor has put together our exclusive "Beyond Amazon" report.

In this free report, you'll discover the name of the innovative company I just mentioned, plus three other stocks that could have the potential to carve out their own special slice of this anticipated $91.5 billion market.

This is the same team that,

     … Saw huge growth ahead for ecommerce and picked Amazon in February 2012 at US$178.89… Since then it's grown 28% per year. (Total return 2,001%)

     … Recognised the incoming innovation and demand in business travel and recommended Corporate Travel Management in August 2012 at just $1.97 a share… Since then it's grown 18% per annum. (That's a total return of 622%)

¬† ¬† ¬†‚Ķ Seized on the opportunity with sleep technology and tipped our subscribers onto Resmed in May 2013 at just $4.47 a share. That's grown 19% per year since…

While these are some of our best performers, and far from typical, our whole scorecard and track record is available for all to see inside Share Advisor.

Please note however: This free report is only available to members of the Motley Fool Share Advisor community.

So I urge you to see for yourself all the facts behind this urgent market shift.

Because who knows when we'll see such a disruptive opportunity like this come around again?

Better yet, if you're worried about joining Share Advisor and it's not for you, it comes with a 30-day membership fee back guarantee.

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