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An urgent investor alert from The Motley Fool

Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk has let the cat out of the bag, and now he can’t put it back!

The borderline unknown Australian tech company Elon Musk quietly can't live without…

Now his recent $63,000,000 gamble has revealed how you could potentially make your own  fortune!

Read on discover how the Tesla CEO’s boast inadvertently revealed a little-known Australian “shadow company” secretly responsible for a good deal of Tesla’s miraculous success story – including a surprising portion of Musk’s staggering US$15.6 billion fortune (and as I’ll explain, could perhaps even help save the future of a massive swath of Australia itself)…

And while some investors – including myself – are still kicking themselves for missing out on Tesla’s legendary 1,618% run-up over the past decade alone, a small group has now quietly discovered how to potentially make outsized returns on Tesla going forward… by instead investing in this small Australian tech company that I believe is starting to look a lot like the “second coming of Intel”.

You’ll also uncover the borderline shocking reason why shares of this “shadow company” may be primed to skyrocket within a matter of the next few days – and why you’ll need to act by 22 August, or risk missing out on what’s starting to look to me like the investment opportunity of a generation!

Dear fellow investor,

On 9 March, 2017, something truly amazing happened…

As the world watched in awe, two eccentric billionaires hashed out a highly public wager worth a veritable king’s ransom.

The entire exchange was completed within a matter of minutes, and it was the kind of deal typically reserved for the smoke-filled backrooms of a private cigar club. Or the sun-drenched deck of an oil sheik’s personal yacht.

Instead, it was going down on Twitter of all places. In full view of more than 300 million onlookers around the globe.

The bet? A cool $63 million.

And the stakes? Nothing short of the future of the country as we know it.

As you may already be aware, millions upon millions of everyday Australians ultimately stand to benefit from the wager that went down between the two billionaire CEOs that day.

But if you think you know where I’m going with this already, bear with me a little while longer…

Everybody from The Sydney Morning Herald to Malcolm Turnbull himself missed the story that SHOULD have been on Page 1!

Everybody, that is, except a lone, extraordinary investor who foresaw the fortune-building potential from this event well before anybody else.

In the past, this man has led lucky followers to share returns like 207.8%966.7%… and even 2,080.9%! But as you’ll see for yourself shortly, the almost unheard-of Australian tech company I’ll introduce you to today could stand to be his biggest winner yet

So give me just a few minutes of your time, and I’ll let you in on the even bigger story I stumbled upon while frantically sorting through all of this.

It’s the real story of that day.

And if everything works out like I expect it to, it could not only be the biggest story of 2017… but the biggest Australian investing story since the incredible floats of the 1990s, when companies like CSL, CBA, and Woolies started their legendary runs and made so many incredibly wealthy.

You see, as I was soon to discover, a very select group of Australia’s most in-the-know investors have already quietly positioned themselves for a shot at what I can only fairly describe as “generational” profits.

And straight ahead, I’ll explain how you’ll actually be able to join them and position yourself to claim your fair share of the fortune in the process… if you act with a great deal of urgency.

In fact, you’ll learn the surprising reason why you’ll need to act by a fast-approaching 22 August deadline… or risk missing out entirely.

But first, let me fill you in on how all of this commotion got started in the first place…

The Billionaire’s Bet

Some of the details will no doubt already be known to you.

Rewind to last spring, when a catastrophic storm left thousands of South Australians stranded without power.

In fact, the ENTIRE STATE went dark, with the BBC reporting…

“All 1.7 million people in South Australia – which is 40% bigger than Texas, covering more than 980,000 sq. km…lost electricity following an extreme storm in September.”

Then, this past December, as the summer temperatures climbed to a blistering 40 degrees…

The electrical grid yet again FAILED.

Once more, homes across South Australia went dark. In an instant, more than 100 years’ worth of energy technology proved utterly inadequate.

Meanwhile, rescue workers, businessmen, and politicians alike scrambled for a solution to the crisis… with none in sight.

Until just a few months ago, when a casual Twitter exchange between a pair of bold billionaires revealed a stunning path forward…

That’s Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk and Atlassian co-founder and co-CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes hammering out what eventually turned out to be a $63 million dollar deal in front of literally the entire audience of Twitter.

As you’re well-aware, transactions of this magnitude hardly ever take place in such a public forum…

Breathless reporters across the globe – from Adelaide to the Big Apple – raced to report the news!

Even the prime minister himself got involved, with Malcolm Turnbull picking up the phone for a behind-closed-doors call with Elon Musk on 12 March.

If you weren’t following along at the time, the deal is for a massive, futuristic battery system that could singlehandedly cure South Australia of its rampant energy woes.

Or as Cannon-Brookes puts it:

“This would be a ‘world-first’ technology, unreplicated anywhere else, and will put South Australia on the map. This stuff is space age. It’s inspiring to see when Aussies come together using our collective ingenuity and smarts, we can make [stuff] happen.”

And what’s more, Musk boasted that if the battery farm were even one day late, he and Tesla would charge absolutely NOTHING for the entire project. They’d eat the entire cost themselves!

Of course, at the time, the above was all mere speculation…

That all changed on 6 July, when the extraordinary happened yet again, and Musk revealed that the final paperwork had been signed, sealed, and delivered. With that, the bet of the century was officially on!

“Tesla to build giant battery in South Australia in 100 days or it's free”


When I saw the final confirmation, two questions immediately began racing around my head…

The first question, of course, was…

“How the heck is Tesla ever going make something this big and this complex happen in just 100 days?!”

I’m guessing you probably thought something similar when you saw the news. Because as miraculous as Elon Musk may be, this bet sounded a lot like intentionally setting money on fire.

If he comes up even a single day late, he and Tesla are out at least $63 million in the blink of an eye (and I’ve seen a good many experts judging the project could actually be far, far more expensive than that).

Not to mention all the time and effort that goes into the project, which could easily be spent elsewhere…

With that in mind, how could Musk possibly have so much confidence that he would be able to complete the project in such a short time frame?

Could he perhaps even have some kind of “ace up his sleeve” that nobody else knows about?

