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In just a few days, the lives of a handful of in-the-know Australian investors could change forever…

Will you be one of them? You could be…

It all starts with getting the full story on the unique opportunity below -- so you can decide for yourself whether or not to be front and centre for this “Ground Floor Event” that will take place on, August 15th at 4:30pm.

G’day fellow investor,

While you’ve no doubt heard that “Past performance is no guarantee of future results” (I know, I sound like the disclaimer in a television advertisement), that doesn’t mean that there isn’t the rare pattern of success that occasionally surfaces in investing.

Just think about legendary investors like:

Peter Lynch – Who managed to grow the value of the Fidelity Magellan Fund from just $20 million when he took it over in 1977 to a whopping $14 BILLION by 1990.

That’s a return of 70,000% across just 23 years. And many attribute his jaw-dropping success to always sticking to his simple belief that you should “never invest in an idea you can’t illustrate with a crayon.

Bill Miller – The portfolio manager for the Legg Mason Value Trust. Under his leadership, the fund had one of the longest “winning streaks” in mutual fund history – beating the U.S.’s S&P 500 Index for 15 consecutive years between 1991 and 2005.

In fact, the value of the fund grew from $750 million in 1990 to $20 BILLION by 2006. His secret? Realising that any stock – even an “expensive looking” one – could be a value stock if it was trading at a discount to its intrinsic value.

John Paulson – The once obscure hedge fund manager, who made $15 billion for his fund in 2007 alone by spotting a pattern of mortgage defaults and subsequently shorting the housing market just before its collapse.

In 2008, his strategy made him another $5 billion… and as much as $1 billion in a single day! Which led a Wall Street Journal reporter to write an entire book about Paulson’s bet, dubbed “The Greatest Trade Ever.”

Warren Buffett – The legendary “Oracle of Omaha,” who turned humble textile manufacturing firm Berkshire Hathaway into a $500B holding company over the past half century.

In 2008, with (at the time) $62B in total net worth, he was recognised as the wealthiest person on the face of the earth. And is largely regarded today as the single greatest investor in history.

Of course, most investors who’ve found their way to this level of unparalleled success in the markets are well known for keeping their particular “tricks of the trade” stowed away safely under lock and key.

And the sad truth is this…

Unless you’re wealthy enough to have them manage your money for you, or powerful enough to have them sit on your board of directors, you’ll probably never be able to personally benefit from their rare investing knowledge and insight.

And that includes the patterns of success that wind up accompanying them, as well as the massive profits that usually follow…

For decades now, those patterns have been the exclusive playground of the affluent. The rich get richer, as they like to say!

But stop and consider this. What if there actually were a way for everyday investors just like you to personally enlist this kind of market-crushing success?

I’m excited to say that in just a few short moments, that all stands to change in a way you likely never thought possible…

At which time you’ll have the opportunity to align yourself with a fast-growing grassroots alliance of some of the most successful investors on the planet… regardless of your financial circumstances in life, your profession, or even your investing knowledge.

You know whom I’m referring to. The Motley Fool -- with hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, we are one of the most popular investing resources on the Internet!

While you may know The Motley Fool, you might not know me personally. So please allow me to formally introduce myself.

Hi there, I’m Tom Richardson – Editor-in-chief of Motley Fool Australia!

If you’ve been following along with us Fools for a while now, you’re already aware that we’re a global investing company with a single, dogged purpose in mind.

To help the world invest, better.

We’ve spent over a quarter of a century relentlessly pursuing that goal, and it gives me a tremendous amount of pride to say that we’ve changed the lives of millions of everyday investors just like you along the way.

Investors who otherwise would have had nobody to turn to… and would have just flat given up when the stock market got turbulent, as it’s bound to do every once in a while.

Or worse, may have fallen victim to high-priced (not to mention often underperforming) money managers who love to charge you an arm and a leg simply for the privilege of losing to the All Ords.

But you won’t need hundreds of thousands – or even tens of thousands – of dollars to join us today. Nor will you need a referral or some kind of formal recommendation.

That’s just not what we’re about here at the Fool.

You won’t need a degree in finance or economics, or even a rudimentary understanding of how to pick stocks, either.

