I’m Betting $221,666 On This One Stock

By: Scott Phillips

I’ve stumbled upon a little-owned stock I believe could be one of the greatest discoveries of my 25 years as a stock market investor.

This small Sydney-based company has developed pioneering breakthrough technology that helps make it 5-10 times more productive than its nearest competitor… something that has seen the company race from near zero to almost $100 million in contract value in just 7 years.

And here’s the real kicker.

Despite this company’s jaw-dropping success over the past few years, most investors have still never even heard of this company’s name!

Across all Motley Fool Australia services, we’ve already issued 6 separate “BUY” recommendations on this tech stock, including one that is already up over 500%.

Yet I’m still so excited by the future potential for this ASX 200 stock that, as Chief Investment Officer at The Motley Fool Australia…

… I have staked $221,666 of our own company money on this one stock.

Hopefully that gives you an indication of how high conviction I am on this stock.

Because I want as many investors as possible to potentially profit from this fast-growing ASX tech stock, I just published a brand new comprehensive “buy” report that spells out why this one stock could potentially mint its shareholders a fortune.

This is your chance to get in early on what could prove to be a very special investment recommendation.

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