And that thought led me to my far more important second question:

“For a project this big – and this critical – if Elon Musk is about to pull off the impossible yet again, there must be some way for everyday investors like me to profit… right?”

Any time something happens against all odds, there’s a fair bet that at least somebody is making a great deal of money on the other end of the bet.

My problem was that even if Tesla did somehow end up pulling off the impossible, with an eye-watering US$53 billion market cap, their share price isn’t going to move more than a few ticks at the most.

(After all, at that valuation they’re actually the largest “automaker” in all of the United States!)

No, if there were any real profits to be had, I’d need to find a far smaller opportunity to invest in. And for that, I knew there was only one place to turn…

So I went to single best investor I know in all of Australia for his take on all of this drama.

To put it bluntly, what I learned from him left me floored. And more than a little excited…

Not only had he already figured out the answer to both of my questions… but incredibly, the answer to both questions was EXACTLY the same.

As I expected, it turns out the answer was definitively NOT Tesla. Nor was it Cannon-Brookes’s Atlassian, for that matter.

It certainly wasn’t anything to do with the government or penny-a-share lithium miners or anything of that sort.

Instead, this investor (I’ll introduce you to him in a minute) pointed me to a small, yet rapidly growing tech company located in the heart of Melbourne – currently around 1/14th the size of Atlassian. And a mere 1/90th the size of Tesla.

A six-letter, $742 million company that hardly anybody inside or outside of Australia has even heard of…

Don’t count on Elon Musk mentioning them in one of his numerous press conferences or highly (some would say overly) publicised media events.

Nor will you see their name pop up even briefly in Tesla’s earnings calls or investor presentations. Trust me, I’ve looked.

Yet they’re so crucial to Tesla’s miraculous success that time after time, Musk personally calls on them whenever he needs a critically important project completed in a seemingly impossible timeframe.

Like the US$5 billion Tesla Gigafactory, nestled deep in the sun-scorched deserts of the U.S. state of Nevada.

You’ve no doubt heard of the Gigafactory. But what you may not know is that at a gargantuan 510,966.72 m2, the Gigafactory is actually now the single largest building on the face of the planet.

At a massive 510,966.72 m2, Tesla’s Gigafactory is actually now the single largest building on Earth. And one small Australian tech company was almost single-handedly responsible for it going up so quickly…

This is no simple warehouse, either – it’s a modern technological marvel. Check out a few of these crazy facts:

  • Battery production levels are anticipated to be “faster than bullets from a machine gun”.
  • Tesla boasts it will eventually churn out more lithium-ion batteries in one year than were made worldwide in all of 2013.
  • The factory will run on 100% renewable energy, and is actually designed to be earthquake proof!

Now, if you know anything about the construction industry, you know projects are constantly behind deadline and almost always over budget.

(Especially ones as complex, technologically advanced, and downright MASSIVE as the Gigafactory.)

Yet despite construction first being reported on the giant, monolithic structure in early 2015, Tesla proudly announced the official “Grand Opening” of the Gigafactory back on 29 July, 2016…

A mere YEAR AND A HALF after the first studs and pylons started going up! Meaning that, once again, Elon Musk has pulled off the impossible.

And he has our small Australian tech company to almost single-handedly thank for it

Now as I said earlier, you won’t find this company’s name mentioned alongside Tesla or Elon Musk in any self-congratulatory press conferences or glowing news articles. But if the research I’ve done is any indication, they’re the key to all of it.

From what I’ve established, they’re like a “secret weapon” that Musk employs over and over again, allowing him to rewrite the laws of probability… and consistently make the impossible projects possible.

You don’t have to take my word for it, though. Take theirs.

The indisputable proof discreetly buried on page 16

I found the proof carefully buried on page 16 of this small Australian tech company’s 2016 half-year investor report, among five other “Key Project Wins” in the Americas, as you can see in the image.

As you can see above, I found proof of the connection between our little-known Australian shadow company and Tesla buried on page 16 of their half-year investor presentation.

But that’s not all…

Head eight hours due south of Tesla’s Gigafactory, and you’ll run smack-into the US$100 million battery farm that Tesla just completed in southern California earlier this year… this time within a mere 90 days.

Yet again, the evidence of our small Australian tech company’s involvement could only be found by those who were already looking for it. Fortunately, I was.

Here’s their 2017 investor report, including a client list and a map of recently completed projects. Take note of the square located directly in southern California.

Our Tech Company’s Recently Completed Projects

I found even more breadcrumbs connecting our little-known Australian shadow company with Tesla on page 21 of their 2017 investor presentation!

By now, bells should be going off in your head from the glaring pattern that’s developing here…

Anytime Tesla has a major project they need completed in an exceedingly short time frame, traces of our small Australian tech company turn up shortly after (at least for those who know where to look).

It’s no wonder Elon Musk is so confident that he can get that South Australian battery farm up and running in no time flat…

But make no mistake, historically, this isn’t the first time this kind of relationship between two companies has happened…

And every time it has, a TSUNAMI of profits has soon followed for keen investors!

To properly put it in context, you’ll have to flash back with me to 1981 in the United States, at the infancy of the great computer wars of the 1980s…

As you may recall yourself, up to that point “mainframe” computers filled up entire rooms, and it was pretty hard to envision a future where one of these elephantine structures would be plopped on the desk of homes across the entire world.

Until a company with the clunky name “International Business Machines” and an origin stretching back a century to the 1880s released something called the “personal computer” (PC), and immediately changed the course of history forever.

In retrospect, the idea of a PC may seem obvious. But a few years before it went mainstream? Well…

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers."

– Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943

"There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home."

– Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977

"But what… is it good for?" (commenting on the microchip)

– Engineer at the Advanced Computing Systems Division of IBM, 1968

Now, that last quote is the one you’ll really want to pay attention to

Because what you may not know is that at the time, IBM’s dominance in the computing field was largely attributable to one small, still relatively unknown company that made the entire concept of the PC possible in the first place.