Technically, you don’t even need a brokerage account to get started!

What you will need is a willingness to make more money than you would have previously had any right to expect from your investments.

You’ll also need a great deal of urgency, considering this offer will be gone later on, August 15th at 4:30pm...

Meaning time is truly of the essence! So without further ado…

Allow me to introduce you to an investor who’s blazing his own red-hot trail of success, and making a good many of his loyal followers a pretty penny in the process…

While he may not be quite as well-known as the legendary wealth managers I mentioned earlier, he’s creating some pretty noticeable success patterns nonetheless.

His name is Scott Phillips, and he’s actually the Chief Investment Officer here at Motley Fool Australia.

After spending years plying his trade in various sales and financial roles related to corporate management, Scott had discovered the good… the bad… and the ugly of the industry.

And as a longtime investor who has now managed his own portfolio for more than 15 years, combined with his extensive experience understanding the complex ins and outs of corporate business, we knew he’d be a perfect fit to lead Fools like you on a bold, wealth-seeking journey.

Because as important as his position of Australian Chief Investment Officer is at a global investment publisher like The Motley Fool, I believe Scott actually performs an even more crucial function day in and day out for our humble company…

Namely, he serves as the Lead Advisor for Motley Fool Australia’s first-ever official stock-picking service – Motley Fool Share Advisor.

That means Scott spends each and every day scouring the markets for the very best profit opportunities, on behalf of now over 25,000 highly devoted Share Advisor members (and growing fast!).

Such as Hedley, who was kind enough to write to us from Sydney to express appreciation for all that Scott’s done.

“I saw Scott speak at a Conscious Capitalism event last year and was really impressed, not just with his knowledge but also his honesty and integrity as a person. It was based on these qualities I signed up to Motley Fool and it's clear these qualities are key in your business from making your recommendations to the communication with members.”

-Hedley from Sydney

Okay, but what exactly is Scott doing? How exactly does he do it? And most important, how does it benefit everyday investors like YOU?

Obviously, I cannot publicly reveal the full toolbox of industry tips, tricks, and knowledge that Scott has accumulated over the past few years while serving as the Lead Advisor of Motley Fool Share Advisor

(Not to mention the years he spent in corporate management, or the decade and a half he’s spent successfully managing his own investment portfolio!)

But suffice it to say that day in and day out, Scott and his team will spend their waking hours:

Poring over financial reports, balance sheets, free cash flow statements for literally hundreds of Australian and international companies…

Listening in on earnings announcements and conference calls (and maybe even asking a few questions of their own)…

Stringently looking into companies’ executive teams, to make sure they’re honest, trustworthy, personally invested in the success of the company, and truly have the best interests of the company at heart…

Rigorously combing through the “below-the-surface” financial metrics and indicators that normal everyday investors simply would never catch…

Comparing competitive advantages to find out just which companies genuinely have a moat wide enough to sustain themselves over the long haul, and which ones are doomed to be overtaken by hungrier upstarts…

And much, much more. All with the goal of getting to know these companies as well as their very own upper management teams do… if not better!

But here’s the exciting part…

After he does all of that, twice each month Scott takes the days, weeks, sometimes even years of research that he’s done on dozens upon dozens of companies… holds them up side-by-side for close comparison…

And decides once and for all which one he thinks is the VERY BEST STOCK for current Share Advisor members to stack their hard-earned investment dollars behind right now.

If that seems like a monumental amount of work to put into a single share purchase, you’re certainly not wrong there. But here’s the thing…

(The thing that the television media throwing out “BUY, BUY, BUY” and “SELL, SELL, SELL” calls left and right do not want you to realise…)

That massive amount of work is quite simply the level of due-diligence that absolutely must go into each and every single share-buying (or selling) decision you make!

If, that is, you harbour any hopes of beating the market at large. Which just so happens to be one of our primary goals here in Motley Fool Share Advisor

Now, I’m fully aware that a good many grizzled financial veterans and vaunted market “gurus” will go to their graves screaming that there’s just no point in picking individual stocks.

“It’s simply impossible to beat the market over the long term!”

Interesting theory.

