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Share Advisor

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Motley Fool Share Advisor

Begun in November 2011, Motley Fool Share Advisor is an online share investing service that provides high-quality share recommendations, education, and insight into the stock market.

Here’s just a small sampling of everything you’ll get access to the instant you join Motley Fool Share Advisor

  • 2 formal share recommendations per month
    Each and every month, Lead Advisor Scott Phillips will reveal both his current No. 1 Australian company and his current No. 1 international company for your investment dollars. Accompanied by a thorough “deep dive” research guide that we’ll send directly to your inbox. 

    We’ll also keep you updated with guidance on every company on our scorecard when we think there’s something you need to know — and most importantly when we think it’s time to sell.

  • A full back catalogue of Scott’s past share recommendations:
    Comprehensive research write-ups on every single company that Scott has formally picked inside Share Advisor, going back to late 2011. So you always have the full context of every single stock that Share Advisor has picked over its tenure.
  • “Best Buys Now” today and every month for the entire term of your membership:
    Considering our many share recommendations, you may be wondering how you’re supposed to know which shares to “buy first” aside from Scott’s latest recommendations. That’s where his all-important “Best Buys Now” monthly update comes in. It isolates the companies that Scott thinks are currently the best positioned for new investment dollars right now.
  • Monthly updates on active recommendations:
    Scott will never just recommend a company, then leave you to fend for yourself. Any time there’s a key earnings report, important conference call, breaking news announcement, merger or acquisition, or crucial management shake-up on a current BUY recommendation, you can expect Scott to have you covered with an informative update. Saving you the countless hours per week that it would take to truly stay informed on each share you’re following. Think of it as your private Financial Review page, solely pumping out updates on shares YOU may be interested in.
  • Full access to our private members-only forums:
    I like to think of these forums as the world’s greatest investing “water cooler.” You see, many of our members here in Share Advisor are actually pretty elite investors in their own right, and love spending hours each day debating their favourite (and least favourite!) shares. It’s also a great resource to ask fellow members for clarification on an investing concept you may not quite grasp – most of them are more than willing to help!
  • Our “special reports” repository:
    Where you can find access to any and all special reports that Share Advisor releases
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