They mass-produced what’s called the “microprocessor”, which allowed IBM’s shrunken-down personal computer to fit in every home in the world… while still having the necessary firepower to perform the endlessly complex calculations that only room-sized machines could manage previously.

In fact, without this fast-growing niche company, IBM likely never becomes the universally known brand it is today.

After all, if you had invested in IBM when it first released the PC, you would have made an 2,355% return to date – turning every $5,000 you’d invested into $117,750 in the process.

Not bad, right?

But what if you instead had the bold foresight to invest in “the shadow company behind IBM” – the one whose proprietary technology actually made the once seemingly laughable idea of a “personal” computer possible (there’s that word again) in the first place?

By now, you’ve probably guessed that I’m talking about none other than microchip producer Intel.

Of course, everybody knows Intel by name these days. But back in the early ‘80s, they were a small component producer that was just starting to get noticed by the public.

By the time the 1990s rolled around, IBM’s focus was stretched between dozens of low-margin business ventures… and they had ballooned to a staggering 400,000 employees.

(That’s about twice as many people as the current population of the Northern Territory!)

Meanwhile, despite becoming known the world over for their “Intel Inside” brand, Intel stayed lean – rigidly fixated on the one thing they knew they… and only they… could do flawlessly.

… Not to mention the one thing that IBM and their slew of PC-manufacturing-competitors springing up by the day simply could not live without.

The result?

Intel’s shares have gone on a legendary 15,795% rampage since IBM released the first PC. And that $5,000 you would have turned into $117,750 with IBM shares…?

It would instead have blossomed into a treasure trove worth $789,772.

Just think about what YOU could do with that kind of money…

You could jet-set around the world with your family in first class, a champagne glass in your hand…

…scale the Alps together in search of breathtaking views in Switzerland…

…casually stroll along the Great Wall of China that Gengis Khan’s legendary Mongol hoards used to smash into…

…recline at the house you rented out along the French Riviera…

… Or you could simply do whatever it is you love doing every single day – be it hitting the links, dozing off on the porch with a good book, or finally picking up that new hobby you’ve always wished you had the time and money for.

You’d even be able to help your children or grandchildren buy their first home.

The greatest thing in all of this is you don’t need ME to tell you what you could or couldn’t do… because you’d be able to do pretty much whatever the heck you want!

Again, that would have all been made possible by a mere $5,000 initial investment. Just imagine what $10,000… $20,000… even $25,000 would have done.

Of course, like me, you probably weren’t an early investor in Intel’s historic run. (Or if you were, I’m assuming you’re reading this from your private yacht tethered off the coast of Bali.)

And that’s precisely why I’m writing to you today, to fill you in on what I consider to be an astonishingly similar opportunity that revolves around Tesla… and more specifically, the little-known Australian tech company I’ve been telling you about.

Right now, I think they bear a remarkable resemblance to Intel – just before it truly started to take off on that historical 15,795% run I described earlier

I’ll tell you why dead ahead, and then show you how YOU can grab the name and symbol of this fast-growing tech company, should you be interested in buying shares yourself.

(And as I’ll explain in a bit, you’ll want to do so by 22 August at the latest!)

But first, where are my manners? Please allow me to properly introduce myself.

My name’s Greg Martz, and I’m the Chief Operating Officer here at Motley Fool Australia.

In case you haven’t heard much about us, just know that every single person here wakes up and goes to work day in and day out with a single, determined purpose: “To help the world invest… better.”

We’ve spent the better part of the past decade relentlessly pursuing that goal, and it gives me a tremendous amount of pride as the COO of Motley Fool Australia to say that we’ve changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of everyday investors just like you along the way.

Many of those being investors who otherwise would have had nobody else to turn to… and would have just flat given up when the market got turbulent, as it’s bound to do every once in a while (like right now, for instance)…

Or worse, fallen victim to high-priced (not to mention often underperforming) money managers who love to charge you an arm and a leg simply for the privilege of losing to the All Ords.

You won’t need hundreds of thousands – or even tens of thousands – of dollars to join us today. That’s just not what we’re about here at Motley Fool Australia.

Nor will you need a degree in finance or economics, or even a rudimentary understanding of how to pick shares.

Technically, you won’t even need a brokerage account to get started!

What you WILL need is a true willingness to potentially start making more money than you would have previously had any right to expect from your investments.

And I believe the opportunity I’ve been telling you about today is your chance to do precisely that…

It’s 1981 all over again! At long last, it feels like history is once again repeating itself for those who missed out the first time…

Like Intel did for IBM, our little-known Australian shadow company provides a niche service that a larger and more widely known mega company relies on to carry out their most important projects.

Also like Intel, they chose to focus on honing that one niche service to perfection, instead of diversifying into other areas they may be less competent and qualified in…

But unlike Intel, who runs a rather capital-intensive manufacturing business, our tech company actually has an incredibly capital-light business model.

You see, they provide a software platform that coordinates the entire range of things required in construction projects, including services like:

  • Document management
  • Cost management
  • Building information modelling (BIM)
  • Bid and tender processes
  • Workflow management
  • Field management
  • Asset handover

If that looks boring and complicated to you, consider the value of this if you’re rushing to complete multiple world-changing construction projects, while also doing 75 other things at the same time like Elon Musk is…

Instead of having to pay hundreds upon hundreds of highly error-prone individuals to manage your ridiculously complex multibillion-dollar projects, you simply pay one steady and reliable company to automate the ENTIRE process for you – from start to finish!

Meanwhile, our company collects a simple, recurring fee from the client – just like how you’d pay for a recurring Foxtel membership (though obviously dramatically more expensive).

And that one fee results in…

Timely project execution? Check.

Compliance with local legal and environmental regulations? Check.

All while ensuring building quality and overall cost management? Check.

They’re a true one-stop shop…

And that’s why Elon Musk simply cannot live without them!

Considering McKinsey Global Institute reports that 20% of construction projects don’t meet deadlines, and a truly staggering 80% run over budget, software like this is absolutely invaluable.

