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Special Offer - Motely Fool Dividend Investor - 2018


Your FREE investment research is directly below…

In the meantime, I’ll explain how you can claim your “secret” wealth-building prize

I want to congratulate you on your excellent decision to get started investing the Foolish way.

And let you in on something pretty special, too. Click here for your free report. But I hope you’ll first hear me out about the “secret” wealth-building email you could receive once each month…

While you’ve no doubt heard that “Past performance is no guarantee of future results”, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t the rare pattern of success that occasionally surfaces in investing.

Just think about legendary investors like:

  • Peter Lynch – Who managed to grow the value of the Fidelity Magellan Fund from just $20 million when he took it over in 1977 to a whopping $14 BILLION by 1990. That’s a return of 70,000% across just 23 years. And many attribute his jaw-dropping success to always sticking to his simple belief that you should “never invest in an idea you can’t illustrate with a crayon.”
  • Bill Miller – The portfolio manager for the Legg Mason Value Trust. Under his leadership, the fund had one of the longest “winning streaks” in mutual fund history – beating the U.S.’s S&P 500 Index for 15 consecutive years between 1991 and 2005. In fact, the value of the fund grew from $750 million in 1990 to $20 BILLION by 2006. His secret? Realising that any stock – even an “expensive looking” one – could be a value stock if it was trading at a discount to its intrinsic value.
  • John Paulson – The once obscure hedge fund manager, who made $15 billion for his fund in 2007 alone by spotting a pattern of mortgage defaults and subsequently shorting the housing market just before its collapse. In 2008, his strategy made him another $5 billion… and as much as $1 billion in a single day! Which led a Wall Street Journal reporter to write an entire book about Paulson’s bet, dubbed “The Greatest Trade Ever.”
  • Warren Buffett – The legendary “Oracle of Omaha,” who turned humble textile manufacturing firm Berkshire Hathaway into a $400B holding company over the past half century. In 2008, with (at the time) $62B in total net worth , he was recognised as the wealthiest person on the face of the earth. And is largely regarded today as the single greatest investor in history.

Of course, most investors who’ve found their way to this level of unparalleled success in the markets are well known for keeping their particular “tricks of the trade” stowed away safely under lock and key.

And the sad truth is this…

Unless you’re wealthy enough to have a world-class expert manage your money for you, you’ll probably never be able to personally benefit from their kind of rare investing knowledge and insight.

For decades now, the expert knowledge and timely guidance been the exclusive playground of the affluent. The rich get richer, as they like to say…

But stop and consider this. What if there actually were a way for everyday investors just like you and me to personally enlist this kind of market-crushing success…

And even earn some solid dividend income on top?

I’m excited to say that in just a few short moments, that all stands to change in a way you likely never thought possible...

At which time you’ll have the opportunity to align yourself with a fast-growing grassroots alliance of some of the most successful investors on the planet… regardless of your financial circumstances in life, your profession, or even your investing knowledge.

You know whom I’m referring to. The Motley Fool, of course!

If you’ve been following along with us Fools for a while now, you’re already aware that we’re a global investing company with a single, dogged purpose in mind.

To help the world invest, better.

We’ve spent nearly a quarter of a century relentlessly pursuing that goal, and it gives me a tremendous amount of pride to say that we’ve changed the lives of millions of everyday investors just like you along the way.

Investors who otherwise would have had nobody to turn to… and would have just flat given up when the market got turbulent, as it’s bound to do every once in a while.

Or worse, may have fallen victim to high-priced (not to mention often underperforming) money managers who love to charge you an arm and a leg simply for the privilege of losing to the All Ords.

But you won’t need hundreds of thousands – or even tens of thousands – of dollars to join us today. Nor will you need a referral or some kind of formal recommendation.

That’s just not what we’re about here at the Fool.

You won’t need a degree in finance or economics, or even a rudimentary understanding of how to pick stocks, either.

What you will need is a willingness to make more money than you would have previously had any right to expect from your dividend shares…

You’ll also need a great deal of urgency, considering this offer will be gone in a matter of days...

Meaning time is truly of the essence! So without further ado, let me explain how…

Once a month, thousands of Australian investors receive a “secret” wealth-building email…

Once a month, The Motley Fool Australia’s resident dividend expert Andrew Page officially releases his newest share recommendation to our Motley Fool Dividend Investor members… and Dividend Investor members alone!

Meaning it’s also the first-ever chance for anybody to get in on the ground floor of Andrew’s newest pick, right from the get-go.

  • Could it be another Altium (ASX: ALU), sold for a gain of 153.6% since Andrew first tipped the shares to Dividend Investors members in September of 2015?
  • Maybe another Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (ASX: API), which piled on 133.9% for members in a little more than a single year
  • Or an Event Hospitality and Entertainment (ASX: EVT), which earned our Dividend Investors a tidy 62.8% profit in less than two years?

Perhaps they turn out to be bigger than all of them…

The point is you get an expert edge!

You’re effectively on the “inside” at last…

All because you have access to top investor’s sheer best ideas for building your wealth.

(And I do mean wealth. Some of Andrew’s dividend share recommendations are currently paying yields such as 7.15%, fully franked… 7.21% fully franked… and even 9.2%, fully franked.)

