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Motley Fool Share Advisor



▲ up 697%

Recommended on 24/05/13.



▲ up 126%

Recommended on 28/09/17.



▲ up 7,224%

Recommended on 26/07/12.

Returns as of 03/12/21. Share Advisor's inception is 5th December 2011.

The Returns From Some Of Our ASX and US Recommendations Inside Share Advisor Have Been Nothing Short of Phenomenal

We believe proper investing should be easy – that means none of the so-called "secret" tactics stockbrokers want you to believe go hand-in-hand with the market. And although not every pick has performed as well, with huge winners like ResMed, Kogan and Netflix under our belt since they were first recommended inside Share Advisor, we think we’ve proven our point.

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Share Advisor is Fast and Easy

2 New Picks Each Month;
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Expert Analysis of
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Over 25,000 Loyal Members


This is great and very good value for money, too. Subscribing to the Motley Fool Share Advisor was the best investment decision I have ever made!

– Steve Q, Melbourne


Motley Fool is by far the best investment tool I've ever used, and I'll gladly renew the subscription again

– Anthony G, Sydney


Rather than lying awake worrying about my shares as the market heads south, I'm sleeping soundly in the knowledge that I have good stocks that were bought from Share Advisor recommendations. Before I joined the Motley Fool, I was checking my share prices multiple times each day and selling out to cash as the panic set in.

– Stuart C, Perth

Best of all, when you join Share Advisor today, you’ll receive IMMEDIATE access to our latest stock picks.

And if you give Share Advisor a try and decide it’s not for you, that’s fine too. Simply cancel within 30 days and you’ll receive every penny of your membership fee back.

You are only one step away from joining the country's best investing community and taking the first step to supercharging your portfolio.

We’ll see you inside...

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