That said, you know how it goes with technology. It always takes far longer than you’d expect to replace manual labour and outdated software, even while they continue to cost companies hundreds of billions of dollars year after year.

To that point, in 2018 alone the output of the global construction industry is expected to be around $18 trillion. With a “T.”

Yet incredibly, the global penetration of “construction collaboration software” – as our company calls it – sits at a mere 4% to 5% of projects. Meaning this entire market is almost entirely untapped!

After all, have you ever heard the term “construction collaboration software” before just now? I sure hadn’t, until I was clued into this opportunity and started snooping around.

And after getting the lay of the land and seeing what’s what, trust me, there’s a ton of room to run here.

Plus, aside from still being such a small company, one of the things that gives Elon Musk’s secret weapon so much upside is quite simply they’re one of the very few companies that has emerged in this industry!

Even better, despite initially floating their shares a mere two and a half years ago, our company is already THE market leader in countries with the highest penetration of this construction collaboration software (the UK, New Zealand, and, you guessed it, Australia).

They even recently bought out their primary competition in the UK in order to secure an even more dominant No. 1 position!

What’s more, because of the “collaborative” nature of construction collaboration software, it’s expected that only a small amount of players will ultimately dominate the industry in the years ahead as the industry really starts to take off.

See, once a client develops a relationship with our company and their software platform, it tends to be a naturally “sticky” relationship. They’re already comfortable working together, and would prefer to do so going forward as opposed to having to get to know the “ins and outs” of an entirely new company’s software.

And that leads to an incredibly predictable and recurring stream of revenue cycling through time and time again.

Put it all together, and I don’t think it’s any exaggeration to say that this company genuinely has the potential to become…

The single greatest Australian tech company of the 21st century!

But here’s the reason I’m actually MOST excited about this potentially once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

From what I can tell, we’ve officially entered the “sweet spot” when this stock’s worth has already been proven out, yet the public at large hasn’t caught on… yet!

This company initially floated shares a mere two and a half years ago. Yet in that short time frame, their share price has quickly shot up by 118% – more than doubling every dollar invested!

Frankly, I believe those returns are just the tip of the iceberg…

After all, in fiscal year 2016 alone this company’s revenue jumped by 50%, continuing an eye-popping trend of predictable growth.

That’s an incredible 29% compound annual growth rate over the past half-decade, with no end in sight!

Tell me this Australian shadow company’s name and ticker symbol now!

And because they have such an incredibly capital-light business model – as I explained earlier – profits have really started to take off as well… despite heavy investment in marketing, sales, and product development.

Meanwhile, the balance sheet conjures up an image of an iron fortress, with $52.5 million in cold, hard cash and virtually no debt to speak of.

And recurring revenue can be found everywhere. Check this out…

Because this company recognises project revenues over three-to-four-year periods, nearly three-fourths of their revenue for the 2017 fiscal year is already under contract and accounted for, making planning for the future a piece of cake.

All in all, total project value has surpassed a whopping $1 trillion, and their full list of clients (in addition to Tesla) reads like a “who’s who” list. Just to name a few…

  • ConocoPhillips
  • Transurban
  • BNP Paribas
  • The government of Dubai (their metro)
  • Las Vegas Sands Corp (the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore)
  • The government of Hong Kong (their airport)

And unsurprisingly, management is every bit what you’d expect from a company that quite simply appears destined for greatness.

One co-founder is currently the CEO, and the other is a senior VP. Both also sit on the board of directors, and together they hold a hefty 12% of outstanding shares.

That’s great news for us as well – with so much of their personal wealth tied up in the company, you can expect this duo to make smart, long-term-focused decisions going forward.

Add it all up, and it’s easy to see why this company has caught the attention of one extraordinary investor in a big way.

In fact, it’s high-time I introduced you to this mysterious man…

His name is Scott Phillips, and he’s actually the Director of Research here at Motley Fool Australia.

He stands head and shoulders above any other investor I know or have met in Australia, and he has the track record to prove it.

After spending years plying his trade in various sales and financial roles related to corporate management, Scott had discovered the good… the bad… and the ugly of the industry.

And as a longtime investor who’s now managed his own portfolio for 15 years, combined with his extensive experience understanding the complex ins and outs of corporate business, we knew he’d be a perfect fit to lead everyday investors like you on a bold wealth-seeking journey.

Because as important as his position of Australian Director of Research is at a global investment publisher like The Motley Fool, I believe Scott actually performs an even more crucial function day in and day out for our humble company…

Namely, he serves as the Lead Advisor for Motley Fool Australia’s flagship share-picking service – Motley Fool Share Advisor.

That means Scott spends each and every day scouring the markets for the most lucrative, overlooked, and underappreciated share opportunities… all on behalf of a whopping 21,000 highly devoted Motley Fool Share Advisor members (and growing fast!).

Such as Hedley, who was kind enough to write to us from Sydney to express her appreciation.

“I saw Scott speak at a Conscious Capitalism event last year and was really impressed, not just with his knowledge but also his honesty and integrity as a person. It was based on these qualities I signed up to The Motley Fool, and it's clear these qualities are key in your business from making your recommendations to the communication with members.”

-Hedley from Sydney

And as you probably guessed, the company I’ve been telling you about today has fallen directly into Scott’s crosshairs.

In fact, he recently made it an official recommendation on behalf of his entire Motley Fool Share Advisor member base. He truly believes this could be his next huge winner.

Which is precisely why…

You need to get the full story on this little-known Australian tech superstar today – and here’s the ONE way to do so…

In anticipation of the “Intel-esque” run our Tesla shadow company is poised to go on, Scott just put the finishing touches on a brand-new special report for interested investors like you.

It’s called “Tesla’s Shadow: The Little-Known Australian Tech Company That Helped Elon Musk Build a Fortune”, and it will fill you in on practically everything you could possibly need to know about this small tech company, including:

  • A comprehensive, easy-to-understand stroll through their financials.
  • A breakdown of their overall market opportunity and borderline ridiculous potential upside.
  • A thorough examination of their unique, capital-light business model – including how they earn predictable and recurring revenue at a mind-boggling rate.
  • A close look at their sterling, co-founder-led management team, and why they could be the “ace in the hole” for the company.