Your “secret” share tip comes 12 times a year... arriving promptly in your inbox as a highly valued Dividend Investor member!

Listen, expert advice usually costs a GREAT DEAL of money.

Even the most generous of financial advisors or managers usually charge a bare minimum 1% assets-under-management fee, in addition to often layering in some rather obscure – or even downright hidden – trading fees on top of that…

Just consider that if you have $500,000 under professional management, they’re skimming $5,000 a year right off the top. Don’t think you’re getting that management fee back even if they’re losing you money in the process.

And that’s without accounting for any pesky and obscure additional fees!

But now think about those high-roller hedge funds, famous (or infamous) for their “2 and 20” business model.

The “2 and 20” means they’re charging you 2% of assets under management annually, plus a whopping 20% of any profits they may make. Again, that’s regardless of how they actually performed in comparison to the stock market at large!

If the All Ords goes up 8% in one year, and the hedge fund only makes a measly 4% return on that $500,000 they’re managing for you, they’ll still be charging you $14,000 on the year for the privilege of getting doubled up by the market.

Now, to be fair, unlike those guys we aren’t actually managing your money on your behalf. Nor are we allowed to give you personalised investment advice.

But I do like to think of Dividend Investor as a kind of “guiding hand,” helping members at large by pointing them directly to shares that our team believes have the potential to significantly increase their dividend income… and even earn them capital gains, too…

Every single month, conveniently delivered in email form, to your inbox, like clockwork.

All with the goal of changing your financial destiny in the process…

And that’s why I’ve set the list price of a 1-year membership to Dividend Investor at just $199.

Fortunately for you, because Dividend Investor is currently on sale, for a limited amount of time, you won’t pay anything near that.

In fact, I hope you can truly appreciate both how proud and how excited I am to tell you that you we’ve slashed our Dividend Investor price by 50%!

Giving you the opportunity to become a full member of Dividend Investor for just $99 today on a 1-year membership term... okay, let’s think about how much that really is for a minute.

That’s the cost of a nice dinner for two at your favourite restaurant...

It’s a fourth of what you’d pay for an annual subscription to the Financial Review…

It works out to less than $9 per month, meaning you’re only paying about the price of two coffees for every official Dividend Investor stock pick from Andrew Page

And when you really drill right down to it, it means the cost of Dividend Investor comes out to only about 27 cents per day!

Do they even make anything that costs 27 cents, nowadays?

It’s just our way of not only honouring you for being a valued follower of The Motley Fool… but also rewarding you for taking the very same long-term view in your investing that we preach.

Now here’s the cherry on top.

With our ironclad Full Membership-Fee-Back Guarantee, you can actually “test drive” everything Dividend Investor has to offer for up to a full 30 days…

And then get every penny of your membership fee back if you aren’t 100% blown away!

Look, I know a smart bet when I see one.

And I’d wager good money that nowhere else in the financial industry will you ever find an advisor of any sort who’d be willing to give you full, unadulterated access to their services or advice for up to an entire month…

Then, with just a single minute-or-so-long phone call or a two-sentence email, refund your fee in its entirety if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the service they’ve been providing.

But that’s precisely what I’m going do right here in Motley Fool Dividend Investor, should you choose to join us today.

It's just one more way of rewarding you for making a wise investment decision, for both you and your entire family. And proving that nobody cares more about your financial future than The Motley Fool and I do.

Just take an entire 30 days to fully experience the difference of being a valued Dividend Investor member day in and day out…

Including exclusive recommendations of shares currently paying 7.1%, fully franked… 6.75%, fully franked… and even an eye-watering 9.2%, FULLY FRANKED...

And if after being a part of that, as well as the host of other elite investing research we’ll be releasing over the course of the next month, you still don’t think your membership fee is worth every cent?

Well, just give my team a quick email or call and we’ll happily refund your fee in full!

No annoying runaround. No desperate “please stay with us!” begging. No more than a couple minutes of your time.

You have my word on that.

As you know, this isn’t something you’re ever likely to come across in the financial services industry…

Which may raise an interesting question in your mind: “Then Tom, why exactly are you and the Dividend Investor team doing it?”

It’s quite simple, really!

The Motley Fool’s goal, and our goal here in Dividend Investor specifically, will never, EVER be to try to “con” somebody into joining.

If you don’t feel like you’re getting the appropriate return out of the service for what you’re putting into it… including a welcome stream of dividend income… and seeing results from each wealth-building email… we certainly don’t want to keep you in it against your will.

That’s just not how the world should work.

So what are you waiting for?

Either you:

A. End up loving everything about membership in Dividend Investor and think it’s worth every cent, or…

B. Give us a call or email sometime by Day 30 of your time with us, and we’ll immediately give you your entire membership fee back in full.

Quite frankly, you have a whole lot to gain, and not much at all I can see for you to lose...

I truly hope you’ll decide to join us. So to avoid missing out, simply click the button below to review these special and time-limited terms now.

To making your financial dreams a reality,


Tom Richardson
Editor in Chief, Motley Fool Australia

Numbers as of 6 March 2018.


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