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Extreme Opportunities

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Extreme Opportunities

Here’s your chance to follow along as we uncover some of the most promising and 'under the radar' small-cap growth stocks trading on the ASX. Upstart software companies, tech companies, and tiny, surging biotechs…

All with the potential to make you ‘moonshot’ 1,000% or more profits. This kind of massive upside potential is what Extreme Opportunities is all about.

And we’re already handily beating the market by more than 2X.

Anirban Mahanti, Lead Advisor of Motley Fool Extreme Opportunities

To snap up a membership, and get access to every ASX share we’ve ever recommended…

Plus one new moonshot idea every single month…

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If you're having trouble ordering, please email us at [email protected] And please note that, given the highly valuable nature of our Extreme Opportunities research – and its potential to earn you 1,000% or more in a single share picks – we’re unable to offer refunds at this time.

  • One formal ASX stock tip per month
    emailed exclusively to your in-box, every single month.
  • Bi-Weekly updates on recommendations:
    We track every active company on our recommendations list to keep you up to speed on the latest news of note. And if the time comes to sell a stock for a particular reason, you’ll be the first to hear about it through an emailed update
  • The incredibly popular 3 "best buy now" extreme stocks report,
    again emailed every single month. This report brings you the 3 stocks that Anirban and his team think are currently the best positioned for new investment dollars right now.
  • Instant access to the Premium reports
    available only to Extreme Opportunity members.

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