Of course, that’s just a small taste of everything you’ll get access to when you claim your personal copy of “Tesla’s Shadow: The Little-Known Australian Tech Company That Helped Elon Musk Build a Fortune” today.

And because Scott is more concerned with you thoroughly understanding the company than trying to prove how smart he is, the entire report will be presented in PLAIN ENGLISH.

As I said before, you won’t need a business or economics degree to understand any of it.

I’ll show you how to grab your FREE copy of this report in just a minute. But first, there’s one thing you need to know about this fortune-making opportunity, and why the timeline here is far more urgent than you may expect.

The surprising catalyst that could send this company’s shares skyrocketing any second now!

Historically, the under-the-radar trait I’m about to describe to you has been like strapping a rocket booster onto the shares of hundreds of companies.

Yet oddly enough, hardly anybody ever considers it when they’re deciding whether to buy shares of a company. In fact, many people choose to AVOID them altogether!

I’m talking about heavily “shorted” companies.

In case you’ve never heard the term or maybe you have and just need a quick refresher, “shorting” is when you make a negative bet against a company, instead of a positive one.

So instead of making money when the share price goes up like you normally would, you’d make money when the company’s share price goes down.

Simple, right? It’s like the exact opposite of buying shares in a company.

But here’s the thing. While any company’s share price can of course only fall to a floor of “$0”, it can go up infinitely – meaning there’s no ceiling on the amount of money that investors who are shorting the company can lose.

And that means that when a company’s share price really starts to go up, investors are often forced to sell back the shares that they’re using to “short” the company – since there’s no hard cap on the amount of losses they can sustain.

Theoretically, they could lose their entire net worth!

And when a large chunk of those shares are all sold back at exactly the same time, it often creates a compounding avalanche of gains as the added volume from the shorts propels share prices higher…

… Making investors who are betting the company will go up a pretty penny in all the time it takes for a lightning bolt to strike!

How Heavily Shorted Stocks Can Skyrocket in a Matter of Hours!

And, ironically enough, everybody from Forbes to Schaeffer’s Investment Research to legendary value investor Aswath Damodaran himself agrees these so-called “short squeezes” (when shorters are forced to quickly sell back shares) have been a HUGE part of Tesla’s massive run-up over the past few years:

“Tesla's Rally Feels Like A Short Squeeze”


“Tesla's rally could have legs, should short sellers hit the exits.”

-Schaeffer Investment Research

“When the run-up begins, the short interest plummets.”

-Aswath Domodaran & Bradford Cornell

Considering Tesla was just named the “most shorted stock in the U.S. equity market” by financial analytics firm S3 Partners and has been one of the most shorted now for the past half-decade, it’s easy to see why any “short squeezes” would send their share price into orbit.

But as you well know, we aren’t here to talk about Tesla.

And by now, you probably see where I’m going with this…

That’s right – our little tech company in Tesla’s shadow was recently named as the most heavily shorted share in all of Australia, just like Tesla was in the states.

Of course, it’s only fair to point out that many companies are highly shorted for a reason – they’re flat-out rotten companies!

And we’d obviously never recommend buying shares in a company solely because it has a lot of shorts behind it. That’d just be silly. Not to mention flat-out irresponsible.

As you’ve seen today though, that’s simply not the case here…

Not only is the company I’ve been telling you about today a big winner in Scott Phillips’ book, but check out this headline from Bloomberg I stumbled across:

“Australia’s Most Shorted Stock Has Only One Analyst Saying Sell”


Despite ten analysts covering such a heavily shorted company, NINE of them have our little-known tech company as a screaming buy.

If that doesn’t have you licking your chops about uncovering a true diamond in the rough, I don’t know what will.

This company isn’t just a great long-term buy, as we’ve been discussing. I’m confident they’re also poised to get a short-term JOLT any second now.

I must warn you, though: one impending event could put an end to the entire party…

Why a 22 August deadline is staring you directly in the face…

For now, you and I are two of the only investors that know the crazy ins and outs of this story.

But as you can probably guess, once news of our small Australian tech company’s almost superhuman exploits gets out to the investing public at large, shares could be gobbled up in a heartbeat – sending prices soaring into the stratosphere for investors who already hold shares…

That’s why Tuesday, 22 August could be the single most important day of the year for them… and for you!

You see, that’s the day this company is set to deliver their semi-annual earnings report…

And if they’re as intimately involved with Tesla’s 100-day South Australia battery farm build-out as you’d expect from their recent history with Tesla, it’s hard to imagine they’ll be able to keep something that key to their business bottled up any longer.

Once they finally let everybody in on the story, there’s a good chance they go from Elon Musk’s “secret weapon” to front-page news in a matter of minutes

At which point this unique, potentially fortune-making opportunity could dry up instantaneously.

Imagine a match being lit by investors piling head-first into this stock. Now imagine splashing gasoline on top of that match, as shorts are forced to save their skin by selling back shares.

(Of course, there’s no knowing precisely what will happen to the share price on 22 August. For all I know, it could fall 15% as the shorts have their day. Or it could absolutely skyrocket – perhaps by multiples of that!)

Which is why you need to act quickly, before that deadline arrives…

Tell me this Australian shadow company’s name and ticker symbol now!

Even then, there’s a good chance somebody finds out about this company’s potential and lets the cat out of the bag any minute now!

I’ve already told you that you can get the full details on this company through Scott’s in-depth, hot-off-the-presses report, “Tesla’s Shadow: The Little-Known Australian Tech Company That Helped Elon Musk Build a Fortune”

And normally, Motley Fool Australia values proprietary research reports like this at $29.

But as thanks for your patience in hearing me out today, I’m more than happy to provide you with a FREE copy of the report, with my heartfelt compliments for sticking with me.

There’s just one final thing you need to know, and it’s important…

Through this specific “urgent investor alert”, we’ll be making just 100 copies of this exclusive report available!