Me? I’d prefer to drop the hype and the skip the rhetoric… and instead put their hypothesis to the test with some cold, hard figures. So go on and just try to wrap your head around this…

Say you had diligently plopped down $500 into the All Ords a couple times a month going back to December of 2011, when Share Advisor first officially launched. That’s $87,000 in total, over seven years and two months, according to my calculations...

Today, you would have seen an average return of 31% on each plug of your capital, which would have turned your total $87,000 outlay into $113,970.

Not too shabby, sure.

Okay, now let’s assume you’d gone down a different path in life, and instead put $500 into each official stock recommendation (two per month) made over the seven-plus-year lifespan of Motley Fool Share Advisor.

Still with me?

In that case, you’d currently be reaping the benefits of the 85% average return on each share that has been recommended to Motley Fool Share Advisor members!

Frankly, it’s almost a little startling…

That’s nearly three times the returns of the All Ords over the same time period.

Meaning today, instead of roughly $113,970, you’d currently be sitting on a plump bounty of around $160,950. That’s a difference of almost $47,000 solely from following Scott’s advice!


(Can you think of anything you’d like to do with an extra $47K lying around?)

Of all the companies recommended on behalf of lucky Share Advisor members, 70% are currently in positive territory. And an incredible 40 recommendations have doubled or more in value - that's more than 1 out of every 5!

That doesn’t even properly take into account real blow-out winners like:

Cochlear (COH) – +239%

ResMed (RMD) – +206%

NIB Holdings (NHF) – +211%

Seek (SEK) – +183%

Integrated Research Limited (IRI) – +402%

Not to mention repeat recommendations like Vocus Communications (ASX: VOC), up 232.7% and 208.1% the two times members have been alerted to get in.

And then of course there’s one of Motley Fool Share Advisor’s biggest success stories, Corporate Travel Management (CTD).

Scott’s first two recommendations of CTD were so successful (+1,146% and +339%, respectively), he recently decided to go back for a third helping (already up 58% as well!). (Returns as of 19 February, 2019.)

And that's not all.

With it being easier and cheaper than ever to buy US-quoted shares, people who followed Scott's advice and bought Netflix (NFLX) in 2012 would be sitting on a gain of 4140%.

Amazon (AMZN) has been another huge winner for the Share Advisor scorecard, up almost 800%, with Mastercard (MA) up over 300% and Apple (AAPL) up 236%.

So it’s no surprise just how loyal his members have become over the years, considering not only the truly staggering individual stock returns that Scott has led them to over the past half-decade, but the all-important peace of mind that comes right along with them.

It can be absolutely invaluable, as Share Advisor member Stuart wrote to us:

“I want to thank you guys for retraining my investment mindset to the extent that rather than lying awake worrying about my shares as the market heads south, I'm sleeping soundly in the knowledge that I have good stocks that were bought from Share Advisor recommendations.”

-Stuart from Karrinyup

Twice a month, history could be set to repeat itself yet again

You see, twice a month, Scott Phillips officially releases his newest share recommendation to Motley Fool Share Advisor members… and Share Advisor members alone!

Meaning it’s also the first-ever chance for anybody to get in on the ground floor of Scott’s newest pick, right from the get-go. And of course, the primary reason that I’m getting in touch with you with such urgency today.

Could it be another Vocus Communications, more than tripling every $1,000 invested?

Maybe another Integrated Research, turning every $1,000 invested into more than $5,000?

Or even the next Netflix, turning every $1,000 into more than $42,000 (hey, that’s enough for a new car!)?

Perhaps they turn out to be bigger than all of them…

I can’t really say for certain, one way or the other. Of course, it’s true that not all of Scott’s picks turn out to be winners. And it’s easy for just about any run-of-the-mill share-picker to cherry-pick a few firecrackers, without providing the overall context…

(Something sadly widespread in the financial industry.)

Which is why I personally prefer to go back to Motley Fool Share Advisor's overall track record of returning 85% per stock pick. All the more impressive when you consider that it's nearly tripling his benchmark, the All Ords.

Remember, as I said earlier, many investing pros adamantly refuse to believe that beating the market over the long term is even possible in the first place.

Much less flat-out pummelling it into the ground, like Scott seems to prefer.

