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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “What is Motley Fool Extreme Opportunities?”

A: Motley Fool Extreme Opportunities is an ASX stock ideas service. It has a specific focus on breaking classic investing rules, venturing into the next-generation world of disruption. We’re looking for top dogs and first movers in important emerging industries.

Q: “How exactly does Extreme Opportunities work?”

A: Extreme Opportunities is a stock “ideas” service. Meaning that we provide the stock idea (and ongoing coverage); you figure out how much you’d invest in the share, then you purchase the share in your own brokerage account.

At launch, we’re going to release not 1, not 2, but 3 new companies within hours of launching the service. Then, each and every month thereafter we’ll send you one new stock idea. Your job is to make sure you spread your investing dollars over a range of Extreme Opportunities companies to get the most out of the service.

Q: “How many Extreme Opportunities shares should I own?”

A: When venture capitalists invest their cash, they spread their total investment over lots of different emerging ideas, knowing that not all of these businesses will go on to become the next big thing. The theory is that eventually a couple of those ideas will win, and when they do win they’ll go on to become superstars.

To define success and give context, we project a maximum of 4/10 companies will be winners, and from that pool you’ll earn approximately 80% of returns from about 20% of the winners. Sometimes, the slice is even more narrow. So, investing in a lot of companies (10-15) is key.

Q: “How much money do I need to invest?”

A: This is high-reward, high-risk investing. We suggest dedicating a small percentage of your total overall wealth to this type of investing, although sophisticated investors will feel comfortable letting that percent grow larger. Regardless of whether you’re investing $20,000, $50,000 or more, spread that amount amongst several Extreme Opportunities companies (say, 10-15).

Q: “When can I sign up?”

A: Very soon! We’ll send an invitation direct to your inbox.

Meet Your Lead Advisor!

Meet the advisor who’ll be leading Motley Fool Extreme Opportunities.

Anirban Mahanti, Lead Advisor

Anirban Mahanti

Anirban Mahanti is the Lead Advisor of Motley Fool Extreme Opportunities.

Anirban’s Foolish investing journey started as a member. He was a charter member of Motley Fool Australia, which led him to discover and join Motley Fool U.S. services (Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers, Inside Value, Pro, Options). Over at the Fool U.S., Anirban was appointed a Community Member Fool with the responsibility of providing coverage on the forums for two companies: The Tile Shop (NASDAQ: TTS) and Xoom (NASDAQ: XOOM). Anirban was a frequent poster on the U.S. forums, and several of his analysis posts were crowned “TMF Post of the Day”.

In August 2015, when an opportunity to join The Motley Fool Pro team arose, Anirban grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Since becoming a full-time Foolish analyst, Anirban’s worked on the Pro, Million Dollar Portfolio, and Share Advisor investment teams. Occasionally, Anirban contributes to Motley Fool Explorer — our US service that’s picking one stock each month that best captures some of the most promising market trends.

Anirban is an Information Technology expert by training, and before joining the Fool held various roles at NICTA, a leading Australian Information Communications Technology research centre. Before NICTA, Anirban was an Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary in Canada, and then at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

In his research career, Anirban has invented new technologies, co-authored over 70 peer-reviewed research papers, supervised PhD and MSc students, and consulted for large technology firms. Anirban’s technical expertise is at the intersection of computer networking, data science, and machine learning. Given this background, it should be no surprise that Anirban loves investing in rule breaking innovative businesses that have large addressable markets.

Anirban holds a PhD and MSc in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan, and a BE in Computer Science and Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, India.

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