Look, as I’ve made clear by now, this is a delicate matter, and too much publicity in this company’s corner could very well spoil the investing opportunity here for everybody – including current Motley Fool Share Advisor members.

That’s why through this particular “urgent investor alert”, we’ll be making exactly 100 copies of “Tesla’s Shadow: The Little-Known Australian Tech Company That Helped Elon Musk Build a Fortune” available.

Once we hit that quota, we’ll immediately shut down access through this portal…

Trust me, given that you’ve been kind enough to read this far, I’d love to just go ahead and give you the name and ticker of this company right here and now…

But I hope you’ll understand that simply wouldn’t be fair to those investors who have already paid us for the privilege of always being among the first to know about one-of-a-kind profit opportunities like this.

And to be perfectly honest, what I’ve been able to tell you here is only the tip of the iceberg — whereas you deserve to get all the facts so you can get invested with complete confidence

So here’s how I suggest we proceed.

I’ll go ahead and send you a FREE copy of “Tesla’s Shadow: The Little-Known Australian Tech Company That Helped Elon Musk Build a Fortune” the second you request it, with my compliments for listening to my story today.

All I ask in return is that you please accept one other thing — again, with my compliments

Namely, the chance to “test drive” the investment solution we’ve built for investors just like you for up to a full 30 days – without having to risk a single cent of your membership fee…

Claim my copy of “Tesla’s Shadow: The Little-Known Australian Tech Company That Helped Elon Musk Build a Fortune” NOW – before all 100 available copies are taken!

As you may have guessed, I’m referring to Scott Phillips’ personal investment advisory service Motley Fool Share Advisor — the flagship share-recommendation service here at Motley Fool Australia.

Day in and day out, Scott and his team will spend their waking hours:

  • Poring over financial reports, balance sheets, free cash flow statements for literally hundreds of Australian and international companies…
  • Listening in on earnings announcements and conference calls (and maybe even asking a few questions of their own)…
  • Stringently looking into companies’ executive teams, to make sure they’re honest, trustworthy, personally invested in the success of the company, and truly have the best interests of the company at heart…
  • Rigorously combing through the “below-the-surface” financial metrics and indicators that normal everyday investors simply would never catch…
  • Comparing competitive advantages to find out just which companies genuinely have a moat wide enough to sustain themselves over the long haul, and which ones are doomed to be overtaken by hungrier upstarts…

And much, much more. All with the goal of getting to isolate the premier investment opportunities on the ASX… and get to know those companies as well as their very own upper management teams do… if not better!

But here’s the exciting part…

After he does all of that, twice each month Scott takes the days, weeks, sometimes even years of research that he’s done on hundreds upon hundreds of companies…

… holds them up side-by-side for close comparison…

And decides once and for all which one he thinks is the VERY BEST STOCK for current Motley Fool Share Advisor members to stack their hard-earned investment dollars behind right now.

If that seems like a monumental amount of work to put into a single share purchase… well, you’re certainly not wrong there…

But here’s the dirty little secret the media throwing out “BUY, BUY, BUY” and “SELL, SELL, SELL” calls left and right do NOT want you to realise

That massive amount of work is quite simply the level of due-diligence that absolutely must go into each and every single share-buying (or selling) decision you make!

If, that is, you harbour any hopes of beating the market at large. Which just so happens to be one of our primary goals here in Motley Fool Share Advisor

Now, I’m fully aware that a good many grizzled financial veterans and vaunted market “gurus” will go to their graves screaming that there’s just no point in picking individual stocks.

“It’s simply impossible to beat the market over the long term!” they shout in unison.

Interesting theory.

Me? I’d prefer to drop the hype and the skip the rhetoric… and instead put their hypothesis to the test with some cold, hard figures. So go on and just try to wrap your head around this…

Say you had diligently plopped down $1,000 into the All Ords each month going back to December of 2011, when Share Advisor first officially launched. That’s $68,000 in total, over five and a half years.

Today, you would have seen an average return of 23.6% on each plug of capital, which would have turned your total $68,000 outlay into $84,048.

Not terrible, sure. That’s around a 3.9% return per year. It’s better than deposit rates at present, I guess.

Okay, now let’s assume you’d gone down a different path in life, and instead put $500 into each official stock recommendation (two per month) made over the five-year lifespan of Motley Fool Share Advisor.

In that case, you’d currently be reaping a 68% average return from Motley Fool Share Advisor!

Frankly, it’s almost a little startling…

That’s more than double the returns of the All Ords over the same time period.

And get this – instead of 3.9% per year, you’re looking at a juicy 9.89% annual return over the past half-decade or so.

Meaning today, instead of roughly $85K, you’d currently be sitting on a plump bounty of $114,240.

That’s a difference of nearly $30,000 solely from following Scott’s advice!

(Can you think of anything you’d like to do with an extra $30K lying around? As a father of two kids, I sure can.)

Of all the companies recommended on behalf of lucky Motley Fool Share Advisor members, 68% are currently in positive territory.

And an incredible 28 recommendations have doubled or more in value. That’s 1 out of every 5!

Just look at some of the winners here:

  • Integrated Research Limited (ASX: IRI) – +815.8%
  • NIB Holdings (ASX: NHF) – +195.3%
  • Sirtex (ASX: SRX) – +164.5%
  • Cochlear (ASX: COH) – +156.3%
  • SEEK Limited (ASX: SEK) – +182.4%
  • Challenger Limited (ASX: CGF) – +139.6%

Not to mention “double-down” recommendations, like Vocus Communications (ASX: VOC), up 236.9% and 209.2% respectively.

And then of course there’s one of Motley Fool Share Advisor’s most legendary success stories, Corporate Travel Management (ASX: CTD).

Scott Phillips’ first two recommendations of CTD were so successful (+966.7% and +275.5%, respectively), he recently decided to go back for a third helping (already up 40.6%).

So it’s no surprise just how loyal his members have become over the years, considering not only some of the truly staggering individual stock returns that Scott has led investors to, but the all-important peace of mind that comes right along with them.