It really is quite incredible. Sometimes, I even have a hard time believing it myself. But then again, I didn’t make the earlier comparison to some of the most famous wealth managers of our time lightly!

Of course, once you join Share Advisor, you won’t need to take my word for all of this. That’s because every single pick that Scott makes is rigidly catalogued and updated on our official Motley Fool Share Advisor “Scorecard,” so you’ll always be able to instantly check and see:

How each and every one of Scott’s official recommendations is performing overall.

How each of those individual recommendations is doing is comparison to Scott’s benchmark, the All Ords.

How the aggregation of Scott’s picks is doing overall, in comparison to the All Ords.

You see, here at The Motley Fool, we hold one thing in higher regard than perhaps anything else…


Unlike most investment banks… talking heads on the TV… economic “oracles”… or even other share-picking newsletters, we don’t just lob out picks willy-nilly and hope people are foolish (lowercase “F”) enough to only remember the ones that go gangbusters.

We hold ourselves responsible for each and every pick we make at The Motley Fool, and we expect you to hold us responsible as well.

If that sounds like a fair deal, you can go ahead and click the button directly below to skip the rest and join Motley Fool Share Advisor without further delay.

Or if you’d prefer to discover a little bit more about membership in Share Advisor, please feel free to read on now for

Just a small sampling of everything you’ll get access to the instant you join Motley Fool Share Advisor

2 formal share recommendations per month Each and every month, Lead Advisor Scott Phillips will reveal both his current No. 1 Australian company and his current No. 1 international company for your investment dollars. Accompanied by a thorough “deep dive” research guide that we’ll send directly to your inbox.

A full back catalogue of Scott’s 170+ past share recommendations: Comprehensive research write-ups on every single company that Scott has formally picked inside Share Advisor, going back to late 2011 – most of which are still officially BUY recommendations today. So you always have the full context of every single stock that Share Advisor has picked over its tenure.

5 ASX “Best Buys Now” each month: Considering all those recommendations I just mentioned, you may be wondering how you’re supposed to know which shares to “buy first” aside from Scott’s latest recommendations. That’s where his all-important “Best Buys Now” monthly update comes in. It isolates the five already-recommended ASX companies that Scott thinks are currently the best positioned for new investment dollars right now.

Updates on active recommendations: Scott will never just recommend a company, then leave you to fend for yourself. Any time there’s a key earnings report, important conference call, breaking news announcement, merger or acquisition, or crucial management shake-up on a current BUY recommendation, you can expect Scott to have you covered with an informative update. Saving you the countless hours per week that it would take to truly stay informed on each share you’re following. Think of it as your private Financial Review page, solely pumping out updates on shares YOU are interested in.

Full access to our private members-only forums: I like to think of these forums as the world’s greatest investing “water cooler.” You see, many of our members here in Share Advisor are actually pretty elite investors in their own right, and love spending hours each day debating their favourite (and least favourite!) shares. It’s also a great resource to ask fellow members for clarification on an investing concept you may not quite grasp – most of them are more than willing to help!

Our “special reports” repository: Where you can find access to any and all special reports that Share Advisor releases, including “The Final Piece of the Puzzle: The Australian Investor’s Guide to the Artificial Intelligence Revolution”… “6 Danger Signs You Can Check in 15 Minutes”… “The Motley Fool’s Top Dividend Stock for 2019”… “How to Invest in International Markets”… and many more!

Now if you’ve read this far, I’m guessing it means you’re giving some genuine thought to joining Share Advisor. Which brings us to just only one final question you must ask yourself...

Just how much do you think membership alongside Lead Advisor Scott Phillips in Motley Fool Share Advisor is truly worth?

For starters, a good deal of Motley Fool Share Advisor members from multiple countries around the globe have told us that the entertainment and educational components of their service alone are well worth the fee they pay…

“In my humble opinion, it has to be worth the investment purely from the educational aspect alone for anyone contemplating or already investing in the share market.”

And that doesn’t even begin to take into account the potential to dramatically increase your investment returns to a rate you likely had never before imagined. All while saving you hours, days, even weeks of time and stress over your portfolio in the process.

