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The 1 Thing Every Investor Should Know About Buffett’s Portfolio

By Bruce Jackson

You’ve probably heard a lot about billionaire investor Warren Buffett. After all, a herd of analysts and journalists has tracked his every move – for decades.

Warren Buffett

Yet here’s something you may not know:

A full 90% of the stocks currently inside Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway portfolio are dividend payers.

Now, maybe you’re thinking: Warren Buffett, with his $62 billion fortune, doesn’t need income.

And you’re right! This is a man who could spend ten million dollars a day – every single day – and still never run out of money.

Why does he give a toss about dividends?

The way I figure it, the answer is simple: Buffett wants reliable returns as much as you do. And when you buy a dividend-paying stock, you’re setting yourself up for more reliable gains. It’s a fact.

In the best-case scenario, you stand to earn both capital appreciation AND a steady stream of dividend income. (Which is one way Buffett has earned his multi-billion dollar fortune.)

The only problem? Most of us struggle to pick the right dividend-paying stocks.

That’s why I want to share those strategies and tips with you today — so you can learn how Buffett made 100 times his money later in life.

I’ve gathered the strategies we learned from Buffett, distilled them down to 11 simple lessons, and put it in the exclusive report.

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