It can be absolutely invaluable, as Motley Fool Share Advisor member Stuart wrote to us:

“I want to thank you guys for retraining my investment mindset to the extent that rather than lying awake worrying about my shares as the market heads south, I'm sleeping soundly in the knowledge that I have good stocks that were bought from Motley Fool Share Advisor recommendations.”

-Stuart from Karrinyup

What else can Scott do for you, aside from delivering two Motley Fool Share Advisor recommendations per month? Glad you asked!

Here’s just a small sampling of everything you’ll get access to the instant you join Motley Fool Share Advisor

2 formal share recommendations per month: Each and every month, Lead Advisor Scott Phillips will reveal both his current No. 1 Australian company and his current No. 1 international company for your investment dollars. Accompanied by a thorough “deep dive” research guide that we’ll send directly to your inbox.

A full back catalogue of Scott’s 100+ past share recommendations:Comprehensive research write-ups on every single company that Scott has formally picked inside Share Advisor, going back to late 2011 – most of which are still officially BUY recommendations today. So you always have the full context of every single stock that Share Advisor has picked over its tenure.

3 “Best Buys Now” each month: Considering those 100+ recommendations I just mentioned, you may be wondering how you’re supposed to know which shares to “buy first” aside from Scott’s latest recommendations. That’s where his all-important “Best Buys Now” monthly update comes in. It isolates the three already-recommended companies that Scott thinks are currently the best positioned for new investment dollars right now.

Weekly updates on active recommendations: Scott will never just recommend a company, then leave you to fend for yourself. Any time there’s a key earnings report, important conference call, breaking news announcement, merger or acquisition, or crucial management shake-up on a current BUY recommendation, you can expect Scott to have you covered with an informative update. Saving you the countless hours per week that it would take to truly stay informed on each share you’re following. Think of it as your private Financial Review page, solely pumping out updates on shares YOU are interested in.

Full access to our private members-only forums: I like to think of these forums as the world’s greatest investing “water cooler.” You see, many of our members here in Share Advisor are actually pretty elite investors in their own right, and love spending hours each day debating their favourite (and least favourite!) shares. It’s also a great resource to ask fellow members for clarification on an investing concept you may not quite grasp – most of them are more than willing to help!

Our “special reports” repository: Where you can find access to any and all special reports that Share Advisor releases, including “How to Profit from Australian Medical Technology: 1 Top ASX Stock to Buy Now”… “6 Danger Signs You Can Check in 15 Minutes”… “The Motley Fool’s Top Dividend Stock for 2017”… “How to Invest in International Markets”… and many more!

Now, if you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you’re giving some serious thought to joining Motley Fool Share Advisor

Which brings us to just only one final question you must ask yourself, before our only 100 copies of “Tesla’s Shadow: The Little-Known Australian Tech Company That Helped Elon Musk Build a Fortune” are snatched up.

Just how much do you think membership alongside Lead Advisor Scott Phillips in Motley Fool Share Advisor is truly worth?

For starters, a good deal of Motley Fool Share Advisor members from multiple countries around the globe have told us that the entertainment and educational components of their service alone are well worth the fee they pay…

“In my humble opinion, it has to be worth the investment purely from the educational aspect alone for anyone contemplating or already investing in the share market.”

And that doesn’t even begin to take into account the potential to dramatically increase your investment returns to a rate you likely had never before imagined.

… All while saving you hours, days, even weeks of time and stress over your portfolio in the process.

“Motley Fool is by far the best investment tool I've ever used and I'll gladly renew the subscription again. The service is phenomenal, my portfolio has never looked so healthy and worry-free, and the support has always been prompt and helpful.”

-Tony from Randwick

Me personally? I’ve seen bare bones one or two-page financial reports that go for upwards of a few hundred dollars apiece.

And yet, as a highly valued Motley Fool Share Advisor member …

That’s less investing research than what you’d receive 24 times a year, with each and every official share recommendation that Scott Phillips shoots directly to your inbox!

In fact, Motley Fool Share Advisor retails for just $399 per year.

But when you decide to give Scott and the rest of his team a “test drive” today, you won’t pay anything near that.

So I hope you can truly appreciate both how excited and how proud I am to tell you that you we’ve slashed our Motley Fool Share Advisor price by 50% – allowing you join for an entire year for just $199 today!

That’s the cost of a nice dinner for two at your favourite restaurant…

It’s about a fourth of what you’d pay for an annual subscription to the Financial Review

It works out to less than $17 per month, meaning you’re paying just over $8 for every official Motley Fool Share Advisor pick from Scott Phillips

(That’s less than the cost of placing the trade itself in your brokerage account. Heck, you could easily make that amount up in investment returns within minutes!)

And when you really drill right down to it, it means the cost of Share Advisor comes out to only about 50 cents per day!

Do they even make anything that costs 50 cents, nowadays?

It’s just our way of not only honouring you for being a valued follower of The Motley Fool… but also rewarding you for taking the very same long-term view in your investing that we preach.

Of course, it’s important to note that if you’d rather opt for a two-year term, your deal gets even juicier

In that case, you can actually join us in Motley Fool Share Advisor for just $299 starting today – a full 63% off our 2-year retail price!

And if all of that weren’t already enough to stack the odds in your favour, I’m going to kick in more than $150 worth of FREE bonus gifts to sweeten the deal for you even more!

You’ll get full access to them the second you decide to join Scott Phillips as a full-time member of Motley Fool Share Advisor.

New-Member Bonus #1: 3 of Motley Fool Share Advisor’s BIGGEST BETS for 2017 ($99 value – yours FREE!)

2017 is officially in full swing. And more than any other question, Australian investors have come to us asking:

“What companies are currently the best equipped to excel in the year ahead?”

Which is why Share Advisor has gone to great lengths to identify three Australian stocks that happen to be particularly well-positioned to take advantage of the present global investment climate.

The RESTAURANT FRANCHISER that owns some of the most recognisable brands in all of Australia. With more than 2,500 outlets located in an incredible 69 countries around the world, they’ve still managed to grow earnings at a ridiculous 16% per year over the past decade. All while paying a delicious 3.9% fully-franked dividend in the process.