“Motley Fool is by far the best investment tool I've ever used and I'll gladly renew the subscription again. The service is phenomenal, my portfolio has never looked so healthy and worry-free, and the support has always been prompt and helpful.”

-Tony from Randwick

Me personally? I’ve seen bare bones one or two-page financial reports that go for upwards of a few hundred dollars apiece. And yet…

That’s less investing research than what you’d receive 24 times a year, with each and every official stock recommendation that Scott Phillips shoots directly to your inbox as a highly valued Share Advisor member!

What’s more, even the most generous of financial advisors or managers usually charge a bare minimum 1% assets-under-management fee, in addition to often layering in some rather obscure – or even downright hidden – trading fees on top of that…

Just consider that if you have $500,000 under professional management, they’re skimming $5,000 a year right off the top. Don’t think you’re getting that management fee back even if they’re losing you money in the process.

And that’s without accounting for any pesky and obscure additional fees! Hedley from earlier knows where I’m coming from:

“I've had my investments in a managed fund for the last few years while watching the profits be eaten away by fees. I've since taken back control of my investments which is a big deal for me as I've never done this before. With your advice and recommendations backed up with my own research I feel confident that I'm in a great position to manage my investments successfully.”

-Hedley from Sydney

But now think about those high-roller hedge funds, famous (or infamous) for their “2 and 20” business model.

The “2 and 20” means they’re charging you 2% of assets under management annually, plus a whopping 20% of any profits they may make. Again, that’s regardless of how they actually performed in comparison to the stock market at large!

If the All Ords goes up 8% in one year, and the hedge fund only makes a measly 4% return on that $500,000 they’re managing for you, they’ll still be charging you $14,000 on the year for the privilege of getting doubled up by the market.

(If your head is spinning from the maths, I don’t blame you. But throwing a bunch of confusing numbers and fees at you is just the way a good many of these companies are able to operate so effectively!)

Now, to be fair, unlike those guys we aren’t actually managing your money on your behalf. Nor are we allowed to give you personalised investment advice.

But I do like to think of Share Advisor as a kind of “guiding hand,” helping members at large by pointing them directly to shares that our team believes have the potential to significantly increase their investment returns over the long term.

All with the goal of changing your financial destiny in the process…

And that’s why I’ve set the list price of a 2-year membership to Share Advisor at just $798.

Fortunately for you, because Share Advisor is currently on sale, for a limited amount of time, you won’t pay anything near that.

In fact, I hope you can truly appreciate both how excited and how proud I am to tell you that you we’ve slashed our Share Advisor price by 60%!

Giving you the opportunity to become a full member of Share Advisor for just $299 today on a 2-year membership term... okay, let’s think about how much that really is for a minute.

It’s a fourth of what you’d pay for an annual subscription to the Financial Review

It works out to less than $13 per month, meaning you’re only paying just over $6 for every official Share Advisor stock pick from Scott Phillips

(That’s less than the cost of placing the trade itself in your brokerage account. Heck, you could easily make that amount up in investment returns within minutes!)

And when you really drill right down to it, it means the cost of Share Advisor comes out to only about 40 cents per day!

Do they even make anything that costs 40 cents, nowadays?

It’s just our way of not only honouring you for being a valued follower of The Motley Fool… but also rewarding you for taking the very same long-term view in your investing that we preach.

Of course, it’s important to note that if you’d rather opt for a 1-year term, you can still join us in Share Advisor for just $199 starting today.

And if all of that weren’t already enough to stack the odds in your favour, I’m going to kick in a $59 FREE bonus gift to sweeten the deal for you even more!

You’ll get full access to it the second you decide to join Scott Phillips as a full-time member of Motley Fool Share Advisor.

New-Member Bonus:
Wealth for a Lifetime: 11 Lessons We Learned from Warren Buffett ($59 value – yours FREE!)

Motley Fool analysts around the world have intricately studied and scrutinised Warren Buffett and his unique investing prowess for quite some time now. But it’s much less common for us to actually have the opportunity to see him speak for hours about his philosophy – LIVE and in-person!

But that’s exactly what happened, when we packed our things and made the trip to the state of Nebraska to see “The Oracle of Omaha” himself at his famous Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting… which is really more of a global summit than a simple meeting.

