The one thing Biden and Trump agree on

By: Bruce Jackson

With just days until the US Election, there has never been a more fraught and contentious time in recent memory. I am sure so many people — ASX investors included, who are aware that "when America sneezes, the world catches a cold" — will be glad to see the day come to pass… but frankly, this election could leave you with more questions than answers.

With two wildly contrasting candidates and platforms, obviously the media narrative focuses on the differences.

But I think these outlets actually are missing a HUGE story.

Because it's not the differences in these candidates that should be the focus…but the one plan they both agree on…one that could lead to a US$17 trillion windfall by 2035.

And best of all…experts are predicting this impact regardless of who wins the election!

This US$17 trillion windfall is designed to benefit everyone. Biden's plan includes US$300 billion in funding to get this technology off the ground. And analysts have said that Donald Trump is 'obsessed' with this technology and is ready to unleash it in the US.

I'm talking of course, about 5G.

5G is one of the greatest arrivals in technology since the birth of the internet.

And while recent market activity has a lot of investors worried, we firmly believe keeping a long-term outlook is the best way to invest. That's why in 2020 and beyond we could see new wealth-building opportunities from 5G that would potentially dwarf any that came before them:

After all, the Washington Post declared 5G "the mother of invention"…

5G has the potential to radically change our lives and society as we know it.

Joe Biden knows that. Donald Trump knows that.

Heck, it's no wonder that the US President previously urged Apple's CEO to get involved with 5G…

Now, a lot of investors craving 5G returns are dumping money into Apple.

But before you run out and buy shares of Apple, there's something you need to know.

Because there might be an even more lucrative way to play the coming 5G boom.

Let me explain. 

Now don't get me wrong—we love Apple here at The Motley Fool.

But here's the problem.

Apple is enormous.

Its market cap is over US$1.5 trillion.

It's very difficult for companies as large as Apple to post monster returns.

And that's why—even though we love Apple—we think there might be an even more lucrative way to play the coming iPhone frenzy.

And that brings me to the remarkable company I want to tell you about today.

Because our Director of Research, Dr Anirban Mahanti (or "Doc", as he is known to his colleagues) and his team at Motley Fool Extreme Opportunities have identified a tiny company (1/500th the size of Apple) that seems perfectly positioned for the coming iPhone frenzy.

Because this under-the-radar company makes a component so essential to the improvements in Apple's 5G iPhone—that Apple is expected to include it in every single new iPhone they make

And that means that this tiny company could ring the cash-register every single time a new iPhone is sold.

You don't need to be a math whiz to understand what that kind of sales growth can do to a company's share price.


If this 5G plan from either candidate gets off the ground, just think of the amount of wealth generated for investors who get in early…

And that's why so many investors are buzzing with excitement about the new report from Docs's team at Motley Fool Extreme Opportunities

The name of this report is "Motley Fool's 5G Investor's Playbook".

In this report, you'll find why out why we are convinced we're only in the VERY early days of this company's trajectory.

Which means there could still be more profit to be had for in-the-know investors who are prepared to take action.

Now, I don't like to brag… but Motley Fool's Extreme Opportunities has had a pretty good track record of picking trends before they get big.

Like back in 2017, when we noticed an uptick in modernising human resource systems……

And recommended Elmo Software — a then virtually "unknown" company that allowed businesses to transform their payroll systems — for a whopping 140% gain!

Or in December 2018, when we saw Cloud was destined for a HUGE 2019 and a growing need for rapid connectivity

Our team, saw the potential in Brisbane small-cap, Megaport. Doc Anirban Mahanti recommended it to members for a 246% gain – Absolutely crushing the market in less than 2 years.

A $10,000 investment in each of these would have bagged you over $58,000! (And that's NOT including some of our more recent picks, like the one Doc picked just a few months ago back in March 2020, which is already up a market-crushing 117%)…

Which brings me back to the 5G play that's right underneath your nose today…

Our new report reveals the reasons why we think every forward-thinking investor should be paying close attention to this revolutionary new industry.

But please note: You currently may not be eligible to receive this valuable research.

Because this report is only available to members of Motley Fool Extreme Opportunities.

The good news is that there's still time to for you to get the full details on this exciting opportunity.

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