The TRAVEL SOLUTIONS COMPANY that’s using proprietary technology to make corporate travel a breeze for big businesses, and revolutionising the industry in the process. In 2016 alone, they handled roughly 3.6 billion worth of travel bookings. But thanks to a fast-emerging presence in both the States and Asia, as well as an established beachhead in Europe, we expect years of sustained growth to come.

The little-known AUTO PARTS RETAILER that is fast consolidating the fragmented auto-parts industry with its ruthlessly efficient three-pronged business model. With a CEO intensely focused on growth for shareholders (+41% in 2016 alone!) – and a recent acquisition of another key player in the auto-parts industry – we don’t see this company hitting the brakes any time soon.

You can get the full write-up on all three the instant you become a part of Motley Fool Share Advisor, and even stake your own bit of investment capital behind them, if you’re so inclined.

New-Member Bonus #2: Wealth for a Lifetime: 11 Lessons We Learned from Warren Buffett ($59 value – yours FREE!)

Motley Fool analysts around the world have intricately studied and scrutinised Warren Buffett and his unique investing prowess for quite some time now. But it’s much less common for us to actually have the opportunity to see him speak for hours about his philosophy – LIVE and in-person!

But that’s exactly what happened, when we packed our things and made the trip to the state of Nebraska to see “The Oracle of Omaha” himself at his famous Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting… which is really more of a global summit than a simple meeting.

What started as an entertaining journey turned out to be much more than that. 11 simple, yet vital lessons and a whopping 213 pages later, we reemerged with an entire book’s worth of Buffett wisdom to pass along to Motley Fool investors like you.

What are these 11 key lessons that we think Buffett seems to live by, and how have they been so successful in guiding him to a staggering $72.5 billion in net worth? It’s all at your fingertips the moment you join us inside Motley Fool Share Advisor.

That's about as big of a steal as you can find, if you ask me.

But remember, the clock is ticking fast on your chance to claim one of our just 100 current copies of “Tesla’s Shadow: The Little-Known Australian Tech Company That Helped Elon Musk Build a Fortune” – and take more than 60% OFF your Motley Fool Share Advisor membership in the process!

And while I realise that there is a good deal of urgency in all of this for you, here’s why you WON’T actually have to make quite as hasty of a decision as you may currently think…

With our ironclad Full Membership-Fee-Back Guarantee, you can actually “test drive” everything Motley Fool Share Advisor has to offer for up to a full 30 days…

…then get every penny of your membership fee back if you aren’t 100% blown away!

Look, I know a smart bet when I see one.

And I’d wager good money that nowhere else in the financial industry will you ever find an advisor of any sort who’d be willing to give you full, unadulterated access to their services or advice for up to an entire month…

… Then, with just a two-sentence email, refund your membership fee in its entirety if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the service they’ve been providing.

But that’s precisely what I’m going do right here in Motley Fool Share Advisor, should you choose to join us today.

It's just one more way of congratulating you on making a wise long-term investment decision for both you and your entire family.

And proving that nobody cares more about your financial future than us here at Motley Fool Australia.

Just take an entire 30 days to fully experience the difference of being a valued Motley Fool Share Advisor member day in and day out…

including being among the few investors in all of the world to get to read through the entirety of our brand-new report, “Tesla’s Shadow: The Little-Known Australian Tech Company That Helped Elon Musk Build a Fortune”.

(Remember, potential life-changing fortunes await for just 100 lucky investors!)

… And if after reading it, as well as the host of other elite investing research we’ll be releasing over the course of the next month (including two more official share recommendations from Scott Phillips), you still don’t think your membership fee is worth every cent?

Well, just send Scott and the rest of the Motley Fool Share Advisor team a quick email, and we’ll happily refund your membership fee in full!

No annoying runaround. No desperate “please stay with us!” begging. No more than a couple minutes of your time.

You have my word on that.

That said, there is just one final thing I must insist on…

And that’s that your copy of “Tesla’s Shadow: The Little-Known Australian Tech Company That Helped Elon Musk Build a Fortune” is unconditionally yours to keep, as thanks for simply giving Motley Fool Share Advisor a try.

As I said before, this isn’t something you’re ever likely to come across in the financial services industry…

Which may raise an interesting question in your mind: “Then Greg, why exactly are you and the Share Advisor team doing it?”

It’s quite simple, really!

Motley Fool Australia’s goal, and our goal here in Motley Fool Share Advisor specifically, will never be to try to “con” somebody into joining.

If you don’t feel like you’re getting the appropriate return out of the service for what you’re putting into it, we certainly don’t want to keep you in it against your will.

That’s just not how the world should work.

So what are you waiting for? Either you:

A. End up loving everything about membership in Motley Fool Share Advisor and think it’s worth every cent, or…

B. Give us a call or email sometime by Day 30 of your time with us, and we’ll immediately give you your entire membership fee back in full.

Quite frankly, you have a whole lot to gain, and not much at all I can see for you to lose…

Well, aside from learning the name and ticker of the up-and-coming Australian tech superstar I’ve been telling you about today!

So to avoid missing out before all 100 copies of “Tesla’s Shadow: The Little-Known Australian Tech Company That Helped Elon Musk Build a Fortune” are gone and the big story hits the front page on 22 August, simply click the button below to get started now.

To the next great Australian tech company,

Greg Martz
Motley Fool Australia

P.S. Remember, the full story of Elon Musk’s “secret weapon” that’s quietly helped him make his fortune could hit the airwaves any day now – and this potentially once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity could be gone in the blink of an eye.

You need to get the details on this little-known Australian shadow company before that happens. And don’t forget, only 100 copies of Scott Phillips’ brand-new “Tesla’s Shadow: The Little-Known Australian Tech Company That Helped Elon Musk Build a Fortune” report are currently available.

To claim your copy before they’re all gobbled up, simply click here now!

P.P.S. As an added bonus, a membership to Motley Fool Share Advisor is very likely tax deductible!

All figures are accurate as of 20 July, 2017.

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