What started as an entertaining journey turned out to be much more than that. 11 simple, yet vital lessons and a whopping 213 pages later, we reemerged with an entire book’s worth of Buffett wisdom to pass along to Motley Fool investors like you.

What are these 11 key lessons that we think Buffett seems to live by, and how have they been so successful in guiding him to a staggering $US85 billion in net worth? It’s all at your fingertips the moment you join us inside Motley Fool Share Advisor.

That's about as close to a steal as you can find, if you ask me. But remember, the clock is ticking fast on your chance to join BEFORE Scott's next ASX recommendation is released, and take 60% off in the process...

And while I realise that there is a good deal of urgency in all of this for you, here’s why you won’t actually have to make quite as “hasty” of a decision as you may currently think…

With our ironclad Full Membership-Fee-Back Guarantee, you can actually “test drive” everything Share Advisor has to offer for up to a full 30 days…

And then get every penny of your membership fee back if you aren’t 100% blown away!

Look, I know a smart bet when I see one.

And I’d wager good money that nowhere else in the financial industry will you ever find an advisor of any sort who’d be willing to give you full, unadulterated access to their services or advice for up to an entire month…

Then, with just a two-sentence email, refund your fee in its entirety if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the service they’ve been providing.

But that’s precisely what I’m going do right here in Motley Fool Share Advisor, should you choose to join us today.

It's just one more way of rewarding you for making a wise investment decision, for both you and your entire family. And proving that nobody cares more about your financial future than The Motley Fool and I do.

Just take an entire 30 days to fully experience the difference of being a valued Share Advisor member day in and day out…

It very well could be his single most successful pick yet

(After all, more than 25,000 current Share Advisor members sure are looking forward to it!)

And if after being a part of that, as well as the host of other elite investing research we’ll be releasing over the course of the next month, you still don’t think your membership fee is worth every cent?

Well, just give my team a quick email and we’ll happily refund your fee in full!

No annoying runaround. No desperate “please stay with us!” begging. No more than a couple minutes of your time.

You have my word on that.

And, of course, your copies of both “The Final Piece of the Puzzle: The Australian Investor’s Guide to the Artificial Intelligence Revolution” (a $49 value – yours FREE!) and “Wealth for a Lifetime: 11 Lessons We Learned from Warren Buffett” (a $59 value) are yours to keep, as sincere thanks for just giving Motley Fool Share Advisor an honest try in the first place.

As I said before, this isn’t something you’re ever likely to come across in the financial services industry…

Which may raise an interesting question in your mind: “Then Tom, why exactly are you and the Share Advisor team doing it?”

It’s quite simple, really!

The Motley Fool’s goal, and our goal here in Share Advisor specifically, will never, EVER be to try to “con” somebody into joining.

If you don’t feel like you’re getting the appropriate return out of the service for what you’re putting into it, we certainly don’t want to keep you in it against your will.

That’s just not how the world should work.

So what are you waiting for?

Either you:

A. End up loving everything about membership in Share Advisor and think it’s worth every cent, or…

B. Send us an email sometime by Day 30 of your time with us, and we’ll immediately give you your entire membership fee back in full.

Quite frankly, you have a whole lot to gain, and not much at all I can see for you to lose...

Our next “Ground Floor Event” will be here later on, August 15th at 4:30 p.m.! So please don’t risk making that mistake!

I truly hope you’ll decide to join us. So to avoid missing out before Scott makes his pick and it’s too late, simply click the button below to review our pricing and membership terms now.

To making your financial dreams a reality,


Tom Richardson | Editor in Chief
Motley Fool Australia


Financial data as of 19 February 2019, except where otherwise noted. Tom Richardson owns shares of Apple, Amazon, Cochlear, ResMed, Seek, Corporate Travel Management. John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, an Amazon subsidiary, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. David Gardner owns shares of Apple, Amazon and Netflix. Tom Gardner owns shares of Mastercard and Netflix. The Motley Fool Australia's parent company Motley Fool Holdings Inc. owns shares of Apple, Amazon, Mastercard and Netflix. The Motley Fool Australia owns shares of Corporate Travel Management Limited.

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